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Chapter 74

Proofread by Peter Gong

Feeling the energy of earth element from that yellow seed, Qin Yi is stunned and immediately becomes ecstatic .

This is earth element seed, loess seed .

Like Tang Han Gan’s flame seed, it is one of the five elements scattered after the death of Jiu Zhou King . Unexpectedly, he has been blessed by god and obtained an element seed .

According to the nature of the five elements, the metal and fire are all elements of strength, the element of water means speed, the element of wood is the element of blood and breath, and the element of earth is the element of physical defense .

Qin Yi tries to use his mysterious breath power to motivate the yellow seeds and soon a yellow light is emitted .

At the same time, he finds that his physical defense has doubled .

“In the past, I was able to withstand the impact of 2000kg, but now even 4000kg is bearable . ”

Qin Yi is quite glad after estimating his own defense strength .

It is really a great harvest for him to enter the tower . Not only did he get the second move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, but also got a seed of earth element .

“Anyone who can collect all the seeds of the five elements will refine the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor…”

In Qin Yi’s bright and steady eyes, a touch of hope arises .

He always feels that he has fallen into an ancient trap . Since he got the mysterious left hand, he has had a strange feeling to become a chess piece of somebody, pushed forward by an invisible big hand .

Since he stepped into the world of martial cultivation, he has heard a lot of incredible things . For example, there are some formidably powerful people who can integrate their previous life, present life and next life together to achieve the effect of immortality .

Some people can even change a person’s past life to alter the next . In fact, this is tantamount to manipulating the fate of others . For example, if Qin Yi’s previous life is changed because of someone who is powerful enough, his fate in present life will also be changed .

Of course, even the top masters cannot do this, which is only possible for some supreme beings .

“If my previous life, according to the legend, is changed, then my present life will also be changed . . . ” Qin Yi frowns slightly .

After thinking about it for a long time, he gets nothing but a headache, so he has to give up .

In short, if he really becomes a chess piece in other people’s hands, he will not be ordered about .

There is nothing valuable on training ground . Without any delay, they go straight to a magnificent hall in front of them .

“Qin Yi . . . ”

Yang Shiqi is close to Qin Yi, and her sparkling eyes turn slightly, as if she wants to say something .

Qin Yi knows what she means . She is feeling sorry for him . Now everyone else has not only got the elixirs of the immortal ancient era, but also got the magic jade swords while Qin Yi got nothing . His exploration in his tower almost comes in vain .

“That’s all right . What you can get in such a place depends on personal fortune . ”

The value of these two things is ten times more than the sum of all the other people’s gains .

So far, the biggest beneficiary here is actually his!

“Sister Yang, he is right . What you can get depends on your own fortune . Actually, if you are hapless, you can only be envious of others . ”

Says Pu Chang flippantly, and around him, Qiu Shaoxian also raises a satiric smile .

As for Qin Yi, he has no interest in quarreling with him for his untutored words .

However, it does not mean that other people can ignore it .

“Brother Pu, if Qin Yi didn’t find out that previous Jiu Zhou Meed Mor was fake and smashed it, do you think you can still hold your jade sword?”

Says Yang Shiqi unreservedly .

Generally, she is always respectful to her fellow disciples . Pu Chang, Qiu Shaoxian and other disciples are slightly surprised by her sudden anger . It appears that the most popular disciple also has a negate scale .

And her negate scale is called Qin Yi!

“Hum, I’ve gotten a thorough understanding of his moves . I’ll see how you treat him when I severely beat him one day . ” Qiu Shaoxian thinks and glances at Qin Yi with disdain .

All the people enter a magnificent palace .

The hall is quite big which can hold hundreds of people . There are some skeletons on the ground which look gloomy and terrifying . No one knows how many years they have existed . Even a slight touch will make them collapse .

Soon, their attention is diverted from these skeletons .

In the center of the hall, there is a Guzheng (Chinese zither) which is very eye-catching .

It is made of precious Jasper . However, all of disciples here are martial cultivators who lack interest in musical instruments .

Although the hall looks very luxurious, the real valuable thing here is the jade Guzheng in front of them .

“Well, we should give this Guzheng to Qin Yi to take it to the market and sell it in exchange for money to buy elixirs . Since we entered the tower, he has not gotten anything . ”

Says Yue Xianling of Qianqiu Pavilion in a pleasant voice after glancing at all the people .

As soon as her words fall, a disdainful voice comes from Xuan Yangge .

“Yue Xianling, it’s not appropriate for you to arrange like this . Since it’s an instrument, it should be given to someone who knows how to play it . Only in this way can its value be realized . ”

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Xuan Yangge raises a faint smile and then says, “the reason why there is a “Ge” (in Chinese it means song) in my name is that I can play the instrument and sing . You are blessed today to listen to my performance, which is not easy to be heard usually .

His implication is that this jade Guzheng must belong to him, so that it can be regarded as valuable .

At the end of his speech, Xuan Yangge comes to the Guzheng without hesitation . His fingers are well maintained, which are as white as white jade .

“Dong dong dong dong . . . ” (Sound of the instrument)

Xuan Yangge’s long fingers brush the Guzheng and a string of notes flows out .

The sound of Guzheng is pure and melodious . It seems that the sound comes from a very far place, which is like a trace of spring that makes people’s mind refreshed .

“Ha ha, it’s wonderful . Stuff left over from the immortal ancient times is really extraordinary . ”

Xuan Yangge laughs happily with great interest . He directly moves a stone mound and sits down . His long fingers dances on Guzheng skillfully .

“Dong dong dong dong . . . ” (Sound of the instrument)

The sound of Guzheng seems to come from the heaven, which is outstanding and melodious . It seems that people who are listening to it have come back to the immortal ancient times .

However, Qin Yi feels something wrong but doesn’t know why . Why is there only a jade Guzheng in this huge hall? This is too strange, in that distant ancient years, why did the chatelain of Phoenix City have such a refined interest in building a magnificent palace for displaying a Guzheng?

With the continuous playing of Xuan Yangge, the dainty and melodious notes are flowing like water . In front of Qin Yi, a beautiful world of singing birds and blooming flowers suddenly appears .

“What is this…”

Standing in the fragrance of flowers and singing of birds, Qin Yi is slightly surprised and blinks his eyes in disbelief .

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Is this the illusion created by the beautiful sound of Guzheng?

It’s just too vivid!

“The musical instrument of the immortal ancient times actually has the effect on animating people’s mind . It is comparable to the magic weapons!”

Qin Yi is surprised, looking at the delicate flowers at his feet, then he subconsciously bends down and picks a flower .

Looking at the flower in his hand, Qin Yi is stunned and finds something wrong, but he cannot react to it instantly .

“Did I really pick a flower?”

Qin Yi murmurs to herself and even loses his mind slightly . Where is he? There must be something wrong .

All of a sudden, he catches on . In a moment, he gets a rude shock .

“I can’t believe that I actually picked a flower . It’s not an illusion, it’s a real!”

Qin Yi is shocked to the extreme . He has finally understood why did the chatelain of this ancient city build a magnificent palace to put an instrument . It turns out that it is a trap . That instrument is not an ordinary zither at all, but a magic Guzheng which can play the magic sound .

The magic sound can seal the people who listen to it directly into a strange space-time .

This palace is very attractive because of its magnificent architecture . Anyone who sees it will undoubtedly come in and have a look and then finds the priceless Guzheng…

The purpose of that chatelain is obvious . He wants to trap all the people who enter here and die here forever . The skeletons in the hall who have been dead for thousands of years were undoubtedly trapped in this way .

“No, we’re all trapped in the world created by the magic seal . Why does that bastard play the Guzheng . That bastard Xuan Yang…well…what’s his name?”

Qin Yi is muddled immediately . He finds that he cannot remember the name of the man who played the Guzheng just now .

In other words, his memory is rapidly disappearing .

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