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Chapter 75

Proofread by Peter Gong

At this moment, Qin Yi is really shocked to the extreme . Not only has he been sealed into an immortal ancient space-time by the magic sound of Guzheng, but his memories are quickly disappearing!

This is a completely unknown ancient world, and Qin Yi can not determine whether he is in a real world or in a world created by the magic seal .

This time, he is all washed up . All those who enter the Tower of Mortal World will be sealed into another space-time until death, and no one is spared . The skeletons in the hall are the best examples .

Qin Yi doesn’t know what the space-time other people entered is like . Before his eyes, it is clearly an immortal ancient space-time .

He should have been vigilant when he entered the hall and saw the skeletons . But the Jasper Guzheng is too luxurious and dazzling, and people quickly noticed its existence and ignored the skeletons .

Now, it is too late to regret it .

"What's more terrible is that my memory is disappearing fast . . . "

Qin Yi sighs lightly, and he is desperate to the extreme .

"If my memory disappears completely, then I will become a walking shadow, which is more terrifying than death . . . "

Qin Yi's face turns pale, and the sacred objects left over from the Immortal Ancient Era are truly mysterious and terrifying . At first, this ancient castle is actually another Phoenix City . The two castles are exactly alike .

Next, is the inner body of the white-panel human face stone statue, in which a broken Jiu Zhou mainland is sealed mysteriously .

The magic sound from the magic piano that he encountered can directly seal people into another time and space until death, even his memory is quickly disappearing .

It’s too frightening!

Everything here is so unbelievable, and it's strange to the extreme .

"I can die, but I can never become a walking dead . I must get back my lost memories . "

Qin Yi is not reconciled and tries to remember everything about himself: "I came from Qingshui Town, and later I entered Lingyumen in Phoenix City . My name is Qin Yi . The best Sister Yang Shiqi Yang at the Shimen Gate . It is Brother Qiu Shaoxian Qiu who always wants to challenge me . . . "

" . . . I am a disciple of the Lingyu Gate in Phoenix . My name is Qin Yi . The best to me at Lingyumen is Senior Apprentice Yang Shiqi . The one who always wants to challenge me is Senior  Apprentice Qiu Shaoxian . . . "

Qin Yi keeps muttering in his mouth, and it can be heard that his memory is quickly disappearing .

" . . . My name is Qin Yi, and the best to me in Lingyumen is Senior Apprentice Yang Shiqi . . . "

" . . . My name is Qin Yi . . . "

" . . . My name is . . . Huh, what is my name?"

At this moment, Qin Yi is shocked to the extreme because he suddenly discovers that he can't even remember his name .

Qin Yi is stunned, and his heart is dead like ashes at this moment . The thing he doesn't want to see finally happened . He becomes a walking dead, without memory, without the past .

"Who am I--"

Qin Yi yells at the sky, but no one answers him .

A terrible sadness surges up in Qin Yi's heart . In this vast ancient immortal world, he has forgotten who he is and where he comes from .

Not only that, he also finds that the scene of the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers in front of him has disappeared somehow . It has become a piece of barren land where almost no grass grows .

The rays of evening sunlight are shining on the horizon, and a vague shadow of the fairy mountain seems partly hidden and partly visible in a distance, and the sounds of immortals come out .

"Wow! It's so noisy, who is disturbing my sleep?"

The sound of the roar is very loud and shocking .


There are people around here, and it sounds like a big guy!

Qin Yi is stunned and he feels bitter in his heart . This is the immortal ancient world, and anyone who comes from here may be at the level of a master who can kill him instantly .

According to the legend, the heaven and earth here used to be called Immortal Ancient Era before being destroyed . It is recorded that before the Great Destruction, each immortal ancient world ushered in a heyday . However, when the Great Destruction came, each immortal ancient world almost collapsed, and the world was full of darkness and no trace of light could be found .

The immortal ancient era that created countless myths came to an end .

After all the great immortal ancient worlds experienced extremely long years of silence, the light came again and it ushered in a new er--the era of Hongmeng, which means the era before universe is in chaos .

And those brilliant names in the Immortal Ancient Era such as King of Jiu Zhou, King of Magnolia, Emperor Hengyu, War Emperor Kuafu, etc . , are like meteors across the sky and have been silent forever in that dark world .

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And now, Qin Yi has been sealed to the Immortal Ancient Era by the magic sound played by the magic piano .

There is no doubt that the Immortal Ancient Land in front of him has not yet ushered in great destruction .


The word appears in Qin Yi's mind . He instantly takes Kua Fu’s Steps to its extreme without hesitation . Now he is on the half way to achieve great success in Kua Fu’s Steps, and the effect is amazing . He almost turns into an afterimage, rushing towards the front .

The moment he starts to use Kua Fu’s Steps, and a gust of wind slams into the sky behind him, almost rolling him up into the sky .

It is really a big guy in the Immortal Ancient Era!

Qin Yi is almost desperate, but this gust of wind suddenly doubles his running speed .



A huge silver light rushes in front of him and blocks his way .

That is……

"It turns out to be . . . an Oriental Dragon!"

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Qin Yi is really shocked to the extreme after he sees the shape of the huge silver light clearly . It is absolutely true that a full thirty-meter-long silver dragon wreathes across there in the sky in front of him .

The silver dragon's eyes are as big as human fists, looking at him in astonishment . It speaks with human language: "Heaven, how could there be such a weak human? So weak you are, I, the Supreme Dragon Emperor, can kill a large number of people like you with my claw in an instant . "

As the silver dragon speaks, it even waves its huge claws .

A wave of its giant claws directly causes a gust of wind .

It is so powerful and fierce!

The silver dragon’s words make Qin Yi's hair stand on end . He hurries back, for he is really worried that this silver dragon would accidentally slam its claws on him . Looking at the momentum of the silver dragon, his body and soul will definitely be destroyed as long as it hits him .

Judging from the terrifying momentum sent out from the silver dragon's body, Qin Yi is absolutely sure that this dragon has broken through Zong Tao and entered the supreme Tao of Emperor .

"It's incredible . Now that every immortal ancient world is in their heyday and is prepared to face the final battle, how can there be such a weak human being?" The silver dragon floats in the sky, and it is extremely surprised at Qin Yi's weakness .

While Qin Yi is shocked to the extreme, it turns out that he is sealed by the magic sound to the heyday of the Immortal Ancient Era, which is the eve of the final battle .

He knows very well that this so-called final battle is actually the last battle of the Immortal Ancient Era . After this battle, the Immortal Ancient Era will be completely over and a new era will be ushered in: the Era of Hongmeng .

At this time, Qin Yi feels extremely bitter in his heart . As a cultivator at the peak of the forth level of Domephase, he feels that he is like an ant in the battle that destroyed the Era .

“Now, before I am sealed to death, my body and spirit will be destroyed in the final battle of the Immortal Ancient Age!”  

At this time, the huge body of the silver dragon in the void suddenly shrinks rapidly, and it becomes only about a foot long in the blink of an eye, and then falls directly on Qin Yi from the air .

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