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Chapter 73

Proofread by Peter Gong

“As far as you are concerned, little beauty, hand in your jade sword . ” Yuan Xingchuan comes to Yue Xianling with Jiu Zhou Meed Mor on his shoulder and speaks to her flippantly .

There is obviously a touch of annoyance on Yue Xianling’s delicate face, but she is incapable of action in such situation . Finally, she has to give the sword to Yuan Xingchuan .

“What a good girl!”

Yuan Xingchuan smacks his lips and throws the jade sword to Xuan Yangge behind him: “Keep it . ”

Then, Yuan Xingchuan comes to Qiu Shaoxian drowsily: “Hand over it!”

Qiu Shaoxian face is gloomy, but he hands over the jade sword without saying a word .

It is insane!

With the help of the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, Yuan Xingchuan becomes the dominator of the place . The white dragon jade sword that just obtained has been outright plundered .

At this moment, 13 disciples are obviously divided into two groupuscules . Xuan Yangge and the other two disciples behind Yuan Xingchuan are quite complacent about such situation, while the rest of them such as Jian Piaoling and Qiu Shaoxian are all sullen for the robbery .

“Ha ha, I heard that you are a popular disciple of Lingyumen, and you are called a super genius? It seems that you can do nothing in front of Jiu Zhou Meed Mor . ”

Yuan Xingchuan comes to Yang Shiqi with an ill-disposed smile: “It’s useless to be unconvinced . Hand over the sword . ”


Yang Shiqi snorts with haughty disdain, but she is quite helpless and has to give her jade sword to Yuan Xingchuan .

Not far away, Qin Yi frowns vaguely . Looking at Yang Shiqi being robbed, a trace of anger rises in his mind .

“Why does Jiu Zhou Meed Mor appear here? Isn’t it that only by collecting the five elements can this blade be condensed?”

Qin Yi frowns and becomes extremely confused .

He secretly motivates his left hand to enter the extremely ethereal state .

“A crack!”

After entering the ethereal state, Qin Yi finds that there is a long crack on the body of that blade .

Although the crack is very thin, it is found by Qin Yi who is perspicacious in this state . Moreover, he has also found that the crack is spreading to both sides and the whole body is at the edge of breaking . It seems that as soon as it broke out of the white stone statue, it began to crumble .

That means Jiu Zhou Meed Mor is going to break?

It is the fiercest weapon in this world, how can it be broken?

Qin Yi blinks delusively .

“It is probably a fake one!”

Recollecting the legend told by, Ji Shixuan, Qin Yi makes his own judgment . Then he breathes a sigh of relief . If he is right, the problem in front him is easy to resolve . Otherwise, from now on, the whole Phoenix City will become the demesne of Yuanxingzong .

When Qin Yi secretly pays attention to Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, Yuan Xingchuan has ransacked all the rest of jade swords .

At last, Yuan Xingchuan comes to Qin Yi slowly . A fierce sense of violence is contained in his burning eyes: “Hey, since you don't have a jade sword, I’d like to take your life . "

“Stop it!”

Yang Shiqi and Ji Shixuan call out at the same time . Their faces suddenly become pale . They want to rush forward but be stopped by Qiu Shaoxian: “Don’t show off . Otherwise, you’ll be killed instantly . ”

On the other side, Xuan Yangge and the other two disciples are very excited . Their mission from the sect is going to be completed with no effort .

“Sister Yang and Ji Shixuan, don’t come here . I’m not afraid of this Jiu Zhou Meed Mor . ”

Qin Yi waves to Yang Shiqi and Ji Shixuan who are nearly mad, trying to rush over . Then he raises his mouth slightly with a faint smile . He looks at Yuan Xingchuan as if he is watching a farce .

He finds that the crack on the blade has spread all over its body, which reaches the edge of breaking .

“Qin Yi, you’re going to die . It’s brave for you to keep calm . I admire that, but unfortunately you’ll never get out of this tower!”

In an instant, a powerful sense of killing is surging forward, filling every inch of space here, which makes people tremble .

A blood cloud suddenly emerges on the horizon, and some funeral music comes from the blood cloud which is at first low and then becomes thunderous .

“What is this . . . ”

All the people are stunned and stand blankly for a moment .

What kind of being is this blade? It can even bring such an abnormal phenomenon!

(Sound of buzz)

It seems that Jiu Zhou Meed Mor in Yuan Xingchuan’s hands is alive which shakes excitedly . With the blade, a stream of blood waves rush to the sky .

“Yuan Xingchuan, what are you waiting for? Kill him!”

Said by Yuan Yangge in the distance . Seeing Yuan Xingchuan who is frightened by the abnormal phenomena, he immediately reminds loudly .

“Ha ha, Qin Yi, it’s not my fault . I’m just more powerful than you!”

Yuan Xingchuan has returned to his senses and then laugh boisterously, his purple hair waves wildly .

“You are really an idiot . ”

Qin Yi stands in front of him with no fear . Hearing about Yuan Xingchuang’s words, he shakes his head and smiles with disdain .

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“I will destroy you both physically and mentally . ” Yuan Xingchuan is furious . He holds up his long blade in both hands and chops down the young man .

“Qin Yi, no!”

Yang Shiqi cries sorely .

(Sound of crack)

In the face of the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, Qin Yi clenches his fist to defend, and the blade is smashed directly!

Yeah you heard right . The blade does not just rupture, but smashes into pieces, falling down one after another, and suddenly all of them disappear in the middle of the fall .

In the place where the pieces disappear, there is a little blood, which shoots at Qin Yi quickly, and suddenly disappears from his left hand .

What's going on?

The legendary Jiu Zhou Meed Mor was smashed by Qin Yi’s fist and turned into something invisible?

All the people are stunned, blinking their eyes hard and looking at Qin Yi in disbelief .

In Yuan Xingchuan’s eyes, the flaming fire is extinguished, and his tremendous power retreats like a tide . In an instant, He returns to his original state .

“How dare you domineer everyone here with a fake blade!”

Qin Yi kicks Yuan Xingchuan away, who is still in amazement: “Get out my way! Your childish game is over . Everyone, you can take your jade swords back now . ”

All the people rush up to take their own jade swords in anger . The rest four guys, however, turn a deathly shade of white to have all their work for nothing .

What’s more, they have revealed their mission to kill Qin Yi!

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“You guys are no prepared to kill me . ”

Thinks Qin Yi with disdain .

“Qin Yi!”

Yang Shiqi is so happy that she rushes over to almost throw herself into his arms . Ji Shixuan, who is standing with Jian Piaoling, is also overjoyed . This young man is so unexpected that he actually sees through at once that the blade is fake!

A farce of robbery is now ended .

However, people gazes to Qin Yi become more complicated . They cannot understand how Qin Yi found out that the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor was fake . Even Yuan Xingchuan didn’t know when he held the blade .

Yuan Xingchuan and the rest of his group are quite uneasy . They have undoubtedly provoked everyone’s anger since the robbery . Even Yue Xianling and He Gui of Qianqiu Pavilion, which is always known as a just sect, are looking at them with anger .

If this nine disciples join hands, they will definitely die here .

For a moment, they feel like walking on thin ice .

Of course, they know that the nine disciples dare not to kill them here, which will lead to a war among the five forces in Phoenix City .

Don’t forget: Among the five forces there is Celestial Star Mansion from Asterism City .

At present, Qin Yi does not pay too much attention to other people . He is checking himself, for he notices that a drop of blood has just seeped into his left hand .

“What is this…”

He finds that a yellow seed is suspending silently in his pubic region .

At this moment, Qin Yi’s heart is really athrill . The previous “Jiu Zhou Meed Mor” actually rushed into his body through his left hand and turned into a yellow seed .

What’s more, Qin Yi can feel that the energy of earth element contained in this yellow seed is activated .

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