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Chapter 72

Proofread by Peter Gong

As Yuan Xingchuan’s tall body bursts out, all the people’s gazes cannot help but look at him, and they are all in a daze all of a sudden .

It turns out that when the white stone statue split just now, the blood light that rushed out was a blood blade . No one discovered it for people only focused on Qin Yi’s appearance .

At this moment, the blade is just lying on the ground not far away .

It’s a spectacular blood blade whose edge is ten feet long . The handle is about a foot long . It is carved with some patterns which make it ancient and mysterious .

With the appearance of this blood blade, a majestic sense of killing, which fills every inch of space here, makes people unable to restrain a chill .

The body of the blade is cardinal . It seems that it is made from the blood of hundreds of millions of living beings . People in front it can even sense a strong bloody smell .

At the moment, everyone feels an irresistible despair from the blade as if it is from the stygian abyss, which has slaughtered millions of beings . In it endless malevolence and resentment are accumulated .

“What is that . . . ”

No one here is able to keep calm .

“Ha ha!”

Yuan Xingchuan, rushes to the broad blood blade with guffaw . “It’s so heavy!” He grasps its handle with both hands, and his face changes .

However, he has finally picked it up with difficulty . After all, he is one of the top five young talents in Phoenix City . Even he has a lot of difficulty in grasping the blood blade . Its weight is self-explanatory .

A bloody radiance can be found on the edge which delivers an extremely lugubrious feeling .

(Sound of buzz)

The edge of the blade trembles slightly . It seems that there is a great demon sealed in it who is going to wake up at this moment .

Looking at the standing blade, people here are chilled to the bone as if they are trapped in hell, and endless despair emerges in their minds .

Everyone’s feeling is quite real that this is a lethal weapon that once slaughtered millions of living beings .

“There is no doubt that it was this blood blade that made us feel strange when we entered the city . So at that time we felt that it was a place of great ferocity, and the city was filled with a faint sense of invisible evil . ” Thinks Qin Yi .

“I have an intuition that all the residents of the city have been refined into it . ”

Yi Ling’s sparkling eyes are full of shock .

Her statement is quickly recognized by all the people, and all of them feel numb . If it is true, this blood blade is really terrible .

And there is still another question, who is the owner of this blade?

Ji Shixuan’s gaze does not move at all to look at the blade straight with her ruby eyes . Her countenance is more alarmed than anyone else: “It’s so horrible . There only one blade that I know can contain such a strong desire to kill . . . ”

“What is it?” asks Qin Yi curiously .

The other people also focus their attentions on Ji Shixuan .

“It is ‘Jiu Zhou Meed Mor’!”

“Jiu Zhou Meed Mor?”

Qin Yi frowns slightly and cannot calm down in his mind as if it is a surgy ocean .

Ji Shixuan talked about Jiu Zhou Meed Mor before, which was once the weapon of king of Jiu Zhou mainland . According to the legend, at the end of the immortal ancient times, the king’s body was transformed into five elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth, which scattered in Jiu Zhou mainland to maintain the balance of the world . Anyone who can collect all the five elements is able to refine Jiu Zhou Meed Mor .

Once Jiu Zhou Meed Mor reappears, the king of Jiu Zhou may also be resurrected and take charge of mainland again .

However, at this moment, Jiu Zhou Meed Mor appears on its own . Does this indicate something? Or is the legend wrong?

“But it’s different from the legend . ”

Qin Yi frowns and looks at Ji Shixuan with confusion .

“I don’t know what’s going on now . I have an intuition that this is exactly the legendary Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, but the legends told by my uncle are not wrong . ”

At this moment, Ji Shixuan herself is quite confused .

“What are you talking about, is this called Jiu Zhou Meed Mor? It sounds very powerful . Great!”

Yuan Xingchuan looks at the powerful blade, and laughs insanely . ”

His long purple hair waves wildly which makes he look horrible . In this way, he really looks like a bloodthirsty beast .

In the face of Yuan Xingchuan’s unbridled madness, there is a strange feeling in people’s mind . Ordinarily, Yuan Xingchuan is an arrogant man who is sometimes kind of crazy, but now he is nearly delirious .

“Gosh, my elder brother’s mind seems to be controlled by that blade . How do you feel, brother?”

Looking at the manic Yuan Xingchuan, another disciple of Yuanxingzong, Yuan Xingzhan, is quite worried .

Yuan Xingzhan is about 17 or 18 years old . He has a swarthy face and a pair of round eyes, from which a sharp sight is sent out .

“How do I feel? Ha ha, don’t worry, my brother, I feel wonderful now!”

Yuan Xingchuan laughs and waves the broad blade in his hand . All of a sudden, a wave of blood is made .

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However, everyone can find that now he is really not in a good situation, even his skin begins to turn red .

Two fire balls suddenly appear within Yuan Xingchuan’s eyes, which is grotesque and horrible, Looking at that, people can’t help but feel their blood freezing .

How could this be…

All people are shocked and stunned . According to such a strange phenomenon, Yuan Xingchuan is absolutely controlled by Jiu Zhou Meed Mor and has been completely demonized .


Yuan Xingzhan exclaims and wants to rush over, but at the same time he is quite afraid .

“You really don’t have to worry, my brother . Now I feel great . I feel that my cultivation has reached an unprecedented peak, and I am full of strength . I just had a hard time lifting this blade, but now I feel very relaxed . This time I really benefit a lot in this tower . This blade seems to be a top-grade elite magic weapon . ”

It can be seen that Yuan Xingchuan is not mad for he is still articulate . He does feel great and does not become disordered by the control of Jiu Zhou Meed Mor .

Jiu Zhou Meed Mor is absolutely a top-grade elite magic weapon .

It is inconceivable that there is still a top-grade elite magic weapon in this Floating World Tower!


Yuan Xingchuan’s massive body suddenly rushes out, which is so fast that people can see the sticking image . In a flash, he rushes to He Gui of Qianqiu Pavilion .

“What are you gonna do?”

He Gui is a fair and clear boy . He shouts with vigilance on his face . He feels that Yuan Xingchuan’s cultivation after he obtained the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor has at least doubled, whose whole body exudes a violent sense .

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Yue Xianling and other people also look at Yuan Xingchuan with vigilance .

Yuan Xingchuan’s two eyes with burning fire balls are extremely evil . It seems that people who look that them will fall into an endless abyss . Despair and fear uncontrollably appear in people’s mind .

“It is a robbery, what else can I do?”

Yuan Xingchuan is quite arrogant . He shakes his purple hair and stares at He Gui with his evil eyes, which makes He Gui sweat coldly .

“Ha ha, hand over your jade sword . Are you unwilling to submit? If you don’t want to hand over it, you can fight with me! I promise to kill you within a move . ” Yuan Xingchuan laughs wildly .

“You . . . ”

He Gui is really surprised and angry . He wants to fight against him . However, after looking at the blood blade, he grits his teeth and makes a decision to hand over the jade sword .


A bad feeling rises in other people’s mind . Yuan Xingchuan, with Jiu Zhou Meed Mor in hand, has undoubtedly broken through the Domephase and reached a higher state . All the people here cannot beat him .

“It’s so good to be the strongest of Phoenix City!”

Yuan Xingchuan looks crazy . The next moment, he walks slowly to Jian Piaoling in front of him, and reaches out his big hand directly: “The head of the top five young talents in Phoenix City, it’s time to abdicate . I am the top now, hand in your jade sword . Don’t be unconvinced!”

Jian Piaoling frowns slightly, but he doesn’t say anything and just hands the jade sword to Yuan Xingchuan calmly .

It’s a blatant robbery! He must be insane!

Yuan Xingzhan, Xuan Yangchuan and Xuan Yangjie open their mouths in amazement . Soon they are ravished with joy . If they are to rob all the jade swords, they will be equally allocated three white swords!

Moreover, with Yuan Xingchuan’s current strength, Qin Yi will be killed within only one move, and their mission can be completed without striking a blow .

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