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Chapter 71

Proofread by Peter Gong

Location: the ancient mansion of chatelain in the unimaginably queer ancient city .

On the huge training ground, Qin Yi suddenly disappears and the original 13 people changes into 12 .

However, without Qin Yi, the twelve jade swords on the ground just happen to be one for each person, no scramble anymore .

Yang Shiqi’s cultivation is strong enough to snatch easily one of the swords from the ground, and a touch of joy appears on her unique appearance . She can feel that this white jade sword is extraordinary and should be regarded as a low-grade elite magic weapon .

Elite magic weapons can be generally divided into three levels, namely, the low-grade, the medium-grade and the top-grade .

Although the low-grade is not powerful enough to be unstoppable, it is also much stronger than ordinary weapons . As for the medium-grade elite magic weapons, they can’t be found in places like Phoenix City or even in Xingjun city . Their power is unimaginable . It’s said that anyone of them is able to destroy a castle within one move .

It is estimated that top-grade elite magic weapons may not be seen in Jiu Zhou mainland . They can only appear in some other high-level worlds .

In the distant past, the army owned by the chatelain of the ancient Phoenix City actually used low-grade elite magic weapons universally . Such financial resources are quite amazing .

“Hey, it’s better than my Red-flaming sword . ” Ji Shixuan also shows a strong joy on her delicate face . For a swordsman, a suitable sword is of great importance .

After all, Xianshizong is a sect which specializes in sword . Now the appearance of these jade swords is undoubtedly a good opportunity for her and Jian Piaoling .

After feeling the sword in his hand, Jian Piaoling, the expert of sword, raises a faint smile: “it’s really good . ”

As for other people, though they are not from the sword sect, are also elated to get such powerful elite magic weapons .

“Where is Qin Yi?”

A surprised voice rings out . It is from Yang Shiqi, the popular disciple of Lingyumen .

She stays with Qin Yi all the time . Only when she was fighting for the jade sword, they separated for a while . At this moment, when she recovers from her joy, she finds that Qin Yi has disappeared .

After hearing about her words, the other people also come to their senses .

Indeed, the original 13 people have now changed into 12!

No one knows where Qin Yi has gone .

All of them are stunned for a while . Yang Shiqi and Ji Shixuan cannot help but feel a sense of sadness, and tears spin in their eye sockets in an instant . That outstanding young man has unexpectedly disappeared in this incredible ancient city .

That slightly weak figure still seems to stand in front of them .

“I have already sent a letter to my uncle by pigeon to recommend Qin Yi to my uncle . In half a month, my uncle will come to Phoenix City to investigate him, but now, he is actually lost . . . ”

Ji Shixuan stands there blankly, and the whole bearing becomes dejected . Just now, she was very happy to get the jade sword, but within in the blink of an eye, Qin Yi disappeared . It exactly implies that “extreme joy begets sorrow” .

“This place is too weird . Everyone of us should be careful . Don’t move anything here, so as to avoid getting lost . ”

The face of Jian Piaoling is a little gloomy . Subconsciously, he pulls Ji Shixuan behind him and holds the jade sword tightly in his hand .

“Where did he go . . . ”

Yang Shiqi murmurs to herself . Her dainty face is pale . She becomes panicked for the first time: “No, I have to find him back . ”

“Sister Yang, don’t act rashly . Be calm . ”

Qiu Shaoxian grabs Yang Shiqi in a hurry . In his mind, however, he is secretly happy . That obnoxious guy has finally disappeared . He only regrets that there is no opportunity to show his greatness by beating Qin Yi painfully .

Everyone’s reaction to Qin Yi’s disappearance is different .

Yi Ling’s heart is also filled with sadness . She doesn’t have much contact with Qin Yi . However, she appreciates this dark horse who has made great progress in the martial arts Assembly by using the basic martial art Overlordboxing only .

Pu Chang opens his mouth in amazement . Soon afterwards he twitches his mouth casually . It seems that he doesn’t pay too much attention to Qin Yi’s situation .

Yue Xianling and He Gui also show gloomy faces . However, the four disciples of Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion cannot help but show an elate look after being stunned for a moment .

Before entering the tower, they have received a mission to kill Qin Yi .

They find that if they directly attack Qin Yi, Qiu Shaoxian and Pu Chang, who are ranked first and second in Lingyumen, may not be willing to help, but the two female disciples will certainly not stand by, and Qianqiu Pavilion and Xianshizong will not choose to stand by idly, either .

All sorts of scruples have made them dare not to attack Qin Yi easily .

Now, Qin Yi is lost on his own, so they don’t have to do it themselves .

“How nice!”

Xuan Yangge does not conceal his joy and speaks with a faint smile .

Yuan Xingchuan and the other of this four disciples also show a triumphant look on their faces .  It is obvious that they are quite satisfied with the result . Otherwise, it will be quite difficult for them to kill Qin Yi .

The performance of the four has made Yang Shiqi very angry . She even whips out the white jade sword she has just obtained: “You guys are courting death!”

Looking at the homicidal intent rushing out from the girl’s exquisite body, Xuan Yangge and the other three disciples dare not show too arrogant . They can feel that this girl is quite extraordinary, and that Qiu Shaoxian seems to be quite attached to her, who will not stand by if anything happens .

And if Qiu Shaoxian takes part in, Pu Chang and Yi Ling will also join . Then, it is estimated that Qianqiu Pavilion and Xianshizong will not look on indifferently . In this way, all of them will be buried here .

At the same time .

Inside the broken land in the ancient stone statue .

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Qin Yi is motionless, who stands there quietly and enters an extremely ethereal state to memorize the moves of the black shadow in the void .

It must be God’s will that the second move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon suddenly appears after he has just reached the entry level of the first move .

After watching carefully for a while, Qin Yi begins to practice slowly . Only then does he find that the second move is much more profound than the first .

Within a minute, the practice is interrupted . Even if the move of the huge shadow is very slow, Qin Yi still cannot keep up .

“Hoo . . . ”

Qin Yi breathes out and and continues to follow the drill after a short break .

This time, within two minutes, he is interrupted again .

“I have made some progress, come again!”

Qin Yi cheers himself up . There is not any depression on his face . He bites his teeth and continues to follow the huge shadow in the void .

After ceaseless practices, Qin Yi has finally practiced the second move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon intermittently and completely .


As he finishes the practice of the second move, there comes a thunderous noise and the huge black shadow disappears . Qin Yi, too, comes out to the outside world again . The white stone statue in front of him, which is more than 10 meters high, bursts apart .

When the stone statue explodes, a bloody awn rises over the earth which is like a blood rainbow flashing through the sky .

“This is . . . ”

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Qin Yi takes a look and finds that Yang Shiqi and the other disciples fall to the ground due to the huge energy of the explosion .

Everyone, with his or her mouth open, looks at Qin Yi in amazement .

It turns out that he was not lost, but entered the stone statue!

How did he get in?

There is a question in everyone's mind .

No one can explain this problem clearly .

“Qin Yi!”

Yang Shiqi is pleasantly surprised with a smile on her face . On her long eyelashes, there are still crystal tears, which is so touching .

Ji Shixuan, who is wearing a light green dress, just looks at him from a distance without saying a word . Her smart eyes flashes gently, and on her clear cheek, a vivid red can be found .

Seeing these two people again, Qin Yi can’t help but be happy . Although he didn’t stay in the stone statue for a long time, the extreme desolation and loneliness made him feel as if he were separated from the world .


On the other side, Qiu Shaoxian snorts . Qin Yi’s reappearance makes him quite upset . And that four disciples also feel discontented .

“That's a blood blade!”

All of a sudden there comes a yell .

That yell is from Yuan Xingchuan, the young master of Yuanxingzong . Before all the people come to their senses, his tall body has rushes out with a sense of fanaticism on his face .

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