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Chapter 65

Proofread by Peter Gong

“Hoo . . . ”

Six hours later, Qin Yi slowly opens his eyes and a dazzling golden light flashes from the surface of his body .

Finally the second level of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods has been broken through!

After feeling the alterations of his body, Qin Yi laughs with satisfaction: “The physical defense has significantly improved . According to Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods, after practicing to the second level one’s body becomes as firm as a rock . In that way, I can even survive under the impact of about 4000 kg . ”

Obviously, he is quite satisfied with such a defense .

At the same time, Qin Yi also motivates Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King at the same time and reaches the level of the half big success, which has made his blood and breath surge up like waves .


Qin Yi smiles slightly after finding that his momentum and blood become even more perfect .

Finally, Qin Yi makes a decision to put more effort into the ancient martial arts The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . Of course, he only holds one move of the seven .

Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill has been revealed, which is no longer his ace in the hole and he knows that many disciples of Lingyumen will be crazy about it . Therefore, he must find a more powerful one .

The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon is undoubtedly the one he needs .

After carefully recalling the shadow in the ancient space-time and the track of the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, Qin Yi continues his practice .

This ancient martial art is so complicated that Qin Yi still feels a little awkward after several rehearsals .

In the courtyard, Qin Yi enters a fantastic state with his eyes closed . At the moment, his hands are moving a very mysterious and ancient track .

With the track of his hands becoming more and more profound, a majestic power seems to appear from his whole body and every action slowly twists the space .

The surrounding sand and stone are also driven by this invisible and majestic force and revolve around him, forming a huge circle, with a piercing sound in the rapid rotation .

The sand and stone whirl around Qin Yi for about ten minutes and fall to the ground slowly .

“It still doesn’t work!”

Qin Yi opens his eyes and breathes out with a reluctant smile .

At present, he has basically mastered the formula of the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, and he can also motivate the energy of it . However, he encounters a strange phenomenon that he can’t make a breakthrough even though his body is full of tremendous power .

That is to say, the power is trapped in the body and cannot be used on the fist or foot to make it a combat force .

“There must be a startling move that can bring out the power in my body . ”

Qin Yi slightly frowns, for he is very clear about the current encounter . The first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demo is like a trapped beast, which is nothing without release .

“A startling move?”

Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly brighten and a girl in a red robe appears in his mind .

An ancient beast was killed with just one move! This is the most powerful move he has seen so far .

Fortunately, at that time, he entered into an ethereal state and any subtle action of the girl in red robe was imprinted in his mind through his left hand, which can be recalled at any time .

“Well, let me study the move of that girl . ”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi conjures up the move for a careful study .

For a moment, his whole body remains stationary like an old monk in meditation .

The first five of the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen will enter the third floor of the Pavilion on the fifth day after the end of the Assembly .

However, on this morning, eight extremely powerful young people suddenly arrived at Lingyumen . Those uninvited guests are all outstanding disciples from other forces in the Phoenix City .

There are four other big forces in Phoenix City: Xianshizong, Qianqiu Pavilion, Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion .

Every force sends two disciples and Ji Shixuan, the disciple of Xianshizong who has been to Lingyumen last time is also in this group .

Next to her is a young man in white, who is about twenty years old . He is handsome and composed, with a purple sword on his back which breadth is equal to 3 fingers .

Only ignoramuses cannot recognize him . His name is Jian Piaoling, the top one of the five young genius of Phoenix City . Some people suspect that he has already reached the peak of the fifth level of Domepahse, or even the sixth level .

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The other six of the group:

Qianqiu Pavilion: Yue Xianling and He Gui;

Yuanxingzong: Yuan Xingchuan and Yuan Xingzhan;

Xuanyang Mansion: Xuan Yangge and Xuan Yangjie .

Four of the five young genius in Phoenix City show up at this moment: Jian Piaoling, Yue Xianling, Yuan Xingchuan and Xuan Yangge .

Among them, Yue Xianling is famous as the first beauty in Phoenix City, which has been widely known in Phoenix City for a long time . Her unique appearance is suffocating, and her mature body is exquisite and graceful, and her actions are full of the gentle beauty of women . Her whole body is full of fatal temptation .

Yuan Xingchuan of Yuanxingzong is a young man with purple hair and a cold appearance . He is about eighteen or nineteen years old .

Xuan Yangge of Xuanyang mansion is just the opposite of Yuan Xingchuan, which looks elegant and affable, which renders people a feeling of spring breeze .

The eight outstanding youths of Phoenix City suddenly appear on the huge training ground of Lingyumen at the same time, as if they have made an appointment before .

“Who are they?”

Their appearance immediately alerts all the disciples of Lingyumen . Nearly 100 disciples rush forward to surround them in one second and look at them with vigilance .

“Eh, why people from the other four forces break into Lingyumen? What are you going to do? An allied assault?”

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Disciples of Lingyumen yell, rub their hands and wait for a chance to rush forward .

“Please don’t be so irritated . We just get the news that there is a layer of Floating World Tower left by an ancient emperor in your place, and today is the day when your disciples enter the tower for explorations . We just come here to have a finger in the pie . ” Said by Xuan Yangge with a smile .

“No way, the tower is the possession of Lingyumen that brooks no offence!” A cold sound gets about .

After that, a gigantic figure suddenly rushes over and hits Xuan Yangge with his fist . Around the fist, a formidable power is formed, and the air around it is full of visible ripples .

An invisible sense of the powerful fist has swept across the ground .

One punch makes the whole world shocked!

On the ground, all the disciples of Lingyumen exclaim and recognize the punch, for they are too familiar with it . This is the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, which punched Tang Hangan off the arena in the Assembly of Lingyumen .

“It’s him!”

Looking at the back of figure who is rushing over to Xuan Yangge, a sense of surprise suddenly flashes in Ji Shixuan’s beautiful eyes . After more than a month, she finally sees the formidable punch .

Beside her is Jian Piaoling, who always looks calm, but at this moment, an emotional fluctuation can also be found on the calm face . Soon, this face recovers to normal .

Feeling the power of this punch, Xuan Yangge is stunned, then his whole body suddenly shoots out at an oblique angle: “there is still time for negotiation, why do you become so barbaric?”

The comer suddenly stops his move and stands there proudly with no weakness . He looks at Xuan Yangge and says lightly, “how can we have such a miraculous stuff? Please go back and don’t make trouble in Lingyumen . If you really want to create a disturbance, you can send me an invitation letter during the meeting among the forces . At that time I will spare no effort . ”

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