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Chapter 66

Proofread by Peter Gong

Hearing the voice of the comer, all the disciples of Lingyumen are shocked: how can it be Qiu Shaoxian?

Ji Shixuan is full of surprise at the beginning, but soon she is stunned by the appearance of Qiu Shaoxian and cannot conceal her disappointment: “He is not Qin Yi, obviously . ”

Behind Qiu Shaoxian, there are still a lot of people . Yang Shiqi, Tang Hangan and other outstanding disciples who are qualified to enter the third floor of the Pavilion have all come, as well as some senior managers of Lingyumen .

“Brother Qiu, , how can you master Qin Yi’s boxing?”

Yang Shiqi frowns and asks restlessly .

Other disciples and those high-ranking managers are also confused and look at Qiu Shaoxian .

Qiu Shaoxian turns around slowly and looks directly at Yang Shiqi . His admiration is obvious: “Sister Yang, as we all know, Qin Yi has already dedicated his Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . On that day, when he showed it, my adoptive father was over there . Later, my adoptive father described to me that, with my own talent, I have learned hard these days, and finally achieved some results . ”

Can he master one move of Qin Yi’s Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill so soon? He is indeed the top man among the middle-aged disciples of Lingyumen .

All the disciples are astonished . Even Yang Shiqi cannot help sighing with emotion . As for Cang Songyi, who comes with her, has raised a faint smile of satisfaction .

Ji Shixuan, however, on the other side, snorts with some disdain: “Compared with Qin Yi’s performance in Mountain of Magical Wind that day, it can at most reach 70% effect . ”

Qin Yi has only transcribed about 80% of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . That is to say, he can only reach 80% effect after mastering it . Even for a super genius it is nearly impossible to get to the top level with a fragmentary copy .

As a result, Qiu Shaoxian’s Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is only 70% at most, and he doesn't know it .

“This guy is just above the average…”

Mentioned by Jian Piaoling in a low voice . Fortunately, his words are not heard by other people or else a lot of trouble will be caused .

“Well, where on earth do you get such news? The third floor of the Pavilion in Lingyumen is a relic of some ancient god?”

After being surprised by Qiu Shao Xian’s performance, Cang Songyi’s face is terribly gloomy .

“It seems that the whole Phoenix City knows . ”

Xuan Yangge smiles slightly .

“Spies, damn it, there must be spies in Lingyumen!”

Cang Songyi roars angrily, and the other elders look also sullen .

Obviously, if there is no spy, the secret of Lingyume’s pavilion will never be known by other people in Phoenix City . Now even the entry time of the top five disciples is divulged!

Many people think of Qin Yi because of the past event about martial arts, but they quickly deny it . It has been proved from various aspects that Qin Yi does not turn to other forces .

“It is your own business whether there are spies in Lingyumen, but the artifacts left by the ancient gods belong to everyone in Jiu Zhou mainland . Therefore, I think that although the Floating World Tower is in Lingyumen now, we are also qualified to investigate it . ”

Xuan Yangge takes a stride forward to speak to Cang Songyi with a light smile, and no fear can be found on his face, for the power of Xuanyang Mansion is comparable to that of Lingyumen which gives him enough confidence .

There is no doubt that the Xuan Yangge is quite reasonable . The tower, which is an ancient site, is not the private property of Lingyumen . It just appears in Lingyumen .

As for the reason why it became the third layer of the Pavilion, there may be a cause unknown to the common people .

Cang Songyi and all the elders of Lingyumen are speechless for a while and don’t know what to say . Everyone is secretly grating his teeth and inwardly cursing the hateful spy who has revealed such a big secret .

“Lingyumen has prepared five disciples to enter, while each of us only brings two . If there are treasures in the tower, your disciples will get a lot more opportunities than other forces . ”

Xuan Yangge is quite natural and easy: “Elder Cang Song, I don’t think that Lingyumen will take the other four forces as the enemy . ”

The five major forces in Phoenix City are not very different in strength, and if the other four forces join hands, the remaining one will be destroyed in an instant .

Fortunately, before that, the five forces of Phoenix City have always maintained a delicate balance, which is mainly due to the existence of Qianqiu Pavilion .

Lingyumen and Xianshizong have a good relationship because they are both sects . Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion are both aristocatic families, and they are close to each other . In retrospect, the ancestors of these two families were both chancellors of the empire .

Because the other four forces form alliances respectively, the inclination of Qianqiu Pavilion will become the weight of these four forces . In this way, the balance of the other four forces is cleverly maintained, which makes them dare not act rashly .

At this moment, Yue Xianling, a disciple of Qianqiu Pavilion, speaks: “the tower left by the ancient gods really belongs to everyone in Jiu Zhou mainland . It is unreasonable for Lingyumen to prevent the four forces from entering . ”

As the most beautiful girl in Phoenix City, her voice is also unique which is gentle and soft and sounds extremely comfortable . However, at the same time her words carry weight .

As long as Qianqiu Pavilion is provoked and swings to the alliance of Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion, it is impossible for Lingyumen and Xianshizong to resist against the other 3 forces .

After hearing Yue Xianling’s words, Cang Songyi has to say with a gloomy face, “well, you are right . How can we monopolize the treasure left over by the ancient gods? Elder Guo, please lead us to the third floor of the Pavilion . ”

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Guo Wuchen is the guardian of the Pavilion and anyone who wants to enter the Pavilion must be permitted by him .

“Wait a minute!”

Yang Shiqi, who has been standing there quietly, suddenly calls out: “Qin Yi hasn't come yet . Don’t we wait for him?”

Qin Yi!

Everyone is stunned, and then recollects that the man who has been in the limelight recently has not yet been here .

“Yes, he hasn’t come yet . ” Ji Shixuan also suddenly realizes that .

“That boy has not shown up since he copied out the moves of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill a few days ago . What is he up to now?”

Guo Wuchen also shows a strong interest .

As soon as his stops speaking, a slightly frail figure of a young man comes slowly with a warm smile on his handsome face and a wonderful breath all over his body, as if his whole body has been into a fantastic situation and integrated with the world .

Looking at this young figure, Yang Shiqi and Ji Shixuan are both in a faint joy .

“Was elder Guo talking about me just now? I don’t do anything . I’ve just been practicing the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . ”

Qin Yi is very frank to tell the truth .

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“Practicing that collective martial art?”

Guo Wuchen is quite shocked .

The other disciples of Lingyumen are all stunned, too . Everyone knows that martial art cannot be cultivated at all, but Qin Yi never gives up his exploration on it!

He is really a persistent man .

“It seems that someone is out of his mind which is never cured . ” Jeers Qiu Shaoxian .

He believes that he has already known Qin Yi entirely and even mastered his trump card, Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . At the beginning he did have some scruples about Qin Yi's, but now he has no fear of him .

Qin Yi smiles secretly and does not want to bicker with him, which is totally a waste of breath .

For three days, he finally comprehended part of the startling blow of the girl in red robe, and then integrated it into the move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . Finally, he found a breakthrough for the powerful force trapped in his body .

At the moment when the red robed girl’s startling blow and the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon merged, the sand and stones surrounding the whole body were suddenly exploded by a vast force, and the whole courtyard was almost destroyed .

“You bastard, don’t be arrogant . I will find a chance to beat you up in the face of Sister Yang . ” Thinks Qiu Shaoxian .

After noticing that he is ignored by Qi Yi, Qiu Shaoxian clenches his fist .

After mastering Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, Qiu Shao Xian is confident that with his mysterious breath power and powerful inner strength, Qin Yi will be seriously injured with just one punch of his .

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