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Chapter 64

Proofread by Peter Gong

At night, Cang Songyi is in his luxurious residence at the Wushu!

"Shaoxian, do you know what martial arts Qin Yi used on the martial arts Assembly when he punched  Tang Hangan out form the ring?" Cang Songyi calls Qiu Shaoxian to his side and asks .

"What is it?"

Qiu Shao frowns slightly, and he seems quite interested in it . Qin Yi's powerful punch did shock him .

"It is Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, the continuation of Overlord Boxing!"

Cang Songyi takes a martial arts cultivation book from his arms and hands it to Qiu Shaoxian: "I have already ordered someone to fetch it from the second floor of the Pavilion . In order not to be discovered, you must quickly write down the content, then I can put it back . "

"The continuation of Overlord Boxing, Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill?"

Qiu Shaoxian takes over the book and turns it over . His handsome face is greatly shocked immediately: "How is this possible? I don't believe it!"

"Shaoxian, whether you believe it or not, Qin Yi has already done it . "

Cang Songyi sighs slightly, and then says: "Don't you always love Junior Apprentice Yang Shiqi? But I found Yang Shiqi really cares about Qin Yi . If you want to get Yang Shiqi's heart, you must overwhelm Qin Yi with absolute advantage . To overwhelm Qin Yi, you must thoroughly study his martial arts . "

Qiu Shaoxian is startled, thinking that: “That's right, as long as I thoroughly study Qin Yi's martial arts and know his way of boxing, it will be a breeze to suppress him in the future . ”

Sure enough, The old man is a fount of wisdom . !

Qiu Shaoxian slowly breathes out and immediately puts away the shock in his heart, then he copies the  Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill very quickly .

"Huh, frankly, I haven't known you before . As long as I thoroughly study your martial arts, I can defeat and humiliate you whenever I want! Stink boy, how dare you compete with me for Yang Shiqi, you ask for it!"

Holding the transcribed Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, Qiu Shaoxian clenches his fists tightly, a glimpse of fierceness slowly passing across his eyes .   

At the same time, in another luxurious house, Chang Fengyang sits in the middle of the hall, and his face looks gloomy and horrible .

Tang Han Gan stands in front of him with his hands down .

"Gan, do you know what kind of boxing Qin Yi used on the martial arts Assembly when he punched you off the ring" Chang Fengyang looks at his nephew Tang Hangan and says slowly .

"What’s it?"

Mentioning the battle with Qin Yi that day, Tang Hangan still feels wronged and angry in his heart .

"It's Overlord Boxing . "

"Overlord Boxing?"

Tang Hangan's face shows a strong shocking countenance: "How is this possible? I know that he has cultivated Overlord Boxing to the state of the Great Consummation, but it is absolutely impossible to knock me off the ring with one punch!"

Tang Hangan is very confident of his strength, and when Qin Yi punched him at that time, he felt that Qin Yi was like a god, giving him a momentum that must be looked up to . Overlord Boxing, the basic martial arts of the Lingyumen can achieve this effect? You’re joking!

"Hanan, I was just like you at the time, I also didn't believe it at all, but it was indeed the sixteenth move, the continuation of Overlord Boxing!"

Thinking of Qin Yi showing the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill in the main hall, Chang Fengyang's face once again shows an uncontrollable shock .

The sixteenth move of Overlord Boxing! ?

Tang Hangan shakes all over and is stunned .

After a while, Tang Hangan comes back to himself and exhales heavily: "So he has created a martial art, right? He has created a martial art at the age of fifteen .  There is a big gap between Qiu Shaoxian and him back then! It's also very big . I am convinced to lose in his hand!"

"Yes, this boy is indeed extraordinary, but no matter what, I won't let him stay in this world . " Chang Fengyang's eyes shine with a killing intent .

After a pause, Chang Fengyang takes a look at Tang Hangan and then says: "Hangan, you go first . I will find a way to get the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill created by that little bastard from the second floor of Pavilion .  You and Chang Jingxue need to study and and practice it well . "

Hearing this, Tang Hangan's face, which has always been cold as a knife, immediately shows a shade of ecstasy: "Yes!"

“I have had the seed of flame, if I can own Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, who else among the young disciples of Lingyumen can be my opponent? The power of Qin Yi's punch that day makes him unforgettable!”

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But he doesn’t know that the current version of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill has been modified by Qin Yi, and it is only playing eighty percent of its power .

Chang Fengyang watches Tang Hangan’s departure, a trace of smile appears on his face for the first time these days . He knows that soon Tang Hangan and Chang Jingxue would take the preeminent position among the young generation of the entire Lingyu Gate because of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill  .

At this moment, he doesn’t feel a little bit ashamed to steal Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, although it is created by Qin Yi .

"Crack!" "Crack!" "Crack!"

After Tang Hangan left, Chang Fengyang lightly claps his palms .


With the applause of Chang Fengyang, a black shadow floats from outside the courtyard into the house

"Elder Chang . " The black shadow comes to Chang Fengyang and says respectfully . The black shadow is a man who wears a black night disguise outfits with his face covered, making it impossible to see his face .      "Well . " Chang Fengyang nods slowly: "Have you let the message out that the top five disciples of Lingyumen are about to enter the third floor of the Pavilion?"

"Everything is done according to your instructions . Other martial schools should know the news soon . " The masked man said .

"Very good . " Chang Fengyang smiles with satisfaction: "The third floor of the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic is a tower left by a certain ancient immortal in the mortal world . It does not belong to the Lingyumen . Any martial art school is eligible to enter in and to explore the secret inside . At that time, the young top martial art elites of the five major martial school must gather in the Tower of Immortal World .  Then all you have to do is to tell those disciples in addition to trying to find the ancient holy items, they nend to look for opportunities to kill the little bastard Qin Yi . Don’t fail again this time!"

Thinking of the tragic death of Ge Fengren and the other two disciples, Chang Fengyang can't wait to tear Qin Yi to pieces .

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"Yes, Elder Chang . " The killing intent slowly passes across the eyes of the masked man

While Chang Fengyang and the man in black clothes plan to kill him, Qin Yi is practicing hard in his yard .

He first takes out the Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods from his mind and practices seriously according to the cultivation method .

Qin Yi sits cross-legged on the ground motionlessly with his eyes lightly closed . According to the Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods, he slowly motivates the mysterious breath to wander through his body little by little .

One hour, two hours . . .

As time goes by, a faint golden light glimmers on Qin Yi's body, which makes him look as if he were made of gold .

This is a sign of breakthrough!

If anyone else sees this scene, he would be shocked and speechless .

Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods is an advanced physical defense martial arts . Among all types of martial arts, physical defense martial art is the most difficult one to practice and it takes the longest time .

However, there is a sign of breakthrough after only two-hours’ practice!

Undoubtedly, this must be attributed to the mysterious left hand, which has perfectly transformed his physique .

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