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Chapter 63

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“It doesn’t matter, I still have The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon which I just start learning and I’ve never used it, I have no idea how powerful it is . ”

Qin Yi estimates that even if he has just start learning, it is definitely not weaker than Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, which is a martial art left in the human world by a great celestial being  in ancient times .

"Head Master and Elders, do you really want to know where that punch come from?" Qin Yi says lightly as he glances over everyone’s face .

"Stop talking about rubbish, just say it!" Chang Fengyang shouts .

Their eyes become eager, including Guo Wuchen .

"Then, everyone please stand aside and make room for me . " Qin Yi smiles mysteriously .

What does he want to do?

Although they are puzzled, they still scatter around and makes a big circle for Qin Yi . The main hall is large enough to practice a set of boxing .

Qin Yi strides into the center of the circle without say a word and begins to practice a set of boxing .

"Overlord Boxing!"

When the Head Master and the Elders of Lingyumen see the boxing demonstrated by Qin Yi, they are all slightly stunned .

"Qin Yi, what the hell do you want to do? We demand you tell us where the punch that knocked Tang Hangan down on the ring that day comes from? But you demonstrate the Overlord Boxing now in front of us!"

Changfeng Yang is angry, while others also have a feeling of being fooled by Qin Yi as a monkey .

"Stop, stop your demonstration, just tell us honestly where that punch comes from? Otherwise, you will be deprived of marital art cultivation first, and then be expelled from the Lingyumen!"  Cang Song Yi shouts at QIn Yi angrily .

Chang Fengyang couldn't help but be happy when he sees that even Cangsong Yi is angry, and Guo Wuchen next to him is worried, and he opens his mouth but says nothing in the end .

It seems that Qin Yi didn’t listen to their words . He continues to devote himself to the standard demonstration of the tactics of Overlord Boxing .

Cang Songyi is suddenly furious when he sees that Qin Yi ignored his word, and he is about to stride over to stop Qin Yi, but suddenly stops, standing there as if has been spelled .

It is……

Not only he, but also the Elders of the Lingyu Gate in the main hall suddenly stop all movements, gazing at the teenager in the circle . The look on their faces is more shocking than seeing Tang Hangan being knocked off the ring with a punch .

The Overlord Boxing is a basic boxing martial art with only fifteen moves in Lingyumen .  It is naturally not complicated, but when Qin Yi completes the fifteen moves of Overlord Boxing, he doesn’t stop .

At this moment, Qin Yi seems to have entered a wonderful state, even giving people a feeling that he has become an enlightenment monk who has anatman character .

It seems that his every movement affects the Tao of natural and twists the space slightly .

"The sixteenth move of Overlord Boxing!?"

"Overlord Boxing actually has sixteen moves, am I dreaming?"

"Moreover, the sixteenth move is the summation of the former fifteen moves, which takes the essence and removes the dross of the fifteen moves, and . . . Oh my heaven, isn’t it the move used by Qin Yi that knocked Tang Hangan out fron the ring that day?"

"On that day, Tang Hangan was actually defeated by the sixteenth move of Overlord Boxing!"

" . . . . . . "

The whole main hall is in an uproar .

Including Cang Songyi and Guo Wuchen, everyone looks deeply shocked . Although they are the Elders and the head master of Lingyumen, they never thought that the most basic Overlord Boxing could be extended to the sixteenth move!

The sixteenth move of Overlord Boxing that shocks them is undoubtedly the first move of Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill!

"How could this be……"

Changfeng Yang murmurs to himself, and his face appears horrified and unbelievable .

He tries his best to stir up trouble in front of Cang Songyi, saying that Qin Yi's martial arts belong to other martial art school, but he never expected that the martial art Qin Yi used is the continuation of Overlord Boxing .

"To sum up a martial arts and to extend new moves from the old ones is already equivalent to creating a martial arts on one’s own, which can only be finished by some amazing masters!"

Guo Wuchen looks at Qin Yi practicing the boxing and says with great excitement .

It is incredible that a fifteen-year-old boy has actually completed a thing that only the Grand Master could do .

While the Elders are shocked, Qin Yi doesn’t stop, and he shows an impeccable perfect breath and the space around him is slightly turbulent .

His fists move in a wonderful trajectory and then punch suddenly .


This punch is mediocre, but it explodes all the space .

"My heaven, there is actually the seventeenth move of Overlord Boxing!"

"This move is an upgraded version of the sixteenth move!"

Guo Wuchen and others are stunned and open their mouths in amazement, looking at Qin Yi as if looking at a monster .

Shock, excitement and sham alternate on the faces of these people . Whether this 15-year-old boy is a human or a demon, and he even hits the seventeenth move Overlord Boxing!

Qin Yi ignores their expressions and continues to move his fists in a wonderful trajectory .

Now that Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is exposed, he intends to simply show it without reservation, anyway, he still has The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon as the ace in the hole .

He believes that as long as he studies and practices The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon diligently, its power will definitely be more amazing than Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill over time .

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When Qin Yi hits a mediocre punch, the air in front explodes again .  The majestic energy fluctuations forms a circle of ripples . The elders around all feel a huge impact .

"The eighteenth move of Overlord Boxing . . . "

"This is the essence of the former two moves!"

In the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, the next move is stronger than the former one!

All the people in the main hall are completely stunned, and everyone is deeply shocked by the extended three moves of the basic Overlord Boxing,! This is definitely a great miracle!

"Hu . . . "

Qin Yi tightens her stomach and throws out her chest . He exhales lightly and stops all the movement .

"Head Master, Elders, now you know where the punch that knocked Brother Tang off the ring on the ring came from, right?"

Qin Yi looks calm and peaceful, and he slowly glances at everyone in the main hall, and finally fixes his eyes on Changfeng Yang's face .

Feeling Qin Yi's direct gaze, Chang Fengyang subconsciously shrinks his neck slightly under a huge physiological pressure, and dares not to stare at Qin Yin for a moment .

"Haha, we know, we know it well .  If there is still someone who can't see the fact, then he doesn’t deserve to stay at Lingyumen, and he should have got out . "

Guo Wuchen comes back to himself and laughs happily .  There is doubt that these words are  deliberately said to Chang Fengyang, whose face flushes with shame . He feels quite uncomfortable .

"I can't imagine that the basic boxing techniques of our Lingyumen have been extended with three such powerful moves!"

"These three moves must be recorded and placed on the second floor of the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic for the future disciples to practice!"

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Every Elder is extremely excited . They completely ignore the red-faced Changfeng Yang, and instead pay tribute to the fifteen-year-old boy .

It is undoubtedly a supreme glory to be able to create martial arts and put them on the second floor of the the Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classic for future disciples to practice .

Put Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill on the second floor of the Pavilion?

Qin Yi is slightly stunned, but immediately smiles secretly .  The Head Master and the Elders are actually surprised by Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . If they are told that The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon could actually be cultivated and it has domineering power, no one knows how excited they will be .

"What you said is absolutely true . "

The Head Master Cang Songyi nods and smiles slightly: "Qin Yi, are you willing to contribute your Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill for future generations to practice?"

Qin Yi doesn't care too much about Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, anyway, he still has a more powerful The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . Now that he can benefit the future disciples, why wouldn’t he?

"Of course . " Qin Yi nods slowly .

"Good! I thank you on behalf of the entire Lingyumen!"

Cang Songyi looks sincere, in fact, he has secretly calculating in his heart . This boy is so amazing that he is undoubtedly stronger than his adopted son Qiu Shaoxian .

If this boy uses these three moves to fight against Shaoxian, Shaoxian may not be able to withstand it . Now, fortunately, this boy has dedicated these three moves to Lingyumen .  He can tell Shaoxian to have a preventive measure, otherwise, if one day Shaoxian confronts him, Shaoxian's final outcome would not be better than Tang Hangan’s .

After Qin Yi’s consent, Cangsong Yi immediately orders people to fetch pen and paper without hesitation to let Qin Yi record Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . In the process of recording, Qin Yi slightly modifies the most critical parts of each move, making it less powerful than the original version .

Of course, no one can notice this kind of slight modification except Qin Yi himself .

This incident about the provenance of Qin Yi’ martial arts comes to an end .

There is no doubt that no one at Lingyumen has expected that Qin Yi extended the domineering  Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill from the basic martial arts Overlord Boxing .

Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is much more powerful than the general advanced martial arts in Lingyumen .

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