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Chapter 51

Proofread by Peter Gong

“It is still here?”

Looking at Manman which lies near the entrance, Qin Yi frowns and clenches his teeth, trying best to keep silent . He walks towards outside step by step .


Manman suddenly opens its only eye and madly rushes to Qin Yi .  He turns pale with fright and has to turn back into the cave .

He doesn’t think he can fight with the ancient occult monster Manman even though he has made two breakthroughs in here . With his strength, he will be killed by Manman in a second as well . No exception can be expected .

“Tomorrow is the ranking competition . What can I do?”

Qin Yi goes back to the depth of the cave and steps into the little black pool . He is so anxious .

The ancient occult monster Manman can be put on a par with Domephase Masters . He, as a single Domephase Scholar, will be smashed to pieces if he rushes out recklessly .

Unable to go out, Qin Yi has to stay in the cave and cultivate because he has no other choice .

“Heavenly Reticular Hand . ”

Qin Yi takes out the Heavenly Reticular Hand he got from that fatty in black robe from his mind . According to its recondite mental cultivation tactics, Qin Yi cultivates slowly .

He reads the mental cultivation tactics and carefully channels his mysterious breath power wandering in his body . It can be seen that a faint golden light is shining on his left hand .

A day flies unconsciously .

Qin Yi opens his eyes and tries to clap his left hand . A strong power is launched immediately . The moment the power leaves his left hand, a golden hand figure is formed .


The golden hand figure hits the wall of the cave . The whole cave shakes at the same time . The golden hand figure’s power is not as amazing as Ge Fengren’s, but is also very strong .

“I did it!”

He has cultivated the fourth move of Heavenly Reticular Hand: God Eliminates All Creatures in only one day . His comprehension and rate of cultivation are probably unique in the world .

However, Qin Yi doesn’t experience any pleasure and excitement .

“Today is the final section of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, the ranking competition . ”

Qin Yi reluctantly smiles . At the beginning he wanted to go to Mountain of Magical Wind and make a deal of breakthrough . Yet he is now trapped in here and cannot go back .

It seems that he is doomed to miss the ranking competition of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, and he could never know what on earth lies on the third floor of the scripture library…

The moment Qin Yi is trapped in Mountain of Magical Wind .

Phoenix City, the south of Mountain of Magical Wind . Lingyumen .

The final section of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, the ranking competition, is going on smoothly .

This day the huge practice-field has been restored to what it was ten days before . Almost all the disciples gather here . The whole scene is quite lively .

There is a big flat space in the center of the practice-field, which is the place for battles . Five chairs are placed neatly .

Qiu Shaoxian, ranking the first, and Pu Chang the second, Tang Hangan the third, Xuan Ming the fourth, Yi Ling the fifth, are sitting on them in order .

These five are elites of Lingyumen’s young disciples .  Each of them gives off a sense of excellence, making them flawless on the surface .

Top figures of Lingyumen are satisfied with these five disciples . They nod slightly towards the five .

Those who are sitting at the opposite side are disciples who will challenge them . According to martial arts Assembly’s law, there are thirty chairs in total . Yang Shiqi, Fu Yu, Shaozheng Qixiao, Rou Qinn and other rising figures are all sitting at here .

In terms of strength, Chang Jingxue is also eligible to sit in these thirty . It is a pity that he has been badly hurt by Qin Yi in knockout and cannot fight till now .

There are thirty chairs, but only twenty-nine disciples sit at there .

“He…doesn’t come?”

Yang Shiqi’s glaze-like eyes sweep across the ground, but she frowns because she doesn’t find that familiar figure .

As a popular disciple in Lingyumen and favorite of this competition for top 5, Yang Shiqi’s attractive body is of course gathering most of disciples’ blazing eyes .

Yet she doesn’t notice people’s eyes on her body at present . She has a glimpse of that chair which should belong to Qin Yi . There is an obvious look of depression between her light eyebrows .

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“Hey, where is that disciple named Qin Yi? He doesn’t come to the final ranking competition?”

Guo Wuchen who sits in one of judges’ seats also notices Qin Yi’s absence and curiously says .

“Well, that’s it . That guy named Qin Yi doesn’t come?

“Hm, one once saw him in the pavilion of weapon . He took a hunting adamant steel knife, so I guess he must be in Mountain of Magical Wind again to hunt beasts . He wants to get beast’s materials and sells them for money, and then buys medical materials to cultivate . ”

“He hasn’t returned after so many days . This guy looks doomed now in Mountain of Magical Wind . ”

“You are right . He is likely to have met an accident and have been killed by monsters . ”

A low murmur spreads among disciples of Lingyumen gradually .

“Shut up! How could Qin Yi be killed by beasts!”

A feminine shout full of anger suddenly comes out among the crowd .


All the disciples are taken aback, and then stare at where the feminine shout came from . That girl is standing among the crowd with a displeased look on her face .

Having realized that people are staring at her, Yang Shiqi is aware that she forgot herself . Her crystal-clear cheeks are slightly hot, yet she pulls her chest forward regardless of people’s eyes .

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Looking at the embarrassed girl, all the people on the ground have a strange look on the face . This genius girl would support Qin Yi so naturally . What does it mean?

Qiu Shaoxian, who is sitting on the first chair, lightly wriggles his mouth without traces: "Qin Yi, this kid really looks annoying!"

Tang Hangan in the third chair wears a complex face . He wanted to teach Qin Yi a lesson in the ranking competition in revenge for Chang Jingxue at first . It saves his strength if this guy really meets danger in Mountain of Magical Wind .

The only pity that he cannot teach Qin Yi a lesson with his own hands makes him feel regretful more or less .

“He is killed by beasts in Mountain of Magical Wind?”

Chang Fengyang in one of judges’ seats is slightly stunned, and then smiles secretly: “This rookie can hardly hurt Xue Er, so how could beasts in Mountain of Magical Wind hurt him? It seems that Ge Fengren has made it . But he hasn’t returned and told me, which is not his style because he is fond of money . ”

Ge Fengren is actually one of his distant relatives . Chang Fengyang is familiar with his character .


The depth of Mountain of Magical Wind . The cave of black cave .

Qin Yi is still trapped in here and cannot escape .

He bathes himself in the little black pool . The last hope in his mind has disappeared over time . . He is sure that the ranking competition has started .

The damned ancient occult monster Manman, however, is still guarding at the entrance of the cave . Qin Yi dares not to move casually .

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