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Chapter 52

Proofread by Peter Gong

Qin Yi bathes himself in the little black pool, cultivating idly . Because the essence of the world is functioning and he takes one or two precious heaven treasures now and then, he has completely firmed the mysterious breath power of the peak of the forth level of Domepahse in only one day .

“It is already a whole day since the beginning of ranking competition…”

He has no hope for the competition now .

Whatever on earth is on the third floor of the scripture library cannot be seen by him, either .

Qin Yi is driven mad when he recalls the strange feeling coming from the third floor of the scripture library . However, he can do nothing for it .


Suddenly, there comes a long roar from outside, which is so resounding that his eardrums are about to explode .

It is that ancient occult monster Manman!

Qin Yi winces at first, and then blinks his eyes . “Go out to have a look!”

Without any hesitation, he jumps out of the little black pool and utilizes his Kua Fu’s Step . It takes him only a while when he reaches the entrance .

The ancient occult monster Manman outside the cave, whose red feathers are cocking one by one, is looking at somewhere on alert with its only one eye . It seems that it meets a powerful enemy .

“Maybe…other brutal monsters which are even more horrible than the ancient occult monster Manman?”

Qin Yi is shocked . He follows Manman’s gaze in a hurry . Two blurred figures are seen a thousand meters away who are approaching here .

“Mankind can enter here?”

Qin Yi feels excited at once .

Yet he calms down quickly . Anyone who wants to defeat ancient occult monster like Manman must be a peak great Domephase Scholar at least . Two common people will only become Manman’s meal .

Qin Yi enters the extremely ethereal state and sees that two figures clearly . They are two women . One of them is a middle-aged woman in a blue and white gown, while the other one is a young girl in a red robe .

The middle-aged woman, dignified and beautiful, is about thirty . That girl in red robe looks so tender and lovely . It seems that she is even younger than Qin Yi . Probably she is just thirteen or fourteen .

Which force do they belong to? They can be so calm and deliberate in front of an ancient occult monster!

Staring at their serene look, Qin Yi is surprised in mind . Judged from their clothes, they don’t belong to any of the five forces in Phoenix City, the member of which must wear specific clothes with their logos . On the contrary, these two women don’t wear specific uniforms .

So they are not members of the five forces in Phoenix City . Then who on earth are they?

Qin Yi is confused .

“Wow, look, master, there is an ancient occult monster . ”

The girl in red robe notices Manman in front of them and shouts in surprise, “It looks so ugly . ”

The middle-aged woman nods quietly . “Yan Er . This ancient occult monster is called Manman, which is a sign of misfortune . If two of them appear together, there will be disasters in the world . ” Says the middle-aged woman calmly .

“Oh . ”

The girl blinks, ”Well, but I feel that it is quite weak and not aggressive . ”

An ancient occult monster, which can be compared with peak Domephase Masters, is of no challenge in the 13-or-14-year-old girl’s eyes!

If Qin Yi hears this saying, what would he think?

“Yan Er, I have been telling you that you should not be so critical . ”

The middle-aged lady is a little unhappy, but her eyes are still full of love and kindness . “Now, kill this Manman with only one move . If more, you must copy The Book of Songs three hundred times . ”

Hearing that she must copy The Book of Songs three hundred times, the girl in red robe is so scared that she draws her neck back . She then sticks out her tongue and walks towards that ancient occult monster Manman without a word .

“A young girl who is just thirteen or fourteen is now standing opposite an ancient occult monster which is more than ten meters tall . Such a scene is of no harmony . ”


The ancient occult monster Manman rushes to the girl in red robe, its large flat beak opening . How horrible!

“Oh, no!”

Qin Yi screams, witnessing the cruel scene helplessly . The tender and lovely girl in red robe is about to be swallowed by Manman!

He has entered his extremely ethereal state where he can watch the scene in derail . All the movements are made slow in his eyes .

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The moment Manman is about to crush the girl in red robe, she suddenly jumps high, whose graceful body is like a cruising dragon . She gathers her slim fingers and her hand is immediately as sharp as a knife, chopping hard towards Manman’s head .

Her crystal-clear hand draws a fantastic line and suddenly grows a blue blade which is made up of hand’s power . The blade is several meters long and stirs up a sound of wind .


The big blue blade of power chops exactly on the ancient occult monster Manman’s head . Its steely flat beak is cut off at once and the whole head explodes .


The ancient occult monster Manman falls down and dies before it could make a single scream . Dust flies everywhere .

“That is…”

Qin Yi is completely petrified .

The ancient occult monster is killed by only one move!

Anyone with such strength must have gone beyond the Domephase and entered the Masterphase .

A young girl who is just thirteen or fourteen is already at the level of great masters!

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Qin Yi stands at a loss . His brain if full of astonishment and question . The scene that girl in red robe jumped and killed the ancient occult monster Manman with one move is repeating in his mind .

“Yan Er . This time you are just under the wire . The Manman is kind of weak, but you killed it in one move after all . You can escape from the punishment . ” The middle-aged lady nods quietly .

All this looks so untrue like a dream .

Qin Yi is still standing at a loss when the middle-aged lady and the girl in red robe have been gone .

There is a dead silence . Only Manman’s body is left here .

“Where did they come from? They are strong and powerful like this!”

It is the first time that Qin Yi has realized that there are some people who are much better . A young girl who is just thirteen or fourteen killed the ancient occult monster Manman with one move . Unbelievable!

They are not from Phoenix City, for there are not masters like them in Phoenix City .

Qin Yi judges .

He was in his extremely ethereal state when the girl in red robe killed the Manman so that all her movements is stored in his brain . He can take out and study them as he like .

That hit is really so amazing!

It is also this move that teaches him that he is still ignorant of this world .

The Jiu Zhou Continent is quite wide and has countless empires . A small place like Phoenix City is so tiny . There are many elements which are completely beyond his imagination in the world .

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