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Chapter 50

Proofread by Peter Gong

“Thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger…”

Absorbed in cultivation, Qin Yi leads the method of Heavenly Reticular Hand to march inch by inch and gradually mixes it with his left hand .


Qin Yi finally breathes a big sigh of relief when the method of Heavenly Reticular Hand has completed its march in his left hand and they have been mixed up .

He did it!

A whole day and night . He has tried eighty times . Finally he has successfully cultivated the first move of Heavenly Reticular Hand, Borrowing God’s Hands, and mixed it with his left hand completely .

“I just clap my left hand from then on, and that strong power of the move will condenses into a big, golden hand’s figure and bombard my enemy . ”

A smile of satisfaction appears on Qin Yi's face .

The scene that he was bombarded so tragically by Ge Fengren’s God Eliminates All Creatures is still lingering before his eyes . The difference is that he will be the one from then on who can launch aggressively God Eliminates All Creatures .

The first move of Heavenly Reticular Hand, Borrowing God’s Hands, is the foundation of this martial art . Based on this, he can directly cultivate the fourth stage of Heavenly Reticular Hand, which is God Eliminates All Creatures!

“I have to go back to Lingyumen!”

Having firmed the mental cultivation methods of Heavenly Reticular Hand, Qin Yi suddenly recalls that he has been in the cave for five days .

He immediately collects all the medical materials on the top of the black rock, and then steps to the entrance of the cave .

This journey to Mountain of Magical Wind is indeed fruitful, which can be compared with Tang Hangan’s adventure of Roaring Flame Seed .

It must be emphasized that Tang Hangan just got the flame seed which doubled his combat effectiveness . He haven’t collected all the seeds for five elements and condensed the Jiu Zhou Meed Mor .

All of a sudden .


An earth-shaking sound comes from outside, which shakes the ground and mountains . Qin Yi feels blood surging in his body, and his eardrums are tingling .

He is terrified in his heart . When he looks out, he directly freezes at the entrance of the cave .

“In the few days when I was cultivating, what a great change has taken place outside…”

It is a mess outside the cave . Those occult monsters which once fought with each other have disappeared . Remains can be seen here and there .

A huge red bird, which is ten meters tall, is standing quietly beside the cave . Its beak and body are like duck’s, but has only one wing and one eye .

Brutal lights come from that only eye .

“This is, Manman?”

Qin Yi is completely petrified!

This huge, weird bird’s name is well-known because of its strange figure . It is ancient occult monster—Manman .

It is said that this kind of weird bird cannot fly unless two of them fly together . If two Manmans appear at same time, it is a sign of flood .

He never predicts that he will meet such a well-known ancient occult monster in myths during this journey to Mountain of Magical Wind!

Obviously, the former dozens of occult monsters were eaten by this ancient occult monster, Manman .


The ancient occult monster Manman has noticed Qin Yi who is petrified at the entrance of the cave . It roars and runs towards him . Its huge body is like a big fire ball and brings a gust of wind .

So fast!

Qin Yi regains consciousness, and then turns pale with fright . He utilizes his Kua Fu’s Step in a hurry and rushes back to the depth of the cave .


The moment he escapes, Manman’s huge flat beak hits at the entrance . The whole cave shakes, throwing Qin Yi to the ground .

“What a horrible strength! It is comparable with great masters’ . ”

Qin Yi stands up with difficulty, whose face is full of astonishment . What will happen if he is hit by such a strength? He will be bombarded into dust!

It is the first time he has witnessed such strength . No wonder the former dozens of occult monsters were all defeated by it .

“Crash!” “Crash!”

The ancient occult monster Manman begins to attack the cave . It hits the wall of the cave again and again with its flat beak . It seems that it is about to destroy the whole cave .

Qin Yi in the cave just feels the ground is shaking . He is almost knocked down for several times . Fortunately, the cave is hard enough so that Manman cannot damage it . If not, things must be terrible .

Clearly, this mountains becomes Manman’s territory after the black python’s death . Some beasts have a strong sense of territory so they won’t let other creatures enter their territories .

Qin Yi reluctantly smiles when he realizes this: “It seems that this ancient monster won’t stop before it eats me . ”

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He has experienced many dangers and he thought he could return with fruitful results . However, he is now trapped in the cave by an ancient occult monster .

With the ancient occult monster Manman guarding at the entrance, it is already impossible for him to return to Lingyumen in time .

Yet the ranking competition of Lingyumen, which will be held five days later, cannot be put off because of him .

When he remembers the third floor of the scripture library of Lingyumen, he has a feeling that he has lost something there . He is so worried .

He is eager to enter the top 5 in the ranking competition and step in the third floor of the scripture library . Then he can see what on earth is there .

However, he is trapped in the cave .

Helplessly shaking his head, he clenches teeth and goes back to the depth of the cave .


He jumps into the little black pools again, and takes out four ganoderma lucidums for eight hundred years and a bloody ginseng for a thousand years . He swallows them at same time .


Sharp effects of materials torment him . He shouts for some times . Though he is already at the middle of the fourth level, his meridians cannot stand these effect . They are immediately on the verge of collapse .

Never daring to delay a moment, Qin Yi quickly launches his left hand . Ancient mysterious breath power is given off and suppresses and reconciles the sharp effect . They are gradually made mild .

Every pore on Qin Yi’s skin expands completely . Mild effects, together with the the essence of the world in the little pool, are absorbed by him .

He sits still in the little black pool . It is something like Buddhist Monk’s parinirvana .

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Time flies without being noticed . Mysterious breath power in Qin Yi’s body is progressing gradually, and his bones and meridians are also strengthening and expanding together with it .

One day…two days…three days…

It is the fourth day when the sound of bones and meridians’ breakthrough is heard again .


Opening his eyes slowly, Qin Yi exhales lightly .

The peak of the forth level of Domepahse!

Who can imagine that he will make two breakthroughs in the cave? He himself cannot believe it somehow . Now he feels it that all his limbs and bones are full pf strength .


He jumps up in the little black pool and biffs on the hard wall . A series of crackles like cobwebs can be seen on the wall at once .

“So powerful! At least 1,500 kilograms!”

Staring at his own fist, Qin Yi is very excited .

With such strength, as well as the extremely ethereal state produced by his left hand, the internal force of Domephase and his last card “Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill", Qin Yi now is absolutely sure that he can enter the top 5,

“One day before the ranking competition . The damned Manman outside…”

Qin Yi steps to the entrance again .

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