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Chapter 45

Proofread by Peter Gong

“You Rookie! How dare you covet my martial arts? Halt!”

Ge Fengren’s roar comes from behind .

Yet the moment he stops shouting, a beast’s roar explodes in the woods ahead!


How sonorous and overwhelming the sound is!

Hearing this roar, both Qin Yi and Ge Fengren are shocked at once . They stop and quickly grow white, standing there .

Judging from the roar, it is at least a pretty dreadful intermediate occult monster, or even an advanced occult monster .

A single normal intermediate occult monster can rival a Domephase Scholar of the fifth level . And a strong intermediate occult monsters can be compared with a peak Domephase Scholar . As for those advanced occult monsters, they can be put on a par with Domephase Masters .

They still have a chance of survival if the approaching trouble is just a normal intermediate occult monster . However, a strong intermediate occult monster or an advanced occult monster can crush them in a second .

Standing where they are, Qin Yi anxiously swallows . He is already in the ethereal state in which his ethereal sense is abnormally sensitive, he quickly identifies what the monster is .

What can be seen is a huge white wolf at 1,500 meters away, whose body is as large as an elephant and which is speeding towards here .

So large a white wolf is by no means a normal intermediate occult monster!

“It seems that this occult monster is already about to make the breakthrough to the advanced level!”

Qin Yi considers in his mind . His pathetic life is likely to end if he is caught by such a strong occult monster .

All of a sudden .

An idea abruptly occurs to Qin Yi .

“Well, let me tear the old bastard with the help of this huge wolf!”

He knows exactly his situation . Ge Fengren will be a big trouble in the end . He himself is likely to be caught by him if he becomes careless .

This idea is of course extremely crazy, and it is full of danger if he does it .

However, he has been determined to take this risk .

Having decided what to do, he folds up his flavor without any hesitation and rushes up to the huge white wolf ahead .

Ge Fengren, who is in the rear, winces at first . Quickly a trace of cruelty crosses his eyes . “You Rookie! Don’t think I would be afraid if you take the initiative! Who do you think you are?”

Ge Fengren’s figure darts in front the moment his sound vanishes .

Qin Yi in the front has been in the ethereal state, in which he can accurately get the distance between him and the huge wolf . He can even distinguish every single hair on its fur .

The clearance between Qin Yi and this Heaven-eating snow wolf is getting shorter and shorter, and even more…



Qin Yi goes right toward a big tree in the distance . He quickly hides himself behind the tree .

Ge Fengren, who is still running after Qin Yi, has no way to come into the ethereal state like the front runner . He has been on guard against the huge white wolf for a while .  

The moment he is still in the dark, a sound of popping woods comes from the front . Patches of arbors are broken in a second and a huge white wolf rushes out abruptly from it!

“Heaven-eating snow wolf!”

His teeth are chattering when he has seen the huge white wolf in the front .

“You Rookie! Damnit! Bastard! Baloney! Asshole!”

Ge Fengren is about to go mad when he realizes this pitfall .

Qin Yi’s shelter is not a secret for Ge Fengren . He wishes he could rush there and rip this rookie to pieces, but he doesn’t have any chance . The heaven-eating snow wolf has opened its bloody mouth and pounced on him .

Heaven-eating snow wolf is intermediate occult monster .  But it has a brutal, cunning temper, so it is very difficult to cope with it .  Even a peak Domephase Scholar who is already of the sixth level can be strenuous in front of it .

Not to mention Qin Fengren, the Domephase Scholar who is still below the sixth level . It just takes a few seconds for the monster to have the absolute upper hand .


Seeing Ge Fengren’s dreadful spectacle under the hunt from the Heaven-eating snow wolf, Qin Yi laughs wildly and gloatingly behind that big tree .

Such a scene pleases him so much,

He has been hunted all the way by Ge Fengren . Now, he can finally enjoy the scene that Ge Fengren is in constant danger .

“Old bastard! Go to hell!”

Having enjoyed the scene for a while, Qin Yi slowly takes out his hunting adamant steel knife, and fills his arms with mysterious breath power . His eyes are fixed on Ge Fengren’s head in preparation for a deadly throw .

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“Barefaced Rookie! How dare you kick me when I’m down?”

Ge Fengren takes a glance at Qin Yi’s movements in a hurry . He pales with shock and shouts, “You Rookie! Listen! If you throw your hunting knife, your breath power will be leaked out at once and you are certainly to be noticed by the heaven-eating snow wolf . If so, you cannot escape anymore!”

He is right!

Qin Yi winces and has to take the hunting adamant steel knife back . He is very calm . It is true that it will be wonderful if he kills Ge Fengren with his own hand, but he is likely to lose more than he gains if he gets the heaven-eating snow wolf’s attack .

To Qin Yi’s surprise, Ge Fengren is even in constant danger, can find Qin Yi’s intention of  killing him . He is definitely a qualified murderer who is always alert to surrounding movements even in such an extreme situation .

The heaven-eating snow wolf is unbelievably ferocious . Sanguinary breath of beast fogs its whole body, which destroys all the woods it reaches . Despite its huge body, the heaven-eating snow wolf is not obtuse but quite nimble . It can usually have a series of attacking actions in a blink of an eye .

At the same time, Ge Fengren also deserves to be called a peak Domephase Scholar of the fifth level . With his abundant breath power and brilliant footwork, he is still struggling and hasn’t shown any tendency of defeat, though being the absolute underdog .

“Haha, old Bastard! Well, I never expected that you can hold out for so long a time in front of a heaven-eating snow wolf . ” Qin Yi laughs and ridicules behind the big tree .

“You Rookie! I will rip you to pieces after I settle this Heaven-eating snow wolf . ”

Ge Fengren’s heart is crushed .

Who can imagine that this rookie is really so cunning that he provoked a heaven-eating snow wolf to fight with him? If he could forecast this, he would never take this assignment no matter how much money the other side offered .


As a result of his distraction, the heaven-eating snow wolf’s bloody mouth is looming in a second . Ge Fengren yells out and narrowly escapes at his top speed .


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The big mouth with rows of buckteeth closes, narrowly missing the back of his head .

Ge Fengren’s head was almost bitten by millimeters . If so, the heaven-eating snow wolf can no doubt let his head explode with its bite force .

Ge Fengren feels so shocked that his back has been wet through .

“Old bastard, you are really something . How could you save your fragile head in such a situation!” Qin Yu laughs happily, “Are you pleased now? Hey, that’s the end of a murderer who got the idea about me!”

Ge Fengren’s face becomes livid and he trembles with anger . However, he cannot have any distraction again and he fights with the heaven-eating snow wolf with all his strength . The bitterness in his mind is growing . So strong the Heaven-eating snow wolf is! If things go on like this, he cannot hold out for two minutes before he is devoured by the heaven-eating snow wolf .

No . He has no way but to use the Heavenly Reticular Hand in order to beat the monster away with a slap, and then runs away quickly .

That is the only way to survive!

Ge Fengren is well aware of his situation . He determines inwardly and quickly starts the Heavenly Reticular Hand mental sutra .

Nevertheless, at the exact time—


Two men’s low roar comes from woods nearby . The sound is not quite loud but is even more forceful than the Heaven-eating snow wolf’s sound .

The ground also begins to tremble slightly .

It seems that some huge things are approaching,


The Heaven-eating snow wolf roars and stops attacking . Its body trembles violently .

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