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Chapter 44

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Undoubtedly, the man now standing in front of Qin Yi is none other than Ge Fengren mentioned by the man in yellow robe .

Though his name is Ge Fengren, his character has nothing to do with kindness but with cruelty . At present, he is about to jump up with excitement, and even fantasize in mind someday holding the divine weapon melted from Qin Yi’s soul and rampaging through various divisions of the universe .

According to the ancient saying, a person's soul can be smelted or sealed into weapons to enhance the weapon's killing and resentment, thereby enhancing the weapon's lethality .

What's scary is that once a person's soul is sealed into a weapon, it means that the person has been eliminated in the world without any possibility of rebirth .

Of course, not all souls, after being sealed into weapons, can change the quality of weapons and upgrade ordinary weapons into divine ones .

Only those extremely powerful souls can play this role .

And this fifteen-year-old young boy can instantly kill two Domephase Scholars who have broken through the fifth level of Domepahse .  He is definitely not an ordinary person but has perfect natural endowments .

Generally, a person's natural endowments are proportional to his soul .

At this time, Ge Fengren is looking at Qin Yi, full of greed .

However, he does not notice that Qin Yi's look has completely changed at this time from the previous anger and unwillingness to shock, incredibility and surprise!

It being a blessing in disguise, Qin Yi is forced into a dead end by Ge Fengren's Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo while breaking through the shackles and making another breakthrough in Kua Fu’s Steps .

Previously, he has gained some achievements in Kua Fu’s Steps and now he makes a great progress to half success due to the breakthrough .

As long as he achieves the final breakthrough, he is able to fly in the sky .

Thinking of this, Qin Yi feels very happy .

He has achieved half success . So achieving the final success is just a matter of time .

"Little bastard, you must be an excellent disciple in Lingyumen while it is a pity that disasters exist in your life . Someone pays for me to kill you in this mountain to make you unable to go back to Lingyumen .

Ge Fengren tries hard to suppress his inner excitement and pretends to say, "You killed my two nephews and almost killed me with another knife .  So it is reasonable to shatter your flesh and smelt your soul into weapons . "

Anyhow Qin Yi has no way to escape, so Ge Fengren looks sanctimonious, too .

To his expectation, Qin Yi, at this moment, is thinking about whether he should suddenly display Overlord’s Kill to blow the man up and then seize the chance to escape, so he does not pay attention to Ge’s words .

He secretly estimates that an Overlord’s Kill with full strength is certain to blow him away and injure him seriously, or even kill him .

"What did you say?"

Because of distraction, Qin Yi does not get what Ge Fengren said with a confusing look .

Looking at the look on the boy’s face, Ge Fengren is stunned . Are there any more confused boys than him in this world? He can still sneak off in front of death when his soul is to be pulled out and smelted into weapons .

"How strange he is!”

Ge Fengren shakes his head slightly ironically, pauses and says slowly with a cruel look, "Little bastard, I say I will shatter your flesh, pull your soul out and melt it into weapons .  Do you have any last words left in this world? "

Unfortunately, this time Qin Yi still does not notice what he is talking about .

Qin Yi’s gaze falls on Ge Fengren's chest . Originally, he intends to gives him an Overlord’s Kill with full strength while his eyes suddenly narrow slightly .

He finds that at the crossing neckband of the black robe appears a corner of the martial arts book .

"Is it . . . "

Qin Yi’s blood suddenly surges up . He immediately thinks of a possibility that the martial arts book held in Ge Fengren’s arms is just Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo he displayed .

He has already learned how amazing and incredible the Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo is!

He changes his mind from attacking him to fight for this martial arts book .

In a flash, Qin Yi burns with a righteous indignation with his changed mind .

"Is it what?"

Hearing Qin Yi's words revealed carelessly, Ge Fengren is stunned fiercely . This little bastard is really strange who can sneak off for several times and ignore his words in front of such a powerful enemy and miserable fate .

However .

When he is stunned .

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The boy’s figure, turning into a residual image directly, bursts out from the ground and rushes towards Ge Fengren, with his hand stretching into his arms like lightning to pull out his martial arts book, and then flees to the depths of Mofeng Mountain .

The whole process is completed in just one breath!

The escaping speed is obviously much faster than before .

“What happened? The bastard just gives me a light touch and turns to run away?"

Ge Fengren does not respond for a while, looking at Qin Yi's figure fleeing quickly, and frowns in confusion .

Suddenly, he remembers something, with an extreme anger on his face .

"Ah, you little bastard dare to snatch my martial arts! You are seeking death! Give it back to me!"

Ge Fengren sets out quickly when in anger and turns into an afterimage too, chasing fiercely towards Qin Yi's figure .

It turns out that this little bastard has recovered his physical strength and intends to steal his martial arts when he is sneaking off . What is ridiculous is that he still dreams of rampaging divisions holding the divine weapon smelted from his soul .

When he thinks of this, Ge Fengren’s heart almost breaks . This time he indeed loses everything because he intends to assassinate the little bastard!

"Haha, old bastard, if you wan to get it back, you must catch me up first!"

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Qin Yi laughs ahead .

He exerts his full strength to display Kua Fu’s Steps and at the same time enters into the ethereal state created by his left hand . In this way, his reaction speed will be more than doubled to avoid hitting the obstacles ahead

 Swoosh! Woo!

Qin Yi's figure shuttles in the dense forest smoothly .

Even he himself feels that the Kua Fu’s Steps which has been broken through for half  can make his move much quicker, even like flying in the sky .

"The state of half success is really much stronger than small part of success . "

Full of joy, Qin Yi seizes the chance to practice the Kua Fu’s Steps of new breakthrough while trying his best to escape . At this moment, he wants to thank Ge Fengren who forced him with Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, which helps his body to break through the shackles . Otherwise, he has no idea how long it will take him to make progress in Kua Fu’s Steps .

Running for an hour, Qin Yi still feels relaxed and full of energy .  But the roars of the beasts in the forest around sound louder and an invisible powerful evil breath pervades the air .

"Have I rushed to the depths of Mofeng Mountain unconsciously?"

Thinking of this, Qin Yi cannot help slowing down . If so, the situation is a bit worse .

The depths of Mofeng Mountain prove an activity place for middle and high-level spirit beasts .

Encountering with high-level spirit beasts or even the middle-level that are bloodthirsty and fierce, he is certain to be killed instantly with his current strength .

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