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Chapter 46

Proofread by Peter Gong


Another deep sound comes, which shocks the universe . The woods rustle under its roar . All the beasts which hide in surroundings woods crawl down and tremble as if they are in front of the archenemy .

“Oh shit…”

Ge Fengren, who is about to treat the Heaven-eating snow wolf with Heavenly Reticular Hand and make his escape, grows pale with fear in a flash . Terror weakens his legs and he almost collapses on the ground .

He knows the Mountain of Magical Wind better than most of people . As soon as he hears the roar, he can tell what it is .

Unbounded sense of fear emerges in his mind .

“It must be…an advanced occult monster?”

Qin Yi also turns his face behind the big tree in a distance . Breath and blood surge in his bosom immediately, and his eardrums are still sore from the roar .

His heart sinks quickly, with a strong foreboding .

He enters his ethereal state without any hesitation . Then he is completely petrified after he has a look .

What he can see is an occult monster that is roaring towards where he is, which is nearly ten meters high and fifteen or sixteen meters long .  Its appearance is extremely weird . The body is just like horse with a pair of wings on both sides and a snake-like tail . What really shocks Qin Yi is the fact that the occult monster has a human face!

It is the first time he has met such a weird occult monster .

The weird occult monster is reeking sense of grumpiness from head to toe . It has unimaginable strength so that all the giant trees in a one-or-two-meter area around where it has been cannot stand it . They are broken in succession just like rotten wood and withered grass .

“It is really rare . What the hell is the occult monster? It is true that the depth of Mountain of Magical Wind is not the area for common people to enter . ”

Qin Yi, who has been shocked thoroughly by that huge weird occult monster, swallows with difficulty .

“Ancient occult monster, Shu Hu…”

At that moment, the color has vanished from Ge Fengren’s face . He stands in place, looking blank, and he could hardly help trembling all over his body .

It can’t be true! There exists an ancient occult monster in the depth of Mountain of Magical Wind!

Shu Hu, an ancient occult monster, which is a king of advanced occult monster and is well-matched in strength with a noble Domephase Scholar of the eighth level . It is really horrible so that even the Heaven-eating snow wolf cannot resist it, not to mention Qin Yi and Ge Fengren .


The big monster Shu Hu roars and darts to Ge Fengren and the Heaven-eating snow wolf, looking down at the murderer and the monster .

Just like two tiny ants!

“It’s over…”

Goggling at those gloomy eyes which are as big as fists, Ge Fengren feels his legs shiver acutely . It is the first time that he has found himself so weak and hopeless . His mind is filled up with fear so that he even forgets to run away .

At the same time, the Heaven-eating snow wolf also has lost all its imposing manners when fighting Ge Fengren . Now it falls on all fours and cannot move anymore because of fear .


Just a single bite, Shu Hu tears and swallows the Heaven-eating snow wolf alive . Bloody fleshes and fragmented organs fly in all directions, which chills the mind of Qin Yi who stands in the distance .

Ge Fengren, who is directly beside Shu Hu’s feet, is just about to collapse . His face has completely lost its color and his body keeps trembling like a sieve .



No way!

No one can save him under such circumstances .

Qin Yi tries to calm down and then comes into the ethereal state he produced by his left hand, and keeps an eye on Shu Hu’s every movement .

Somehow, Qin Yi has a feeling that this weird advanced occult monster has already found his shelter . Such a feeling makes him quite anxious .

The advanced occult monster suddenly looks up at Qin Yi’s direction when it is about to finish the Heaven-eating snow wolf . Its large, bloody eyes are extremely gloomy . A single glance gives off the smell of death .

“Oh no! This monster has really found me!”

Qin Yi feels like falling in a hole on the ice . Chill of fear completely conquers him .

Though he has not ever fought against Shu Hu, he can tell it that this monster can absolutely crush him in a second and he can’t return it .

“Run! No more hesitation for me . A while later I will lose the last hope of survival . ”

Facing such a ferocious and bloodthirsty ancient occult monster, Qin Yi has a strong desire for life from the bottom of heart .

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In front of the threat of death, Qin Yi is still very calm . Without a word, he musters his mysterious breath powers in his body and lets them surge up intensely .  Kua Fu’s Steps is utilized to the extreme by him .


Qin Yi, who almost becomes a blurry trace, shoots himself from the back of the tree and rushes to the depth of Mountain of Magical Wind .

Shu Hu eats so fast that the elephant-like Heaven-eating snow wolf has been eliminated in less than two minutes .

Ant only Ge Fengren in a black robe is beside this monster at that time .

“Hurry! Run!”

On the verge of death, Ge Fengren finally comes back to his mind, and begins to run at top speed in another direction .

“Ooowww! Ooowww!”

The ancient occult monster roars in a low voice . It leisurely runs after Ge Fengren and digests meats in its stomach at the same time .

It seems that Shu Hu’s steps are quite slow, but they are very fast indeed . The distance between it and Ge Fengren is getting closer . All the woods in front of it cannot obstruct its steps . It noisily crushes them along its way .


Watching the approaching Shu Hu, Ge Fengren is thoroughly desperate . A Domephase Scholar of the fifth level like him cannot get rid of such a leisurely Shu Hu!

How strong is Shu Hu after all? It is out of human’s imagination!

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Qin Yi, who is running in the other way, also brings out all of his potentials . He is desperately mustering his mysterious breath powers in his body and utilizing Kua Fu’s Step to the extreme .

A breakthrough has just been made in Kua Fu’s Step, so such a drill about life and death is in time . He can grasp it as soon as possible in this way .

“If I can survive the weird occult monster this time, my Kua Fu’s Step will probably be more proficient . Then I can be more competitive in the ranking competition . ”

Qin Yi calmly analyzes .

At that point, he hears sounds of fighting and roaring from behind,

“The fourth move of Heavenly Reticular Hand—God Eliminates All Creatures! ”

Ge Fengren is quickly caught up with Shu Hu, so that he can do nothing but wildly strike back before his death . His hand makes a shake and exerts the most strong move of Heavenly Reticular Hand, which ranks fourth and is called God Eliminates All Creatures .

The power of the move rapidly condenses into a big, golden hand’s figure in the air . It slaps down very hard on Shu Hu’s body .

However .

Shu Hu stands there without moving a muscle . It looks at Ge Fengren in bewilderment .

His strongest strike didn’t hurt Shu Hu anyway . Ge Fengren loses all his hope . Yet he keeps shouting in anger and grief . Another God Eliminates All Creatures slaps down again .


Shu Hu roar in a low voice . No more chance for Ge Fengren . It suddenly rushes forward . Shu Hu opens his mouth and directly swallows Ge Fengren, who cannot resist anymore .

Ge Fengren just smiles bitterly . There is no time for him to give a single scream before Shu Hu swallows him . Such a scene is of course extremely tragic and bloody .

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