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Chapter 42

Proofread by Peter Gong

"Unexpectedly, you can even kill two brothers of Xiaoliang, bastard, you hide so deep, damn, it seems that your strength is of the fourth level on the surface while your real strength can be comparable with the middle stage of the fifth level!"

The man in black is worthy of a cultivator at the peak of the fifth level . Although he is slashed initially by one knife of Qin Yi, now he has looked like a normal person with an unbelievable speed blocking Qin Yi .

"It turns out that I now have the force of middle stage of the fifth level when I display Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill "

 Qin Yi has a grasp of his own situation and secretly rejoices that he did not attack the man in black robe recklessly just now, otherwise he will be miserable because it is certain that he cannot kill him with three moves .

"Little bastard, do you know that the two you killed are my nephews! Next, I will make you neither survive nor die!"

The fat man roars, with his face full of sorrow and anger, and he is anxious to pounce on to tear Qin Yi up .

"Who asks you to kill me, is Chang Fengyang of Lingyumen?" Qin Yi asks coldly .

There are only a few who do not get along well with him in Lingyumen, including Qiu Shaoxian who ranks first among young disciples but disdains to deal with him in this way, and Chang Jingxue who is the same as Qiu, and so does his cousin Tang Hangan who has directly pointed out that he will fight against him in the ranking .

So only Chang Jingxue's father, Chang Fengyang, is left who finds his son was defeated to death by others and he cannot swallow the insult .

"You are about to have a calamity soon . Do you still have the mood to care about who invites us to kill you?"

The voice of the fat man in black is cold as if it has been frozen for thousands of years .

At this moment, he even regrets entering this mountain to kill Qin Yi who is not hurt at all while his two nephews have already died under his fist .

"Little bastard, it is your fate!"

The fat man in black robe suddenly bursts into roaring, with his giant hand with an extremely strange technique striking directly at Qin Yi .  With the crack of the metacarpal bones, the hand expands several times in a minute and pats towards Qin Yi fiercely .


With the forceful wind, the giant palm seems to break a vacant space and slap in front of Qin Yi immediately .

Feeling the mighty power of the giant palm, how does Qin Yi dare to neglect? He hurriedly displays Kua Fu’s Steps and sweeps past the palm dangerously with a fast figure .

Domephase Scholar at the peak of the fifth level is really powerful!

It is just within a moment that Qin Yi has been shocked to cold sweats all over his body, feeling like walking around the gate of hell .

After a slap, the palm of the fat man in black robe is restored to the size of a normal one, which is pretty quirky .

Qin Yi blinks and looks at the palm of the fat man with shock . It is incredible that the palm of a person can become big or small!

"Yes, if one gains some achievements of the Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, he can expand the palm sharply . ”

Qinyi remembers Seven Moves of Celestial Demon suddenly .

"The second move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo-The Force of Heaven’s Anger!"

The fat man roars and slaps with his right palm which expands several times again .  Like the first palm, it seems to break a vacant space which appears in front of Qin Yi suddenly with more strength than the first one .

" Kua Fu’s Steps!"

Qin Yi does not dare to delay at all, but instinctively displays Kua Fu’s Steps .  The huge palm slashes to the ground close to Qin Yi’s clothes, making a loud crash .

It's too thrilling!

Qin Yi gasps because he is doomed to die or be seriously injured once slapped by such a palm .

He never imagines that the martial arts cultivated by the fat man in black robe are so amazing .

"It is impossible for me to win under the amazing palm practice of the cultivation of the peak of the fifth level . ”

Qin Yi sizes up his situation quickly .

The enemy’s cultivation is much more better than his . Even if Kua Fu’s Steps can be regarded as a top martial art, the chance to escape under the fat man’s eyes is very slim .

Thinking of this, Qin Yi feels a little bit bitter .

"The third move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo- Heaven’s Hand can reach anywhere . ”

The fat man is filled with an inveterate hatred for Qin Yi . Leaving no room, he then displays the third move with a shake of the giant palm . A golden blast emerging on his hand turns into a huge golden handprint with a diameter of two feet seizes roaring towards Qin Yi fiercely with the sound of breaking the sky .

"The strength of the palm actually is condensed into a big handprint!"

Qin Yi is so shocked .  It is incredible that he has never heard that a person's palm strength can be directly transformed into a big handprint .

Daring not to neglect, Qin Yi displays Kua Fu’s Steps to the extreme, and directly turns into an afterimage in the air .

"Hoo . . . "

The giant palm with golden blasts past Qin Yi’s body, almost seizing him .

"Well, little bastard, not bad!"

Looking at the shocked boy in the distance with a red face and heavy breathing, the fat man in black is also amazed . The little bastard can even evade his third move .

For a moment, his psychology of maltreating is also inspired . He nods indifferently: "Okay, good, little bastard, I would like to know how many moves you can evade . ”

The voice falls .

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“The fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo- Heaven Extinguishes All Living Creatures . ”

The fat man shakes his right hand again but this time the golden light disappears .

Alas, he shakes with nothing!

Qin Yi stands there, motivating the internal mysterious mysterious breath power to the extreme to get ready to display Kua Fu’s Steps to evade him when the man attacks suddenly . Unexpectedly, the man shakes with nothing .

"What does it mean?"

With a slight frown, Qin Yi is extremely confused .

Looking at the playful smile on the fat man's face in the distance, Qin Yi feels awkward .

Not good!

Fuck, it turns out to be on the head!

Suddenly Qin Yi feels a huge coercion coming down over his head and he rushes abruptly to evade without any delay .


As soon as he leaves, a huge golden palm-print pats fiercely, making the ground shaking .

“Slapping above the head is really a vivid description of Heaven Extinguishes All Creatures!” A strange thought comes out of Qin Yi’s mind, which scares him to cold sweats .

It is terrifying . The consequences will be unimaginable if he is slapped by the palm!

Since his cultivation, it is the first time he has faced such a strong opponent whose cultivation and martial arts are both quite amazing .

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There is no doubt that this will be an extremely difficult battle!

The martial art of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo of the fatty proves so amazing that Qin Yi has an idea suddenly that it will be great if he can snatch this art .

However, he knows well that, with his current strength, it is absolutely impossible to do so .

Unless there is an incredible miracle!

"Haha, bastard, good, continue!"

Looking at the embarrassed Qin Yi, the fat man in black robe cannot help laughing .

The fourth move, different from the third which golden handprint will disperse after slapping, will float to the air again .

The golden palm print is suspended in the air, once again forming a destroying trend!

“The fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo- Heaven Extinguishes All Living Creatures . ”

The fat man shakes his hand and pulls the golden giant palm print in the air to slap Qin Yi on the ground .

Feeling the tremendous coercion of the golden palm giant print on his head, Qin Yi is shocked and hurriedly displays Kua Fu’s Steps to the extreme again, his strength bursting out sharply .


The giant golden handprint slaps past Qin Yi’s body once again to the ground, which shakes the ground and destroys all plants and trees within reach .

"Haha, good, little bastard, I will give you and shakes his palm again, with the handprint in the air slaping down in a momentum of killing all creatures . Qin Yi has to escape quickly with Kua Fu’s Steps once again .

The fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo which is Heaven Extinguishes All Living Creatures can actually be displayed continuously, which is really going crazy to the extreme!

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