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Chapter 41

Proofread by Peter Gong

At this moment, Qin Yi fully gives play to Kua Fu’s Steps and rushes to the front of the fat man in black robe before he has time to burst out . Then he slashes at the enemy’s head with the hunting knife in his hand .

The fat man in black robe does not expect at all that Qin Yi will suddenly launch an attack, only feeling a figure flashing before his eyes . Then Qin Yi has rushed ahead and slashed with a knife .

The fat man in black robe tilts his head instinctively .


The subtle sound of a sharp weapon in the flesh is so legible .

Qin Yi slashes more than two inches deep into the right shoulder of the fat man with the adamant steel hunting knife in hand .  Thanks to the peak cultivation of the fifth level which strengthens his body as hard as steel, otherwise, the fat man’s entire right shoulder will be slashed off by Qin Yi’s attack with all strength .

Qin Yi freezes slightly, regretting that the fat man in black robe is not killed by one knife . He feels quite regretful, but does not dare to delay for a while . He kicks his legs on the head of the fat man in black robe, and shoots by force .

Decisive and never preoccupied with fighting .

The discrepancy between them is too great . Once caught, he is afraid that he is certain to lose within ten moves .

"Ah, stop, bum-boy, how dare you hurt me! I will tear you to shreds!"

The fat man in black stamps with rage, with blood spurting on the right shoulder, which makes his face pale with pain . He hurriedly directs the breath power and blocks the acupoints on his right shoulder .

Qin Yi, turning a deaf ear, takes his Kua Fu's steps and quickly sweeps away in the forest to flee .

The Mountain of Magical Wind is vast and boundless with lush ancient trees . As long as he escapes into the ancient woods with the amazing Kua Fu's steps, the fat man in black robe will not catch him again .


"It's impossible for you to escape!"

In the woods ahead, two young men in green robes suddenly flash out and intercept the way Qin Yi takes at once . Both of their faces are extremely cold .

"You hurt our Uncle Ge and want to run away, boy, you are supposed to die ten times!"

One of the two in green says fiercely, going straight towards Qin Yi with the other while waving his hand .

"Good job, damn it, he dares to hurt me, I will break his body and melt his soul into the weapon with no reincarnation!"

The scream of the man in black robe comes from behind .

Double-sided pinch!

Entering the ethereal state created by his left hand, Qin Yi instantly senses that the two green- robed men in front have both broken through to the fifth level .

"Three fifth-level cultivators, among whom the fat man in black has reached the peak . " Qin Yi is a little bit bitter but does not panic .

Three assassins, two in front and one behind, surround Qin Yi from three sides, making it impossible for him to hide .

"Boy, I was just thinking about taking money to kill you for others, but you dare to hurt me . Now I will let you die terribly with no bones left and no reincarnation!"

The fat man in black robe roars, with his fat body shaking, which shows how angry he is .

A dignified Domephase Scholar of the peak of the fifth level is unexpectedly slashed by a young man who has just broken through the 4th-level . Fortunately, his body is strong enough, otherwise he would die with one slash .  How can he stop being angry?

 "Go, kill him!"

As soon as the fat man in black robe waves his hand, the three slowly approach Qin Yi with a strongly cruel and fierce breath around them .

Sensing their killing intentions, Qin Yi swallows the drool slightly . Although in the ethereal state, their speed is twice as slow as his, their strength proves too strong, and he cannot afford to to be careless at all .

Qin Yi moves suddenly and bursts towards the man on the left .

He still adopts the sudden attack .

And once he attacks, he will choose his strongest last card .

"Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill: the first move!”

Qin Yi rushes to the front of the man in green immediately and boxes fiercely as if to strike a punch in the universe .

Under Qin Yi's ethereal state, this fist seals all his ways out .  A simple punch hits his chest straight .


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There is a sound of sternal fracture from the chest and even the clothes on the spine suddenly protrudes .

The huge punch hits the man in green nearly ten feet away, falling to the ground with a roar, then he shows no sign of movement .

He hits the man to death with only one punch .

In this absolutely disadvantageous circumstance, Qin Yi’s counterattack cannot give the enemy any slightest chance to fight back . His punching is the most valuable martial art .

It's so hot!

The other man in green robe and the fat man in black are both taken aback with a great surprise . How could this unfilial boy have such a strong explosive power?


Another man in green groans and rushes towards Qin Yi, trying to kill him desperately .

However, Qin Yi originally planned to kill them two in one burst with all his strength . After killing one of them in one punch, Qin Yi's action does not stop at all and he faces another man in green who is roaring and rushing to fight him desperately .

His face is ghastly pale, full of killing intentions .

"Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill: the second move!”

In the whistling of boxing, Qin Yi's fist seems to be the only existence in this world . With one punch, the world is overshadowed .

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"Xiaoliang! Unfilial boy, stop!"

The man in black robe behind him finally comes back to his senses, with his eyes cracked suddenly, and he rushes fast with his fat body, trying to save the man in green robe from Qin Yi's fist .

But all is late .

Qin Yi's fist hits the chest of the man in green with no room to elude .


A sound of broken bones comes from the chest of the the man who is entirely punched out, flying in the air .

Still one punch hits him to death .

The fat man in black robe only rushes halfway and suddenly stops, only to see the man in green being punched out helplessly .

Instantly, two assistants who have broken through to the 5 level are killed by Qin Yi neatly and brutally . Everything that happened is as unreal as a dream .

Even Qin Yi blinks his eyes unbelievably . Such an efficiency really exceeds his own expectations .

As for why Qin Yi lets the man in black robe off, it is because the fat man in black robe is too powerful .  He knows that even if he has displayed all the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, he may not kill him, which is miserable .  He still remembers that he collapsed and lost his combat power shortly after displaying Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill when hunting the golden huge ape with Ji Shixuan and other disciples .

With the three covetous enemies around, if he loses combat power, the consequences will be disastrous .

Therefore, Qin Yi will not punch out the third punch unless absolutely necessary .

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