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Chapter 43

Proofread by Peter Gong

At this moment, the bitterness inside Qin Yi has reached its extreme . The fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo displayed by the fat man is extremely terrifying .  The giant handprint covers a wide area with an incredible speed, so Qin Yi can only escape when displaying Kua Fu’s steps to the extreme every time .

"If the combat continues, I will be exhausted before long, then I will be slapped to serious injuries or death under such a powerful handprint if I fail to evade . ”

Qin Yi feels not good while he has no choice but to evade desperately with Kua Fu’s steps .

Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo is too perverted, how wonderful it should be if he can possess it!

"Haha, Little bastard, I have just said you have no way to survive or die!"

Looking at Qin Yi in an awkward predicament, the black-robed fat man laughs joyfully and even forgets the grief of losing two nephews for a moment .

He controls the fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo which is Heaven Extinguishes All Living Creatures, and bombards Qin Yi again and again with the giant handprint with golden light as if he were controlling the hand of god .

With the progress of the battle, Qin Yi, with cultivation of only preliminary stage of the fourth level and limited physical strength, has reached his endurance limit, with beads of sweat oozing from the surface of his body .

"Stopping means death . "

Qin Yi grits his teeth and insists desperately .

"Haha, continue to evade . I would like to tell you that I can slap twenty times of the fourth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo which is Heaven Extinguishes All Living Creatures without a break . Now I will see how many slaps you can evade from: The eighth move . ”

The black robe fat man laughs .

Daluo Tianshou's 8th hand of the fourth type, with a loud bang, it was severely covered . With only a line, Qin Yi was covered .

Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo’s ninth move, tenth move, eleventh move .

The fat man in black robe controls Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo continuously to slap again and again . Qin Yi does not want to die and he can only choose to run away desperately . However, though the martial arts of Kua Fu’s Steps are amazing enough, Qin Yi starts to get slower .

At this moment, Qin Yi feels like falling apart with sharp pain all over his body .  

However, he has to grit his teeth and continue to run away .

Thanks to his entering into the state created by the left hand, otherwise he would have already died .

"The thirteenth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo! Haha, go to die, bastard!"

The fatty in black laughs without stopping .

The huge handprint condensed by the palm strength seems to be cast by gold, which is brilliant and magnificent . The coercion released from the handprint even squeezes the surrounding air into ripples which spread all around vastly and mightily .


The thirteenth move of Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo, with a monstrous killing intention, slaps down, which almost breaks the ground directly .


Escaping death narrowly, Qin Yi almost rushes out closely past the giant palm with golden light whose stressful coercion lifts him up like huge waves, nearly pressing his body to cracks .

It's so thrilling!

Qin Yi's face is pale with large beads of sweat bursting on his forehead, and his limbs are cold .

He swallows with effort and gets almost desperate about his present situation where he is already on the verge of exhaustion . If the situation is going on like this, he will die under Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo not long .

"No, I can't die in this wild mountain wilderness!"

Qin Yi roars, with his eyes wide opened and cracked, condenses the last trace of strength in his whole body and performs Kua Fu’s Steps .  He escapes dangerously from the Heaven’s Hand of Da Luo once again .

However, after displaying Kua Fu’s Steps this time, Qin Yi entirely collapses and falls to the ground with his legs becoming suddenly soft .

Is he doomed to die in this wild mountain wilderness today?

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Qin Yi smiles bitterly . He has never displayed Kua Fu’s Steps to the extreme before and now feels his bones almost scattering and his whole body extremely paiful .

"Unexpectedly, you can even avoid fourteen moves, little bastard, you are really something . ”

The fatty comes closer slowly with a cruel smile on his face . The boy who not only almost kills him with one knife but also violently kills his two nephews finally lies on the ground and can be disposed at his will .

"Haha, run, you little bastard, why don’t you run!"

The fat man in black robe suddenly laughs happily . Although Qin Yi only has the cultivation of the preliminary stage of the fourth level, his performance can only be described as unbelievable .

At this time, the fifteen-year-old boy is so exhausted by the fatty in black robe that he lies on the ground . However, the fatty does not feel anything improper about what he has done, instead he feels much sense of accomplishment by defeating Qin Yi .

Such an extraordinary boy must have an immortal soul . If he shatters his flesh and melts his soul into weapons, he may create a peerless soldier .

Thinking of this, the fat man in black robe rubs his hands excitedly with a bright light in his eyes . At this moment, he even feels that Qin Yi’s killing his two nephews is never a big deal but a benefit .

It is known that in ancient times a divine soldier can fight with millions of bold warriors!

Looking at the abusing intention on the fatty’s face, Qin Yi is so unwilling that he wants to jump up and punch the man up with Overlord-boxing .  But unfortunately, he has completely collapsed and cannot even climb up or display the fist .

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Suddenly .

Qin Yi feels a heat flow emerging in his body, which relaxes his body that has reached the limit and makes himself comfortable like bathing in the spring breeze .

At the same time, a mysterious breath power of Kua Fu’s Steps arises and circulates in his legs, which is more than twice as powerful as before .

What is happening?

Feeling the strong mysterious breath power emerging slowly from his legs, Qin Yi is stunned without being noticed .

"Is it because the body has reached its limit and broken through the shackles which let him break through the Kua Fu’s Steps?”

Qin Yi blinks lightly .

Thinking of this, Qin Yi hurries to feel the body secretly, and discovers that the strength that was previously lost has come back unconsciously and it is much more powerful than before .

"It's really a breakthrough in Kua Fu’s Steps .

Qin Yi rejoices with wild excitement secretly .

Now, he has absolute confidence to give this abominable fatty a cruel counterattack, and then successfully escape!

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