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Chapter 40

Proofread by Peter Gong

Birds sing clearly on the branches in the second morning, sounding pleasant and charming . The morning sunlight shines through the window on the young man who meditates quietly, rendering people a warm feeling .

The young man is undoubtedly Qin Yi .

There are nine days left to the final ranking of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen . However, Tang Hangan, a forceful enemy, is waiting for him covetously, which makes Qin Yi dare not to relax but he seizes every minute and second to cultivate .

Qin Yi opens his eyes slowly and withdraws from his cultivation, with a faint trace of golden light fleeting on his body .

“Nice, I have broken through the first realm of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods . ”

A smile of satisfaction appears on his handsome face . It takes him only one night to achieve the first level, which no one can match .

Of course, such an amazing cultivation pace benefits from the mysterious left hand which transformed his body constitution initially and then helped him to achieve such a pleasant pace .

At present, Qin Yi can clearly feel the transformation of his body constitution in which the muscles and bones are much harder than before .

"If my body was able to carry a thousand pounds of attack power before, then my anti-attack ability should be doubled to two thousand pounds!"
   Qin Yi analyzes seriously, "But it is still impossible to resist Tang Hangan's attack in the ranking match! His Roaring flame seed is so amazing . "
   Qi Yi calms down from a momentary joy .
   The more difficult it is to practice any martial arts, the longer time it will take, and the Diamond Sutra is naturally the same .
  "It is obviously impossible to break through to the second realm and makes the body as hard as rock solid in a short time . "

Qin Yi breathes a sigh of relief, and decides to put down the practice of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods temporarily . According to the original plan, he is going to the Mountain of Magical Wind for hunting . After obtaining the materials of the beast, he will bring them to the  market in exchange for silver and then buy medicinal powder and materials to make a final sprint on cultivation by virtue of the efficacy .
    Qin Yi estimates that with his current strength, hunting low-level spirit beasts alone should not be a problem .  But when encountering middle-level spirit beasts, he has to escape . If it is a legendary high-level spirit beast, he is likely to be killed instantly .
    It is known that the high-level spirit beast is comparable to the Domephase Master of more than seventh level!
    In front of a Domephase Master, Qin Yi is still unable to resist with his current strength .

However, Qin Yi does not believe that he would be so unlucky to encounter with a high-level spirit beast as soon as he enters the mountain .

Qin Yi leaves home and comes to the Weapon Pavilion again . After getting an adamant steel hunting knife, h rushes towards the gate of Phoenix City from Lingyumen .
    "As I expected, the bum- boy goes to the Mountain of Magical Wind again . "
    When Qin Yi rushes down from the Lingyumen, a figure in yellow appears not far behind him, looking at his distant figure, and says coldly .
    As the yellow figure beckons, two young men in green robes appear beside him, whose momentum is quite strong, from which it his level can be inferred as the fifth level .
    "Excellency is so respectable . You can even calculate that this bum-boy will go to the Mountain of Magical Wind again  . " One of the young men says flatteringly .

"What I want is no failure .  When this boy goes downhill this time, he has no chance to return . Let your Uncle Ge Fengren lead you two to the Mountain of Magical Wind, because I am somewhat anxious about you two . "
     The two young men are choked and nod in unison: "Yes . "
     "Tell your uncle Ge Fengren, since the boy has come downhill, I don't want to see him in this Lingyumen anymore . "

     Just like the last time, once out of the gate of Phoenix City, Qin Yi displays Kua Fu’s Steps and rushes straight ahead . By doing so, not only can he save time, but also master the skill of Kua Fu’s Steps .

Shua! Shua!

In the vast field, Qin Yi is displaying Kua Fu’s Steps alone and heartily . He fills his legs with the steps’ tricks, looking like a light swallow, almost turning himself into a shadow .
     He feels obviously that he is more proficient in Kua Fu’s Steps recently .
     Kua Fu’s Steps is a set of amazing martial arts created by an ancient god named Kua Fu in Huaxia .  Those who master this arts well can fly in the air, the peak can concert space, and the perfect can teleport .
     Regrettably, the existing Kua Fu’s Steps left in the world is just a remnant . The remaining content is not enough to reach some realm of cultivation .
     An hour later, Qin Yi's figure appears in the Mountain of Magical Wind .

"The last time it took me four hours to arrive here from the gate of Phoenix City but this time only two hours with doubled pace . ”

Qin Yi is quite satisfied with the progress of cultivation .

For the hunting this time, Qin Yi does not want to waste time on some fierce beasts . His target is low-level spirit beasts .

The fighting power of low-level spirit beasts is not weak . Although there may exist somewhat dangers with Qin Yi’s current strength or even life-threatening when encountering relatively powerful low-level spirit beasts, he can master more fighting skills and accumulate experience which can be regarded as the key to success sometimes .

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Qin Yi does not want to waste any opportunities to exercise himself .

The enemy Tang Hangan is too powerful while the time is too urgent . Qin Yi feels a great psychological pressure .

Under normal circumstances, low-level spirit beasts rarely appear on the edge of the Mountain of Magical Wind .  Those that appear on the edge areas are mostly fierce beasts while low-level spirit breasts are usually fond of holding activities at the junction area of the depths of the Mountain across the edge .

 After resting and adjusting for a while at the edge, Qin Yi, holding the adamant steel hunting knife, is ready to go to the area where lower-level spirit beast like to wander .

"With such a low cultivation, you want to cross the edge to hunt low-level spirit beasts . It's really bold!"

A cold voice sounds ahead suddenly .


Qin Yi frowns slightly and subconsciously clenches the hunting knife in his hand .

After a short while, a fat man in a black robe walks slowly out of the woods, with dark eyes and powerful breath around him .

"The person comes to kill you . "

The man in black smiles lazily, looking at Qin Yi as if a cat is looking at a mouse .

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Qin Yi slightly condenses his eyes, and watches alertly the man in black robe walking towards him slowly . He feels that the man is very powerful whose cultivation, conservatively estimated, has already reached the peak of the fifth level .

He motivates his left hand secretly to enter into the ethereal state, finding the man in a quirky state in a minute .  Though he walks slowly, the breath from his body gets stronger with every step forward .

"This is a person's reaction to killing thoughts . The breath emerging from him is killing thoughts! At the speed of this expansion, as long as he takes five steps forward, his killing thoughts will be full, and then he will attack me . "

The enemy is too powerful .  Qin Yi calms down to the extreme, and secretly counts the steps of the fat man in black in front .

"One step . "

"Two steps . "

"Three steps . "

"Four steps . "

"Kua Fu’s Steps!"

Qinyi dashes suddenly and slashes at the head of the fat man in the black robe fiercely with the steel hunting knife in his hand .

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