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Chapter 39

Proofread by Peter Gong

As a popular disciple, Yang Shiqi lives much better than others by virtue of the consideration of Lingyumen .

An exquisite crassula sericea lays in front of Qin Yi .


Yang Shiqi calls cheerfully as soon as she leads Qin Yi to her residence .

“Qi Er, you are back . ”

A middle-aged woman walks out of the crassula sericea with the call of Yang Shiqi, who is gentle and elegant, in a blue and yellow gown, displaying a noble and extraordinary temperament from her every action .

It can be seen without thinking that the identity and status of this middle-aged woman whose temperament is only a little weaker than Qiu Shaoxian are relatively high in Lingyumen .

Disciples of Lingyumen particularly singled out will match special masters to give direction on cultivation, such as Chang Jingxue or Qiu Shaoxian . However, Chang Jingxue’s master is his father Chang Fengyang while Qiu Shaoxian’s master is Cang Songyi .

“Are you Qin Yi?”

The middle-aged woman nods with a smile, showing an expression of appreciation, and says without preamble or nonsense, “Qin Yi, I saw you compete with others and your brilliant body moves before . I don’t care your relationship with Elder Guo or the origin of such brilliant material arts of pace, but desire to exchange a set of material arts you considerably need with you . Are you interested in it?”

Her voice sounds mild and wonderful like a spring breeze .

Do I have a relationship with Elder Guo?

Qin Yi is a little stunned and hasn’t expected the performance of Kua Fu’s Steps will lead to such a deep misunderstanding .

“Yes . ”

Qin Yi nods and doesn’t intend to explain more about the relationship between him and Elder Guo . It might be better to continue such a misunderstanding .

“Nice . ”

The middle-aged woman is pleased and turns to tell Yang Shiqi to take the exchanging material arts out .

Yang Shiqi goes pleasantly and comes out after a moment, with a material arts book in her hands .

Qin Yi takes over it and has a look, finding four characters of Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods on it .

He turns it over casually to discover the complete cultivation methods and tricks and illustrations as well . It is undeniable that it is a complete set of cultivating material arts .

“Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods is an extremely amazing defensive martial art, and is quite famous in the entire Huaxia empire . The master’s body is as hard as casting steel . I am lucky enough to get this material arts and will never dedicate it unless I cultivate Qi Er such a talented cultivator with my whole efforts .

Middle-aged woman says aside .

It seems that she is very spoiled for Yang Shiqi .

"Very good, it is indeed a very good set of martial arts on practicing defense . "

Qin Yi smiles satisfyingly and returns it to Yang Shiqi in passing .

“What do you mean? Are you unwilling to exchange?”

Watching the material arts in his hands, Yang Shiqi and the middle-aged woman frown .

“Of course not . ”

Shaking and pointing to his head, Qin Yi says, “I have memorized the whole material arts here . ” 


Hearing his words, they are both amazed with their mouths open and look at Qin Yi with surprise . It is quite hard for them to calm down . This young man is quite extraordinary who can remember the entire contents of the martial arts for a while .

It is impossible for Qin Yi to tell them that when he turns the Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods, he has motivated his left hand and sent all the contents into his mind through the left hand . Thus he will never forget it .

“Sister Yang, please bring a pen and some paper for me to write my material arts down to teach you . ”

Qin Yi smiles slightly with no more explanation .


Recovering from the surprise, Yang Shiqi brings a pen and some paper and hands them to Qin Yi .

Qin Yi recalls Kua Fu’s Steps into his mind and transcribes it accordingly . Certainly, he cannot copy completely because such practice may give others an opportunity to discover his secret . If the top of Lingyumen look into more concretely, the secret of his magical left hand will be is easily exposed .

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In the end, Qin Yi names this material arts as Magic Steps for Vacant Space and hands it to Yng Shiqi .

“Magic Steps for Vacant Space?”

Yang Shiqi takes it over, with her charming eyes turning lightly, and glancing randomly for a few moments with joy on her face "Yes, it is indeed an advanced material art of speed . "

After listening to her, the gentle woman on the side secretly relieves herself .

"However, should this be the fragmentary one?" Yang Shiqi suddenly raises her eyes and looks at Qin Yi with a shallow smile .

Qin Yi marvels in his heart . She is really an excellent talent who can recognize the fragmentary arts at a glance .

Before Qin Yi says a word, Yang Shiqi has shaken her head, “"It doesn't matter, although I vaguely feel that the missing part of it is very important which can help the cultivator to fly in the air when he fully succeeds, and I can deduct the missing parts according to the previous mental cultivation methods . "

"Can you?"

Qin Yi is stunned . It is incredible that Sister Yang is really amazing .  She is worthy of achieving the achievements gained in Domephase .

Looking at the girl's slightly blinking smart eyes, Qin Yi suddenly feels a sense of losing momeny, but he does not take it seriously .

Ten days later, it will be the ranking match of the martial arts Assembly, and time is limited .

After returning home, Qin Yi can't wait to start practicing Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods without delay .

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With the deepening of his enlightenment, Qin Yi finds that this Diamond Mental Cultivation Methods turns out to be a rare advanced martial art which is divided into five realms .

The first and second realm focus on the training of muscles and bones .  The master’s muscles and bones are all as hard as stone .

In the third realm, the whole body is smelted with the internal force of Domephase . The master can break the knives and swords whose body is as hard as steel .

"Nice, though Tang Hangan has the Roaring Flame Seeds, do I have to fear him if I can cultivate to the third level?"

Qin Yi frowns and evaluates the effectiveness of this realm .

The fourth realm has the ability to ignore the attacks below Domephase completely with body resisting millions of troops without damage .

The fifth realm is the top of the defense which means if the body were thrown into the magma and melted for thousands of years, it would be still infusible .

"Really powerful!"

Joy appearing on Qin Yi’s face, he suddenly feels that he picks up a big bargain instead of suffering losses . Without saying a word, he meditates on the ground and practices seriously in accordance with the mental cultivation tactics .

The whole body is motionless, like an monk shaking off all worldly passions .

Any kind of martial arts is quite jerky during the first cultivation, but Qin Yi is patient enough and carefully controls the mysterious breath power in his body, making it slowly running and wandering along a certain trajectory .

After failing for thirty times, he finally completes a round of cultivation for the first time . Although he has encountered some difficulties, Qin Yi's heart is full of accomplishment .

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