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Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Pride and Arrogance

Translator: Wang Bing

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

How can’t he be amazed? It is of great importance for Qin Yi to break through the second level of Domephase .

Everything goes as he has expected . His life has turned over a new leaf after the mysterious left hand merges with his . Only the best genius can rival his pace of cultivation, which should be ranked among the top ten in the entire Lingyumen .

When it comes to the best genius, a name pops up in Qin Yi’s mind --- Yang Shiqi, who is currently the focus topic . Qin Yi has never seen her, but according to the description of the other disciples, Yang Shiqi is a girl of great beauty who attracts countless boy disciples’ adoration and incurs girl disciples’ jealousy .

But what really matters about Yang is not her beauty, but her born talent that enables her to reach the top of the third level of Domephase at the age of fifteen . There are even signs of breaking through the fourth level of Domephase!

It takes the mediocre disciples’ whole life to reach the top of the third-level Domephase, while Yang Shiqi did it at the age of fifteen .

Yang Shiqi is the latest legend in Lingyumen!

“Can I surpass you, Yang Shiqi?”

Qin Yi’s eyes are shining and full of expectation . He has an intuition that he will soon meet this legendary girl!

In the process of Domephase cultivation, the higher one’s level is, the harder it is for him to cultivate and to make a breakthrough . Furthermore, every three levels is a watershed, that is, from the third level to the fourth level is a watershed, and from the sixth to the seventh is another .

Some disciples will encounter bottlenecks in these two watersheds and might fail to make any progress even if they sacrifice their whole life .

“It won’t take me a very long time to reach the top of the third level of Domephase, so long as I don’t get stuck between the third level and the fourth level . ” Qin Yi frowns and thinks about it secretly . He has confidence in catching up with the legendary girl Yang Shiqi .

Shaking his head, Qin Yi stops to think too much about this issue and turns round and goes home .

“What did you say, Yi? You’ve broken through the second level of Domeophase?”

At Qin Yi's home, a color of shock emerges on the face of Qin Mu and Wu Lanxian . Before long, they breathe a long sigh of relief .  

Qin Mudu has been well-prepared for going to Qingshui Town to buy their house back the next early morning . Wu Lanxian has even begun to pack up and prepared to go back to Qingshui Town the moment she receives the notice from Lingyumen .

"At last, we won’t be sent back to Qingshui Town . " On the beautiful face of Wu Lanxian appears a smile of joy .


Qin Mu is proud of his son, and he is also relieved, saying, "Yes, how can the genius from Qingshui Town be easily repatriated? Yi, you need to get well-prepared for the martial arts Assembly of your School next month . Your mother and I never expect you to win a place, as long as you are not the bottom . ”

They are very clear that the genius from the small place like Qingshui Town is nothing in a big place like the Phoenix City . It is even not worth mentioning in the famous School like Lingyumen .

They are very satisfied as long as they are not sent back to Qingshui Town .

“As long as I am not the bottom?”

At these words,Qin Yi can’t help smiling secretly . He is the man of ambition who longs to cultivate himself into a master . Presently, the two names, Rou Qin and Yang Shiqi, will stimulate him to move forward because the former betrays her original intention and despises him, and the latter is the one who he is determined to catch up and surpass .

The regulation of Lingyumen is that as long as one breaks through the second level of Domephase, one will be eligible to enter The Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classicss, an institution owned by common Schools and aristocratic families, where gather a great amount of masterpieces of martial arts and cultivation Classics written by generations’ of great masters in the School, will provide learning materials for later disciples .

In fact, this regulation is also set for martial arts Assembly . Imagine that if many disciples use the most basic moves of Overlord boxing, the Assembly will have no significance .

The next morning, Qin Yi goes straight to The Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classicss .

"Qin Yi . "

Just going around the training ground, Qin Yi hears a familiar voice from the back .

Qin Yi has to stop and turns around slowly to see a boy and a girl disciple standing behind him .

The girl in green has refined features, standing there gracefully . Her unparalleled pretty look attracts the attention of many boy disciples .

Beside the girl, stands a boy in gray robe, who is not so handsome, but his tall and straight figure reveals a strong momentum .

“Hi, Rou Qin . Long time no see . ”

When Qin Yi calmly looks at the girl in green, there is a trace of irony hanging on his lips as    his gaze sweeps over the gray-robed boy beside Rou Qin . Undoubtedly, Rou Qin now is in a relationship with this boy named Chang Jingxue, an inner disciple ranking very high among the young disciples in Lingyumen, who has been chosen as the the key training object .

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Qin Yi feels that this person is indeed somewhat extraordinary .

"Qin, is he Qinyi? The boy from Qingshui Town with you . Not bad, he has broken through the second level of Domephase and is eligible to participate in the Assembly . " Says Chang Jingxue with a slight arrogance in his speech as he looks at Qin Yi coldly .

Qin Yi slightly frowns .

The arrogance of Chang Xuexue makes him quite uncomfortable .

"Yes, Xue . "

Rou Qin nods and whispers a few words in the ear of Chang Jingxue . Chang Jingxue looks slightly startled and then slowly turns around, says, "Okay, but don't talk too long . You know, I have never been interested in mediocre people . "

People with mediocrity? Never interested in?

Qin Yi smiles calmly . He doesn’t care about how others judge his aptitude and even doesn't care if others are interested in him .

Rou Qin came to Qin Yi with downcast eyes and an uneasy expression, "Qin Yi, congratulations! You’ve broken through the second level of Domephase on your own and are qualified for the Assembly . But, this matters not so much . You have no idea how powerful and capable these inner disciples are . So, Qin Yi, sometimes we have to swallow our pride . . . "

"You mean I should bend over before Chang Jingxue and ask him to protect me, right?" Qin Yi says with a smile .

Chang Jingxue, standing not far away, hears their talk and says to himself, "Though this guy is mediocre in martial arts cultivation, in other respects, a word may suffice . ”

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"Yes!" Rou Qin is delighted .

"Rou Qin, thank you for your kindness . But I’m short of time before the Assembly . I think I must practice more than possible . See you soon!" Qin Yi says nothing more, turns around and goes to The Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classics .

Rou Qin becomes speechless . Growing up with Qin Yi in Qingshui Town, she knows about his born pride very well . This time, she tries to persuade him for old times’ sake, but she never expects that Qin Yi should refuse her advice directly .


Chang Jingxue snorts and thinks that only the blessed are worth his protection . As an inner disciple in Lingyumen, he would never take a glance at the mediocre disciple like Qin Yi if it is not out of regard for Rou Qin .

Getting worked up with the modest figure of Qin Yi, Chang Jingxue says coldly, “ Boy, however well-prepared you are for the Assembly, I will there defeat you within one move!"

“Well, let’s see how you can defeat me within one move in the Assembly!”

Qin Yi did not look back . He doesn’t want to waste any more words for he is clear that only the

strength can have the say!

Looking at Qin Yi's determined pace, Rou Qin feels slightly lost . She realizes that this boy is walking away from her step by step and will never come back .

“Interesting! This guy is quite confident of himself!” Chang Jingxue smiles as if he cares nothing . He certainly disdains to regard Qin Yi as an opponent, because with his position in the Lingyumen he can easily beat Qin Yi down .  

What Chang Jingxue really cares is the top five in the martial arts Assembly .

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