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Chapter 5
Chapter 5: The Magical Use of the Left Hand

Translator: Wang Bing

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

Qin Yi becomes excited when looking at the magnificent, ancient and austere Pavilion of Martial Arts and Cultivation Classics, where are gathered all sorts of masterpieces of martial arts and cultivation of Lingyumen .

Qin Yi has imagined for many times that he is allowed to get into The Pavilion to choose cultivation classics that he needs .

Now, he is standing before the gate of The Pavilion, with an access to those classics which he has dreamed of for a long time .

  As an important place of Lingyumen, The Pavilion is guarded by the Elders all the year round . Qin Yi takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down, then he takes several steps forward .

The Elder who guards the Pavilion is a white-bearded old man wearing a gray robe named Guo Wuchen . He looks very kind and benevolent . The breath around him has been hidden so that people can’t figure out his level of cultivation .

"Good Morning, Elder Guo . " Qin Yi walks forward and bows to Guo Wuchen .

Looking at this good-looking but weak boy, Guo Wuchen somehow feels that there is a kind of breath inside this boy that he can’t see through .

As one of the greatest masters in Lingyumen, if he can't see through the breath, it must be very formidable!

The impenetrable breath seems to come from the boy’s left hand!

Guo Wuchen, one of the greatest masters in Lingyumen, quickly judges the source of the breath .

“Do you come for the Classics? If so, show me your left hand . I must judge through your left hand whether you have reached the second level of Domephase . ” Guo Wuchen smiles with calmness .

“Why does Elder Guo intentionally require to see my left hand? Does he feel anything? How can I explain it to the School if he really knows the big secret hidden in my left hand?” 

Qin Yi’s heart is pounding and he is very vigilant . He shrinks his left hand by instinct .

However, it is clear that Qin Yi has no choice but to show his left hand to Elder Guo . Qin Yi takes a deep breath and calms himself down . At last, he extends his left hand reluctantly to Elder Guo with a trace of mysterious ancient breath released from it .

Guo Wuchen is shocked the moment he takes Qin’s left hand . He feels that the mysterious breath released from Qin Yi's left hand is as vast as an ocean . In the deepest part of the mysterious breath, he also keenly captures a drowsy body which is hard to recognize as male or female and whether it is dead or sleeping . It lies there quietly, giving an ancient breath that can devastate everything .

Guo Wuchen only feels that he has become an ant in an instant and that the body can destroy him into smoke and ashes by the mere move one finger .

But it’s a pity that the imposing body disappears in the blink of an eye!

What happened?

Guo Wuchen breaks away from the feeling of the ants who could not make the slightest resistance and is extremely shocked . He tries to concentrate quickly to feel that mysterious and formidable breath but in vain . The mysterious breath emitted from Qin Yi’s left hand is a common trace of the second-level mysterious breath .

Guo Wuchen has to comfort himself that maybe . . . it’s just his illusion . He looks at Qin Yi with a strange expression and thinks that this boy is not simple at all .  

"Well, very good . It’s the second mysterious breath . You are allowed to get into the Pavilion once . ” Guo says with his face returning to normal and lets go of Qin Yi’s hand .

"Thank you, Elder Guo . "

Qin Yi doesn’t notice the psychological changes of Guo Wuchen, and even has no idea that Guo Wuchen has seen, bizarrely, an ancient corpse on his left hand .

Qin Yi only faintly feels that Guo’s cultivation is in a very advanced state . Especially, his qigong has reached perfection . The so-called qigong is a kind of breath or internal strength that a Domephase scholar cultivates . To cultivate internal strength, it is necessary for the cultivator to reach the fourth level of Domephase . .

“Such a strong person can almost kill me in an instant!” Qin Yi thinks .

"You're welcome!"

Perhaps he feels that Qin Yi is extraordinary when he shakes his left hand, and Guo Wuchen unconsciously shows kindness to Qin Yi and says with joy, "You need to obey the rules when you get into the Pavilion to choose martial arts classic . Otherwise, you will be disqualified . So bear it in mind and don’t break the rules . "

“Rules?” Qin Yi said and he immediately adds, “Elder Guo, please tell me the rules!”

It is very normal for the low-level disciples to show respect to the Elders . However, a feeling of pride rises from Guo Wuchen’s heart somehow in face of Qin Yi’s respect .

"Well, let me tell you the rules of choosing books in the Pavilion . "

Guo Wuchen is in a good mood . "The Pavilion has three floors . Most books on the first floor are elementary cultivation books, there are occasionally one or two intermediate cultivation books . You may find advanced cultivation books if you are very lucky . The books on the second floor are the intermediate and advanced Cultivation Classics . As for the third floor, it is a special place for confidential martial arts classics . No one can easily step in without the permission of the headmaster of Lingyumen . Only those who have broken through the second level of Domephase are permitted to choose one of the Cultivation Classics on the first floor and to return it back half a year later .  ”

Qin Yi knows the rules very well .

"Well, come on, you have thirty minutes to choose and pick . "

Qin Yi releases a sigh of relief and goes straight to the Pavilion .

Qin Yi gets in and finds that the Pavilion is very spacious with the rows of wooden shelves displaying a variety of cultivation books .

There are several disciples shuttling between the wooden shelves to pick up the practice classics .

Time is limited, all the disciples in the Pavilion are racing against time .

“I must pick out a book that is suitable for my cultivation in thirty minutes . ” Qin Yi dares not to waste a second, he walks into those wooden shelves and quickly glances over the books .

Lingyumen has a long history of thousands of years since its opening . The collection of cultivation books on the shelves is dazzling . It is difficult to find a suitable book from a sea of books within thirty minutes .

The Heaven Chop, Winding, The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King,   The Inner Eye Finger Kill . . .     

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Qin Yi’s eyes sweep through the wooden frame quickly and he is extremely shocked by the large number of the books in the Pavilion . The level of the cultivation books in Pavilion is much higher than that of the basic ones .

Each of the books is designated with a label that introduces the type, function and practice requirement of the martial arts .

Female Heart Sutra: an auxiliary martial art which suits female It can greatly improve one’s qi and blood and enhance defense capabilities . Cultivation requirements: the second level of Domephase .

Dance Heaven: a martial art for attack which suits both female and male . It is about the attack techniques mysterious and unpredictable . One can attack multiple enemies at the same time . Cultivation requirements: the third level of Domephase .

Ice Crystal Boxing: a martial art for attack which suits male . The momentum of the boxing is as violent as thunder . The boxing style is fierce and cold . And a good learner can directly freeze the opponent by using this boxing . Cultivation requirements: the second level of Domephase .

Qi Recover Spell: an auxiliary martial art which suits both female and male . This spell can help one do the self-healing and restore qi and blood in the shortest possible time . Cultivation requirements: the second level of Domephase .

Kua Fu’s Steps: a martial art for speed-improving which suits both female and male . This martial art can greatly improve one’s speed and a good learner will be able to fly in the air .  Cultivation requirements: the second level of Domephase .

"Kua Fu’s Steps?"

Qin Yi couldn't help but stop and think that speed is the vital point of all martial arts . A good learner of Kua Fu’s Steps will be able to fly in the air, which attracts Qin Yi a lot .

He picks up Kua Fu’s Steps and glances it over . He suddenly regrets that the book turns out to be an aberrant copy , the half of the book being lost .

"It's a pity . No wonder that no disciple in Lingyumen ever practices this martial art . "

Qin Yi has no choice but shake his head and put Kua Fu’s Steps back on the shelf .

However, at this moment, the cultivation methods and images on Kua Fu’s Steps are quickly transmitted into Qin Yi’s mind through his left hand and clearly displayed before his eyes .

"What? What is happening?"

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Qin Yi, blinking his eyes, freezes in amazement . Can my left hand instantly steal all the contents of the cultivation books and transfer them into my mind?

If so, nothing am I not able to . . .

"Haha, I am going to be a master!"

Qin Yi is full of enthusiasm the next moment, and looks insane . Without any hesitation, he immediately extends his left hand and picks up the cultivation books on the wooden shelves one by one, quickly turning over pages .

All the contents of the cultivation books are quickly transmitted into Qin Yi mind through his left hand .

"Hurry up!"

Qin Yi is very happy and his left hand browses through cultivation books one by one as quickly  as lightning . Knowledge is no burden, so Qin Yi browses through all the cultivation books, no matter what type it is .  

"Hey, why that guy is so excited? Is he an idiot?"

"Oh, maybe he has never seen Cultivation Classics before . "

Qin Yi attracts the attention of other disciples who shake their heads or sigh for his abnormal and stupid behavior, but Qin Yi is just busy in absorbing knowledge, ignoring them all .

After a few minutes, the knowledge of dozens of cultivation books stored on the first floor of the Pavilion is absorbed by Qin Yi .


Qin Yi releases a long sigh of relief, being so happy that he can learn from so many cultivation books in one breath . Now that half of the classics books are in his mind, he can choose the cultivation books he wants at home .

He has never imagined he could have such a big gain this time in the Pavilion!

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