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Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Advancement

Translator: Wang Bing

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

There is a stunned silence on the training ground . All the disciples are being too shocked to believe what they have seen .

“I won!?”

Qin Yi is so dumbfounded that he can’t track the result .

Before the duel, Qin Yi enters an extremely ethereal state due to the change of his left hand . He has supposed that it might be impossible for Guang Yonggao to defeat himself within three or ten moves and he was able to withstand Guang Yonggao’s attack about three minutes .

However, the actual result is beyond everyone's expectations . Qin Yi defeated Guang Yonggao with only one move .

Guang Yonggao has already been defeated before he got the chance to use the next two well-prepared moves, the Leopard King’s Scissor kicks and the Leopard King’s Lock .

Guang Yonggao is very fast and his manner imposing, but in the eyes of Qin Yi who has entered the ethereal state, Guang is only moving at half of his original speed, whose Leopard King’s jump looks so clumsy and legible . Qin Yi sees through Guang’s defects easily and defeats him with only one move!

“Oh, my good Heaven! Fat Guang lost the duel . Is it true?”

“It’s absolutely true! Fat Guang lost the duel, within no more than one move!”

In a sudden the silence of the training ground is broken . All the disciples, with their face turning pale and mouth widely open, are greatly shocked .

“I am defeated by Qin Yi . How is that possible?”

Guang Yonggao feels painful on his chest, not accepting the truth that he has lost the duel . After all, he is far above Qin Yi in both martial arts and inner cultivation .

However, he did lose it!

"It is an accident!"

The idea suddenly occurs to Guang Yonggao when he sees Qin Yi standing there in puzzlement . Guang thinks the rookie should have stood no chance to win with only one move .

"Yes, it is definitely an accident!" The other disciples around him immediately follow what Guang Yonggao said .

Everyone is relieved .

No one believes that Qin Yi can defeat Guang Yonggao within one move . It is out of everyone’s expectations that Gaung fails to beat Qin Yi down within three moves .


Maybe it is really an accident . . .

Qin Yi shakes his head at a loss and turns around to leave, trying to save himself out of the  jaw-dropping duel embarrassment .

"Qin Yi, you keep it well . The battle between you and me is not over yet . Next time when we meet, don't expect there will be any accidents!"

Looking at Qin Yi's weak back, Guang Yong cries in a high voice .

Reviewing the duel by himself, Guang Yonggao figures it out that he lost the duel just because he underestimated the rival, so his flaws were easily seen . The sheer luck helped Qin Yi hit a punch on his flaws and defeated him .

Since he has realized that, the accident will never be allowed to happen again!

Hearing the bellowing of Guang Yonggao, Qin Yi feels startled a little but does not look back . He goes straight ahead to a quiet place, where he is to continue the practice .

He knows very well that Guang Yonggao was defeated because he underestimated the enemy in the duel . If not, how can he see easily the flaws of the advanced martial arts like "The Seven Kills of Leopard King"?

Guang Yonggao is sure to learn from failure and will not underestimate the enemy next time . Once Guang adopts a prudent attitude to the next duel, it might be impossible for Qin Yi to find his defects and to defeat Fat Guang .

Qin Yi knows clearly that the most important thing at the moment is to improve his own strength .

So he calmed himself down and began to practice the inner cultivation .

Commonly speaking, the cultivation of Domephase is divided into three levels: Domephase man, Domephase scholar, and Domephase master . The one who is on the first level to the third level of Domephase is a Domephase man, the fourth to the sixth a Domephase scholar, and the seventh to the ninth a Domephase master .

For a Domephase man, the physical cultivation is of great importance and is the basis of the whole cultivation process, which will often affect future cultivation . That is to say, if one fails to lay a good foundation, his martial arts achievements and inner cultivation achievements will not be too high in the future .

What a Domephase scholar cultivates is the pneuma . Of the one who makes great achievements on the cultivation of the pneuma, his bones will be as hard as iron .

The cultivation of a Domephase master involves spiritual sphere, which is a qualitative leap forward . The Domephase master will have a formidable combat power, helping him knock down a hundred Domephase scholars .

Above the Domephase, there is Zongtao . Above Zongtao, there is the Emperor-tao . . .

“Overlord boxing”

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Qin Yi's gaze is firm . A set of basic masculine boxing is presented by him smoothly, like a flowing stream full of beauty!  

After a set of boxing is finished, Qin Yi’s eyes sparkle with surprises, because he finds that the practice of Overlord boxing today is done much more smoothly than ever . It used to take five minutes to finish it, but today it only takes four minutes . The strength of every move of the boxing is naturally much stronger than before .

He knows that the improvement in the speed is because his physique and his bones have been influenced by the ancient breath released from the mysterious left hand .

"I, as expected, become a super genius of cultivation!"

Qin Yi feels full of energy and vigor .

"How long does it take for a genius to break through the second level of Domephase?"

Qin Yi is full of expectation and continues to practice the Overlord boxing again and again . The strength inside his body becomes stronger and stronger as he practices . The speed and fluency of every move also steps up a level .

He discovers that his speed almost doubles as he has done the boxing practice for ten times . What’s more, he naturally makes three new moves out of the original moves of the Overlord boxing!

"I make three new moves spontaneously?"

Qin Yi is both surprised and excited, because he finds that these three new moves are the natural evolution of the full set of Overlord boxing, which nobody knows how many times better than the original moves .

"The three new moves embody the essence of Overlord boxing . So let me name them ‘The Three Killing Moves of Overlord Boxing’ . ” Qin Yi is very pleased after giving the three new moves of Overlord boxing a name .

However, Qin Yi has no idea that the natural evolution of The Three Killing Moves of Overlord Boxing is not the whole story . Only the Grand Masters who create a school of martial arts and who have a super vision and ability to make the moves into a union are able to make new moves out of the original ones .

In other words, Qin Yi, in fact, has the potential to become a Grand Master and he even surpasses the Grand Masters . Even for a Grand Master, it takes a long-term accumulation and study to create new systematic moves . Surprisingly, Qin Yi, a cultivator who has just broken through the first level of Domephase, has created three new moves .

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Qin Yi studies about ‘The Three Killing Moves of Overlord Boxing’, then begins to practice .

"Oh, no . . . "

As he finishes the whole set of ‘The Three Killing Moves of Overlord Boxing’, Qin Yi feels that something is fishy going on here . He feels that the power in his body has more than doubled, which is like as great as the vast ocean .

"It is impossible for one in the first level of Domephase to have such vigorous and firm power . Am I advanced?”

Qin Yi blinks his eyes and his heart is pounding furiously . He was just now thinking about how long it needs to take a super genius to break through the second level of Domephase . Does he make it in such a short time?

Qin Yi takes a deep breath, resists the excitement in his heart, clenches his fist and stares at a big stone beside him .

"The first move of ‘The Three Killing Moves of Overlord Boxing’!"

Qin Yi suddenly yells and leaps up, throwing a punch at the stone .


Failing to withstand the power of Qin Yi’s fist, the stone is immediately torn apart .

It is the second level of Domephase .

It’s impossible for the first level of Domephase to have such an overbearing power .

"Yes, super genius, I am a super genius . I broke through the second level of Domephase in such a short time . " Qin Yi looks at his fist with a smack of his lips and an irrepressible sense of joy creeps upon his face .

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