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Chapter 37

Proofread by Peter Gong

“To come to Phoenix and investigate the five forces?”

Frowning slightly, Qin Yi looks at the beautiful maiden and asks, “But what does it have to do with me?”

“Don’t worry, listen to me . ”

Ji Shixuan smiles sweetly and says, “My uncle mentioned in the message that we Phoenix City has gained a place to enter Tianxing Mansion . That is to say, actually, my uncle’s investigation aims to select an excellent young disciple from the five factions of Lingyumen, Xianshizong, Qianqiu Pavilion, Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion to paticipate in Tianxing Mansion . ”

Qin Yi, with his eyebrows raised slightly, cannot help being interested .

Every cultivator in Phoenix City desires to enter the mysterious and powerful Tianxing Mansion, which will provide them a better future in the course of cultivation .

It is incomparable to the little Phoenix City .

“What you mean is to recommend me to your uncle?”

After hearing Ji’s words, Qin Yi has realized and looks at her incredibly, “Why don’t you recommend yourself?”


Ji Shixuan is slightly stunned and then shakes her head with a smile, “To be honest, though my endowment is pretty good, even can be compared to Brother Jian’s, I am still far away from you . I have seen your potentials when you can resist my three swords, which is better than Brother Jian . Therefore, other than you, who have the quality for me to recommend?”

There is no doubt that the Brother Jian she talks about is the top of the Five Young Talents of Phoenix City .

Ji Shixuan really thinks highly of me!

Qin Yi shakes his head helplessly, “Ji Shixuan, I’m afraid you are identifying mistakenly . I can deal with neither Jian Piaoling of you Xianshizong or Tang Hangan who defeat Xi Chen in one move . ”

Recalling that he has to face the formidable enemy Tang Hangan at the ranked match ten days later, Qin Yi cannot help feeling headache .


Ji Shixuan snorts scornfully with her straight delicate nose and curls up her ruddy lips, “Tang Hangan just owns a Roaring Flame Seed which doubles his attacking power immediately . Otherwise, he is no match for Brother Xi, certain to fail in the match just now . ”

“The Roaring Flame Seed . ”

Qin Yi repeats involuntarily . Indeed, it can compare to a priceless treasure, and owning it can double attacking power in no time .

“Yes . Gaining of the five elements’ seeds of Jiu Zhou mainland, as Tang Hangan’s words, is the favour of god . ” Ji Shixuan sighs from his heart .

“Why?” Qin Yi is curious .

“Actually, there is a huge secret behind the five seeds which can never be known by ordinary people . My uncle Ji Zhantain once mentioned it when I was young, which is too astonishing to forget . ”

Ji Shixuan’s face becomes vivid .

Qin Yi remains silent while his heart is not so clam as his face .

He realizes that an amazing secret will be revealed by the beautiful maiden and known by himself .

As expected, the maiden’s sweet voice rises slowly .

“According to the legend, in the remote past, Jiu Zhou King, the peak of Jiu Zhou mainland, is keen on fighting and even with the powerhouses of other mainland planes for hundreds of millions common people of Jiu Zhou mainland . Those powerhouses called him ‘Prince of the Devils’, but the king never minds it and even adds ‘unrivalled’  in front of the word as ‘Unrivalled Prince of the Devils’ .

For the benefit of hundreds of millions common people of Jiu Zhou mainland, Jiu Zhou king keeps fighting all his life and turns into five elements when passing away named as metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, distributing around Jiu Zhou mainland, which maintains the divine law of the land . According to my uncle that year, Jiu Zhou King’s weapon, Jiu Zhou Meed Mor, will be born and Jiu Zhou King will reappear in the world when seeds of the five elements are collected together . ”

“Jiu Zhou King, Five elements’ seeds and Jiu Zhou Meed Mor . ”

Qin Yi murmurs to himself . Collecting all the elements’ seeds can breed Jiu Zhou Meed Mor and make Jiu Zhou King who has passed away for endless years reappear in the world .

It is really an amazing secret!

Qin Yi is immersed in it though Ji Shixuan has left and cannot recover his consciousness from shock .

How incredible it is! There is such an amazing information behind the Roaring Flame Seed gained by Tang Hangan .

“At present, Tang Hangan is certain to have no idea about the relationship between the Roaring Flame Seed and Jiu Zhou Meed Mor . The news cannot be disclosed, otherwise a storm of blood will occur on Jiu Zhou mainland . ”

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Qin Yi realizes the seriousness .

If the secret that Jiu Zhou Meed Mor can be bred by collecting seeds of the five elements together is known by common people, they will be crazy about collecting!

“But these have nothing to do with me . My present pressing matter of the moment is to improve myself quickly to compete with Tang Hangan at the ranked match ten days later . ”

Qin Yi finally clams down, back to the reality .

However, heading for Tianxing Mansion of Xingjun City put forward by Ji Shixuan is much attracting .

Of course, currently he should handle the big trouble of Tang Hangan first .

Five factions fight for a place, and the intensity of competition can be imagined .

Qin Yi recognizes Lecturer Lu who teaches the internal force of Domephase at practice field also comes from Tianxing Mansion .

Having the opportunity to enter Tianxing Mansion is a good choice .

Without doubt, all the present efforts should be paid to dealing with the ranked match .

Ten days have been left for the match, which is really pressing .

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“First, purchasing glossy ganodermas with twenty thousand taels of sliver left and then going to Mofeng Mountain once more are the only choice and hope . ”

Drawing up the plan, Qin Yi takes out all the twenty thousandtaels of silver and starts for Donghuang Drugstore with no delay .

Half an hour later, he reaches the gate of the drugstore and walks in without hesitation .

“A ganoderma of eight hundred years costs ten thousand tales of sliver . ”

Qin Yi gasps secretly when seeing the prices of several ganodermas which are really expensive .

Nevertheless, ganoderma of eight hundred years can be seen as extremely precious, which is only provided by famous drugstores such as Donghuang in the whole Pheonix City . What is more, there are only three in front of his eyes .

“Bring me two ganodermas of eight hundred years . ”

Qin Yi grits his teeth .


The shopkeeper is stunned obviously and unbelievably . The youth buys two of the three directly .

He has linked this thin youth with those sons of the excessive rich, and gives a complaisant smile immediately on his glossy face, “Ok, you are a courageous and promising youth . ”

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