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Chapter 38

Proofread by Peter Gong

 After getting two of the three ganodermas of eight hundred years, Qin Yi comes out of the drugstore and hurries home in Lingyumen without delay .


Qin Yi closes the door and takes out them carefully as soon as he gets home .

“The ganodermas here cost twenty thousand taels of sliver . ”

Watching the two ganodermas in his hands, Qin Yi blinks and still feels a sense of disbelief till now .

Shaking his head, he stops thinking of the price and takes them all at once with no delay, then hurries to sit down, directs his strength and regulates his body .

As soon as the efficacy of the ganodermas functions in his body with a rapid pace, it seems that a stove is buried in the body while fiery air streams of efficacy lash his meridians fiercely .

“Ah . ”

Qin Yi cannot help screaming when the whole skin turns crimson instantly as if a stove were burning internally .

Beads of sweat as big as beans emerge on his skin rapidly .

Taking two ganodermas of eight hundred years at the same time produces an extremely strong efficacy so that internal meridians cannot suffer in a minute with the potential of blasting .

Qin Yi dares not slack off and hurries to motivate his left hand . Immediately, a small faint of ancient mysterious breath power bursts out of his left hand and suppresses and reconciles the efficacy forcefully .

The fierce efficacy of drug becomes gentle in no time .

Every minute is to be contested!

Qin Yi breathes out slightly, feeling like fighting for life with god . Provided that he slows down a little, the internal meridians will be over-stressed and blast him to death .

However, it is shocking that a faint mysterious breath power from his left hand suppresses the fierce efficacy easily . He cannot imagine how powerful the owner of the left hand was in the remote past .

With the pores unfolding, his body absorbs the regulated efficacy crazily so that he can clearly feel that his bones and meridians are swelling and becoming stronger .

The efficacy contained in the whole two ganodermas of eight hundred years is pretty rich, which cannot be absorbed within a short time even with Qin Yi’s strong physical strength .

Four hours later, the efficacy of ganodermas of eight hundred years is finally absorbed, and at the same time a sound of bones comes from his inner body .

A powerful breath abruptly bursts out from his inner body with the sound of bones which flutters his hair suddenly .

“Tut-tut, you have finally broken through the fourth level to be a Domephase Scholar .

“Sister Yang, why are you here?”

Qin Yi is a little stunned .

Yes, the maiden in front of him is the popular disciple of Lingyumen, Yangshiqi .

“I have come here for some time . ”

Yang Shiqi sticks out her tongue archly, “But I came across you sitting in meditation to cultivate, therefore I didn’t disturb you, only to witness unexpectedly the exciting moment of your striding into Domephase Scholar . Qin Yi, congratulations!”

Qin Yi smiles bitterly . With the favorable impression of his parents towards Yang Shiqi, they will never stop her to come to him and even chuckle to themselves .

She has been regarded as his future wife in his parents’ minds .

For the direct breakthrough to the fourth level and striding into Domephase man by using only two ganodermas, Qin Yi himself feels surprised, too .

But it is still perfectly logical and reasonable when it is thought carefully, because there is a watershed, the wide chasm, existing between the third level and the fourth level . Though Qin Yi exerts himself to cultivation, he makes no breakthrough because of the bottleneck which he himself never realizes .

This time, taking the two anodermas once opens the bottleneck accidentally .

Making all these clear, Qin Yi looks to Yang Shiqi and says slightly, “Sister Yang, what is the matter?”

“My original attempt is to have a competition with you and my wish becomes stronger after seeing your breakthrough just now . ”

Yang Shiqi smiles with a slight fighting intention in her charming eyes .

Her words imply how powerful he is after the breakthrough .

“Ok, let’s go through the motions . ”

Actually, Qin Yi also wonders about the strength of this fair-haired disciple of Lingyumen . He remembers clearly that she even knocked one disciple of fourth level out of the arena casually on the tryout .

With no superfluous words, the two begin in a minute . Two figures fight with each other back and forth in the courtyard .

Once fighting with her, Qin Yi realizes her strength is not ordinary, which is more powerful than Chang Jingxue’s .

So powerful!

Feeling her subtle graceful stature and the swift and fierce attacks which have hit at the nub casually, Qin Yi is shocked secretly . She is really worthy of the popular disciple of Lingyumen .

Qin Yi secretly infers that if he encountered her at the previous material arts assembly , he would not be her opponent without entering into the ethereal state and displaying Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .

Even if he has broken through the fourth level now, it is quite difficult for him to cope with her .

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After Qin Yi has displayed the whole set of Overlord-boxing of the perfect level, Yang Shiqi is still not defeated but defuses all the boxing calmly and effortlessly

"Hee hee, before the breakthrough, you cannot be my opponent . Even if you have broken through the fourth level now, you can only fight to a draw with me .

Suddenly, Yang Shiqi jumps out of the fighting circle rapidly and smiles to Qin Yi .

“You are right . ”

Qin Yi admits frankly .

He recognizes Yang’s strength for the first time . She is indeed so powerful that she has the ability to knock the disciple of fourth level out of the arena .

Without entering the ethereal state, he is sure to be defeated before .

If he enters the ethereal state, the genius maiden before him may not win .

Yang Shiqi’ suddenly flickers her eyes and looks at Qin Yi charmingly, "Your footwork is very good, almost comparable to that of the disciples of the fifth or even the sixth level . Can you tell me what your footwork is? "

Qin Yi certainly knows what she refers to is Kua Fu’s Steps .

Qin Yi of course knew that she was referring to her "Kuafububu" .

It is estimated that before the assembly, she has noticed his footwork . After the assembly and the previous combat, she is more certain that his footwork is extraordinary .

“Is this your previous attempt?”

Qin Yi asks slowly .

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Frozen a little, Yang Shiqi smiles sweetly and admits naturally, “You are pretty smart . Yes, previously, my attempt was just to figure out what footwork you are performing . During the competition just now, I attacked you with the most powerful techniques, but you evaded all of them . According to common sense, the disciples at the peak of the fourth level may not be able to evade . But you achieved, though there are some difficulties, which can illustrate how extraordinary your footwork is . ”

Qin Yi recalls that Yang Shiqi did display several fierce and strange moves just now . If he didn’t perform Kua Fu’s Steps, he was certain to be defeated .

Yang Shiqi stares at him motionlessly, seeming to gain an insight into his soul, and continues, “You have great advantages in strength and pace, especially you have cultivated the internal force of Domephase . But defense can still be your weakness . ”

“So I am . ”

Qin Yi nods .

“This is the defect that you haven't entered the second floor of the Depositary and selected martial arts, the same as most disciples of Lingyumen . "

Yang Shiqi says with a severe countenance: "But I am different . I am a popular disciple of Lingumen who makes an exception to get the qualification to enter the second floor, therefore, I can choose martial arts to practice my own defense . As a cultivator, in the long run, the cultivation of self-defense is essential . "

“The mutual benefits you mentioned is to exchange my martial arts of pace with your defense, right?” Qin Yi says .

“Yes . ”

With her hands clasped behind, Yang Shiqi stands gracefully erect in front of him and looks at him slyly, “What’s your idea?”

The maiden is really talented , who has seen so far once she contacts him .

Qin Yi considered little about the defense before and begins to pay attention to this problem .

“What you said seems reasonable and worth taking into account . ”

Without hesitation .

Qin Yi follows Yang Shiqi to her residence right away .

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