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Chapter 36

Proofread by Peter Gong

“I have the aid of priceless treasure of the Roaring Flame Seed, so what?”

Tang Hangan stands proudly and smiles indifferently, “Coming across a Seed relies thanks to my good luck and the favor of god . Do you understand? Cultivators of greatest strength have all got god’s favor . Is it said that Jian Piaoling is the top of the Five Young Talents of Phoenix City? I will move towards Xianshizong to challenge him after defeating Qiu Shaoxian . ”

Jian Piaoling turns out to be the top of the Five Young Talents as well as the disciple of Xianshizong .

Raising his eyebrows secretly, Qin Yi knows about it for the first time .

To put Xianshizong in plain language, it is a sword faction famous for kendo . It is said that Jian Piaoling, who ranks first among young disciples, has broken through the fifth level of Domepahse and is more powerful than Qiu Shaoxian, coming top of the Five Young Talents of Phoenix City .

The Five respectively come from the Five Forces of Phoenix City .

“Brother Tang can claim to make his mark at the first shot, because he defeats Xi Chen who comes to challenge only in one move!”

“Brother Tang has become so powerful unconsciously . It seems that the final ranked match of this martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen will be more exciting than the previous ones . It is really worth anticipating”

Disciples of Lingyumen crowd around Tang Hangan and discuss after Xi Chen and other disciples of Xianshizong have left .

Tang Hangan enjoys the glory and attention, raising his head slightly .

Qin Yi’s performance just now is also regarded as brilliant, in which he managed to resist two of the three swords concentrated from Xianshi Chop of Creating the World by Ji Shixuan and suppress the third one .

The challenge of disciples of Xianshizong comes to an end . Tang Hangan takes his leave proudly under the worshiping gaze of the disciples .

Only in one move can he defeat the young mater of Xianshizong Xi Chen!

Such gains will soon promote him to be the topic of disciples of Lingyumen in their leisure time, and even the best candidate who strives for the first place in the ranked match .

Suddenly, he turns around slowly and looks to Qin Yi coldly with an killing intent emerging in his eyes .

Qin raises his eyebrows slightly and catches Tang’s eyes without any dodge . He disgusts at being stared aggressively, though the other is powerful .

“I have heard of your excellent performance in the former martial arts assembly in which Chang Jingxue was wounded seriously . Nice, I am waiting for you at the ranked match . ”

Afetr saying this, Tang Hangan turns around and walks away without any word .

Qin Yi just stands here, getting somewhat lost .

While the surrounding disciples are giving him either sympathetic looks or gloating eyes .

It is undeniable that Tang Hangan, as Chang’s cousin, will never let Qin Yi off at the elimination match ten days later .

Delivering a challenge to Qin Yi in front of all disciples is fully to illustrate his arrogance .

“He has made it clear that he will never let me off at the elimination match”

After returning home, Qin Yi takes a deep breath and smiles bitterly, then tries to calm down and sizes up his situation, realizing that it is quite unfavourable .

“Tang Hangan has reached the middle stage of the fifth level . More horrifyingly, the Roaring Flame Seed doubles his combat effectiveness, comparable to the peak of the fifth . However, my present cultivation has only achieved the peak of the third level . ”

Qin Yi frowns slightly, finding it difficult to handle .

In his mind, displaying Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill while entering into ethereal state when he has achieved the middle stage of the fourth level may manage to fight with Tang Hangan . But it is still unlikely to win .

However, there are only ten days left before the ranking .

Intending to Break through to the middle stage of the fourth level in ten days is impossible .

“Excuse me, may I come in?”

At this moment, a sweet maiden’s voice rises outside the courtyard .

Qin Yi feels the voice is somewhat familiar and turns around, finding Ji Shixuan standing at the yard gate in a light green gown with her hands clasped behind and an attractive smile on her delicate face .

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“Haven’t you returned to Xianshizong yet?”

Qin Yi hasn’t expected her to be here, so he is a little stunned .

The maiden gives him a shallow smile and walks in without his permission .

“Brother Xi leads other disciples to return to Xianshizong first . I remain to fulfill my promise, hah-hah . ”

Ji Shixuan comes to Qin Yi and sits down, with her hands holding her pointed fair chin . Now she looks like an exceedingly beautiful and tender maiden who makes others feel like basking in the spring breeze, ans she is totally different from the image when displaying Xianshi Chop of Creating the World .

“To fulfill your promise to me?”

Qin Yi feels doubtful and frowns .

“Of course . ”

The beauty nods and says, “I just promised your future if you can win three swords when exchanging martial arts . ”

Ji Shixuan seems to remind something while saying . Her crystal cheeks blush and sweetness ripples in her smart eyes vaguely .

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“You will promise my future if I can win you three swords?”

Qin Yi is more confused .

Appearing to wake up from a moving memory, Ji Shixuan recovers her complexion to normal without trace, and says, “Actually, my uncle Ji Zhantian is a member of Tianxing Mansion . ”

Xingjun City? Tianxing Mansion?

Qin Yi is stunned suddenly .

He has heard of Tianxing Mansion as early as he entered Lingyumen .

Tianxing Mansion of XingjunCity governs many forces, including the Five Forces of Phoenix City which are Lingyumen, Xianshizong, Qianqiu Pavilion, Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion .

Briefly, Tianxing Mansion is a lofty existence which ordinary people are unlikely to know anything about other than its mystery and power .

To his surprise, Ji Shixuan’s uncle Ji Zhantian is at Tianxing Mansion .

He cannot imagine how powerful her background is!

Conscious of Qin Yi’s astonishment, Ji Shixuan looks proudly and says, “Two months ago, my uncle has sent message with pigeons to my home and said he would come to Phoenix City soon to investigate the Five Forces carefully . ”

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