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Chapter 35

Proofread by Peter Gong

“A casual surge of internal mysterious breath power can bring sense of oppression to the surrounding people . Only when he has broken through the middle stage of the fifth level of Domepahse, can he achieve it!”

Someone on the scene exclaims in a whisper .

“What? Tang Hangan’s cultivation has reached at least the middle stage of the fifth level of Domepahse? It is amazing . When did he make it?”

Disciples of the two are all in a tumult .

Qin Yi is also shocked . Unexpectedly, there is such an awesome existing among the young of Lingyumen . Top five is really a well-deserved reputation!

 “It seems that the first place of inner disciples will be changed this time . ”

“Though Qiu Shaoxian has also broken through the fifth level of Domepahse for quite a long time, the news has never been heard by others . ”

The appearance of Tang Hangan directly awes the disciples of both sides . Even Xi Chen, who is arrogant and domineering, is frowning slightly and standing silently .

The cold eyes of Tang Hangan slowly sweep across all these present and finally focus on Qin Yi . He says lightly, “You are Qin Yi?”

Making eye contact with Tang Hangan, Qin Yi feels an invisible sense of threat and oppression coming straight to him . At the same time he cannot help frowning and wondering if Brother Tang has known him .

“Yes, I am . ”

Qin Yi answers calmly with a smile .

For some uncertain reason, he is aware of an obvious sense of hostility from Tang Hangan .

“Nice, very nice . ”

The expression of Tang Hangan is more unpleasant . With no more attention to Qin Yi, he nods slowly and turns round, looking towards the disciples of Xianshizong .

Qin Yi is more confused by TangHangan’s behavior, but he can swear that he has never seen Brother Tang before and does not know when he has offended him .

“Qin Yi, I’d like to tell you something . Brother Tang is the cousin of Chang Jingxue . It is said that they get along well with each other . ” Fu Yu comes to him and whispers .

Tang Hangan is the cousin of Chang Jingxue?

Qin Yi raises his eyebrows slightly .

So all these can be explained . He once wounded Chang Jingxue seriously with one boxing in the knockout of martial arts assembly . Due to the good relationship with Chang , Tang Hangan is certain to fight for justice for his cousin .

It seems that he is quite unlucky . On the one hand, Qiu Shaoxian, the champion of inner disciples, is unfriendly to him . On the other hand, he provokes Tang, such a powerful cultivator .

Qin Yi smiles bitterly to himself .

Of course, all these issues could not be settled until the ranked match . Now, coping with challenges brought about by disciples of Xianshizong is the main task .

“The fifth level of Domepahse, so what?”

Facing the forceful Tang Hangan, Xi Chen regains his careless and casual attitude after a moment of loss of mind, shaking his head indifferently .

Though he has broken through the fifth level of Domepahse for only a short period, he always competes with more powerful people, either win or lose . Therefore, he does not think Tan Hangan is that frightening .

“Contemptible scoundrel!”

Tang Hangan shakes his head indifferently and walks towards Xi Chen step by step without any nonsense .

The momentum becomes stronger with his further steps, assuming an invisible sense of threat and oppression on the surrounding people .

“The momentum is pretty good . But the strength needs further discussing . ”

Xi Chen smiles . A powerful breath suddenly emanates from him, which makes his sliver hair flutter abruptly .

“King Kong leg!”

Xi Chen pours the powerful mysterious breath power into legs, which immediately become as hard as cast steel, and then he sweeps towards Tang Hangan .

With the sweeping legs, the internal force of Domephase spreads around which makes the audience gasp .

No wonder Xi Chen dares to lead disciples of Xianshizong to challenge Qiu Shaoxian directly, it is undeniable that Mysterious Man who has not reached the fourth level of Domepahse cannot resist his forceful leg .

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But Tang Hangan takes it leisurely, and even shakes his head scornfully .

“The Fierce King’s Boxing!”

Suddenly, there is a heat wave pouring out of Tang Hangan’s body, making him look like a roaring flame and the arm turning red immediately .

With the hot wave from head to foot, his momentum rises sharply to a new level and the inner force doubles directly .

“Roaring Flame Seed!”

Looking at Tang Hangan with a great momentum, Xi Chen is shocked a lot .


Their legs and arms intertwine with each other . Relying on his own strong power, Xi Chen kicks Tang Hangan back a stride but moans with a little bit blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth .

The heat wave has invaded into his body and wounded him seriously .

“Roaring Flame Seed! You have got Roaring Flame Seed which can double the inner force in no time . Though your cultivation only reaches the middle stage of the fifth level, strength can be on a par with the peak of the fifth level because of Roaring Flame Seed!”

Xi Chen is extremely shocked .

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Hearing such words, other disciples are also surprised .

Qin Yi motivates his left hand secretly to enter into the ethereal state and observes Tang Hangan carefully, finding a small ball of red flame burning endlessly in his pubic region .

Tang Hangan is indeed different from ordinary people!

Qin Yi is shocked by this finding .

There exist five seeds in this universe which are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth . The seeds, non-existent on other mainlands, represent a special crystallization of Jiu Zhou mainland .

The Roaring Flame Seed is the crystallization of fire seed, which can double the attacking power of the owner .

“Unexpectedly, you are so lucky to get a Roaring Flame Seed!” Xi Chen is no longer careless and casual .

Tang Hangan snorts scornfully and says lightly, “Are you imagining to defeat Qiu Shaoxian by your strength? Do you have sense of honor? The person who is qualified to pull him out of the top is me!”

“Brother Xi, are you ok?” Disciples of Xianshizong hurry to support him up .

“Yes . ”

Xi Chen raises himself from the ground with difficulty . Mighty as he is, he has been wounded seriously . Therefore, the disciples under the fourth level are likely to be crippled .

“Tang Hangan, I acknowledge your strength . However, taking advantage of the priceless treasure of the Roaring Flame Seed is not a deal . You are doomed to fail when you challenge Jian Piaoling who ranks first in young disciples of Xianshizong . ”

Looking at Tang Hangan who is dressed in a purple robe, Xi Chen grits his teeth and says .

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