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Chapter 34

Proofread by Peter Gong

In the face of the first sword of Xianshi Chopping of the World, Qin Yi still feels its lethality even when he is in the extremely ethereal state . The speed and power are much stronger than the "The Thirteen Moves of the Separation of the Sky" which is used by Chang Jingxue in the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

He does not dare to slack off a bit . He takes Kua Fu’s Steps and quickly dodges to the other side .

At this moment, he makes Kua Fu’s Steps to the perfect state .


Qin Yi flits across the air and almost becomes a phantasm .

Ji Shixuan's bloody sword turns into a ten feet sword light . It seems that it tears the air and makes a shrill sound of sword .

A powerful sword splits out, making the sky fading away .

The strong power of the sword, scraping across people's cheeks, is as sharp as blade scraping . All disciples have a sense of breathlessness .


A ten feet sword light, wiping across Qin Yi, cuts off a strand of Qin Yi's hair, which falls silently .

A narrow squeak!

Qin Yi is a little scared . Ji Shixuan's sword is so powerful that she almost splits him when he even remains in the extremely ethereal state . No wonder that Guangfei, Fuyu and Shaozheng Qixiao can't withstand this sword .

All the disciples around, including Xi Chen, are stunned silently that Qin Yi has dodged from the sword . While Fu Yu and the other two are happy, they have mixed feeling at the same time because Qin Yi is stronger than all three of them!

"Qin Yi, you are much stronger than a month ago . "

Ji Shixuan stands still with appreciation on her beautiful face, "My second sword will be fiercer than the first one . You should be careful . "

Is the second sword fiercer than the first?

All the disciples are shocked!

The disciples of Xianshizong begin to gloat at Qin Yi while the disciples of Lingyumen begin to worry about him .

"It doesn’t matter . Come on . "Qin Yi smiles faintly .


Ji Shixuan nods with appreciation, no longer talking nonsense .  Her delicate figure bursts out again, as a dragon goes up from the sea .  The second sword, concentrated by the Xianshi Chopping of the World, chops towards the young man’s head .

In the roaring sound of the sword, a whirlpool of air flow is formed around the huge bloody sword light . All the sand and stones on the ground are rolled up, and dust pervades .

The sword is powerful and has attacked the whole arena .

At this moment, the people who watch the battle around even have an illusion that the sword is the only one in the world .

In the flying sand and stone, the young man in front is moving . This time, he doesn't dodge, but shoots up suddenly .  He punches and goes straight to the bloody sword .


Fists and the sword collide!

A huge air ripple, between the fist and the sword, suddenly appears, accompanied by the irresistible rebound .

Qin Yi and Ji Shixuan are suddenly separated by the rebound force and fall backward .

"Emmm . . . "

People have been completely stunned, looking unbelievable!

Qin Yi actually carries the second sword with his fist instead of dodging . Isn't he too fierce?

Ji Shixuan, who is falling backward, is also completely shocked . Just now, in the flying stone, she catches sight of Qin Yi's fists . Just as he killed the golden giant ape, he is extremely aggressive!

She has never seen such a powerful fist!

"I have to see how powerful his unique boxing is . "

With this in mind, Ji Shixuan suddenly takes a strange angle and rushes back again at a high speed, holding up the bloody sword in both hands .  Immediately the third sword, concentrated by the Xianshi Chopping of the World, is going to be split out .

However, it is at this moment .


A phantasm comes instantly .

In the next moment, Ji Shixuan's graceful and charming body suddenly falls into a warm embrace, making her unable to split the third sword .

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"Don't split the third sword . I still remember that when you split the three swords in the Mountain of Magical Wind, you were too hurt to fight . "

A light voice sounds around her ears .

Ji Shixuanjiao trembles slightly . When she looks up, she sees a handsome face, showing her a warm smile .

Feeling the warm embrace of the young man, Ji Shixuan feels her heart quivers and her face is a little red .  She takes off quickly from the young man's arms .

She stands there with the sword in her hand and the soft voice of the young man echoes in her ears . For a while, her cheeks turn red and her heart beats slower .

“This young man is worried that I would be severely hurt by the powerful sword . ”

It's very quiet all around .

It is incredible when the disciples watch this scene . Not only does Qin Yi show the power to let them stunned, but at the last moment, Qin Yi suddenly holds Ji Shixuan and doesn't let her split the third sword, which makes them feel weird .

Qin Yi holds Ji Shixuan!

What's more, how can he be so fast? In the blink of an eye, he rushes to Ji Shixuan!

"Boy, you're good . You can resist the first and second swords of junior sister apprentice Ji and suppress her third sword . But you're still too weak for me . Who I'm really interested in is Qiu Shaoxian . Let him come out!"

Xi Chen comes over and brushes his silver hair . He looks at Qin Yi with a smile .

Qin Yi's performance is amazing, but he is still dismissive!

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The disciples of Lingyumen are in a state of uproar . Qin Yi shows such a powerful strength that Xi Chen is not interested in fighting against him . How powerful is he?

"Is it really that you look down upon everyone except Qiu Shaoxian?"

At the moment, a cold voice comes from behind .

The voice seems to have been frozen for thousands of years, making the disciples shiver .

All the disciples can't help turning back to pursue the direction of the voice .

"Tang Hangan!"

Some disciples of Lingyumen could not help exclaiming .

Under the spotlight, a slender young man in purple robe comes slowly . His eyes are cold and his face is as sharp as a knife, which gives disciples a penetrating feeling .

He gives people a very strange feeling . He seems to have been integrated into nature, and emits a sense of oppression in each step .

"Tang Hangan is the third among the young disciple of Lingyumen, only inferior to Qiu Shaoxian and Pu Chang . "

Qin Yi sees Tang Hangan at the first time and observes him carefully .

Qiu Shaoxian is unfathomable and Pu Chang is very powerful, while Tang Hangan, the third, gives him an indescribable strange feeling .

Qin Yi has a strong intuition that this person is very powerful and incredibly powerful!

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