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Chapter 33

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Hearing Qin Yi’s promise, Guang Yonggao and other disciples are relieved .

They are full of morale because of Qin Yi’s intervention .

In a short time, Qin Yi comes to the practice field with Guang Yonggao . There is already a lot of noise .

Because the relationship between Lingyumen and Xianshizong is good, the leaders of the two sects allow disciples to challenge each other . As long as they don't make too much trouble, the elders of the sects will not pay attention .

"Tut Tut, this new generation of Lingyumen disciples is really weak . "

"It's said that a new disciple of Xianshizong named Qin Yi stands out recently . Why can't he come out?"

" . . . "

A group of young disciples, about 20 or so, are from Xianshizong if judged by their fairy dress .

The left of the first two is a beautiful girl in a light green dress .  The right is an uninhibited young man with silver hair .

Only based on the breath of these two people, it is estimated that their cultivation is very excellent . At least, they have reached the fourth level of Domepahse .

In particular, the young man with silver hair even releases a breathless of pressure .

He is so powerful .  The most conservative estimate is that he has broken through to the peak of the fourth level!

Qin Yi frowns slightly . When he motivates his left hand into the extremely ethereal state, he even sees the internal force of Domephase is full of the body of Xi Chen .

"Ji Shixuan!"

When his eyes fall on the graceful girl in the green robe, Qin Yi is shocked . She is Ji Shixuan, the girl who was hunting the golden giant ape with him in the Mountain of Magical Wind .

Now in the past month, Ji Shixuan's aura is much stronger than before . It seems that the serious battle with golden giant ape has greatly inspired her potentials and made her make a rapid progress .

At this time, the disciples of the Xianshizong are full of morale with determined eyes because there are two masters, Xi Chen and Ji Shixuan, who command .

On the other hand, several disciples have been hurt in Lingyumen, including Guang Fei, Fu Yu, Shaozheng Qixiao . All of them are sad .

"Qin Yi, you are here at last!"

When Guangfei sees Qin Yi’s arrival, his indifferent face becomes a bit excited, as if he has caught a life-saving straw .

The other people are also obviously full of happiness . Many disciples have subconsciously regarded him as a hero in the powerful performance of the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

"Qin Yi . . . "

Ji Shixuan, who is standing with Xi Chen, sees him again with a smile, even a slight tremble in her heart .

“I haven't seen him for a month . He seems to be a lot stronger!”

"Qin Yi finally comes out!"

"In the current misunderstanding between the two sects, he deserves the first one!"

Qin Yi's appearance causes an uproar in the crowd .

"Junior sister apprentice Ji, are you going to compete with him? I don't think he is so strong . I 'm still interested in Qiu Shaoxian . Let Qiu Shaoxian come out . "

Looking at Qin Yi, the silver haired young man raises his eyebrows .

Among the two sets of disciples, his cultivation is the highest . Up to now, he has never done anything because he disdains to fight against Fu Yu and others .

Since Qin Yi comes out, Ji Shixuan has never taken her eyes off his body . In addition to joy, she also wants to challenge Qin Yi .

"Qin Yi, we are all hurt by Ji Shixuan . She beats us all with one sword . " Guang Fei whispers to Qin Yi .

Fu Yu and Shaozheng Qixiao also nod silently .

With one sword, she beats all three excellent disciples, Guangfei, Fuyu and Shaozheng Qixiao?

Qin Yi is slightly shocked .

He still remembers that when he was in the Mountain of Magical Wind last time, Ji Shixuan's three swords severely damaged the golden giant ape and showed her extraordinary fighting skills .

But now, it's amazing that Ji Shixuan hurt the three of them using one sword .  She is indeed much stronger in this month .

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"Qin Yi, how are you after the Mountain of Magical Wind?"

Ji Shixuan walks to Qin Yi with joy and the aspiration of fighting .

A bloody sword on the back of her upright back is more immortal than the uninhibited Xi Chen .

"Well, thank you . Please draw your sword . "

Qin Yi faintly smiles . Since she has come to Lingyumen to challenge him, he doesn't want to talk any nonsense .

As soon as her words are finished, all the people on the practice field are slightly shocked .  Xi Chen looks at Qin Yi in surprise .

Ji Shixuan is also surprised, faintly smiling, "Well, if you beat me, I will promise you a bright future!"

“Promise me a bright future!”

What does she mean?

Qin Yi is confused .

The disciples around make room for Qin Yi and Ji Shixuan to compete . Ji Shixuan goes to the opposite side and looks back at Qin Yi .

Standing still, Ji Shixuan slowly draws out the bloody sword on her back .

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In an instant, an invisible murderous intent diffuses .

Feeling the strength of Ji Shixuan, Qin Yi gets absorbed . He secretly motivates his left hand, and he directly enters an extremely ethereal state .  Everything around him slows down .

"Ji Shixuan, Let’s begin . "

Qin Yi stands proudly and says with confidence .

"This kid, facing senior sister Ji, he is so calm . He really takes himself as a powerful man when he stands out in Lingyumen . "

The disciples of Xianshanzong despise Qin Yi's calmness . The disciples of Lingyumen don't say anything . They know Qin Yi .

However, facing such a powerful Ji Shixuan, Qin Yi shows such a powerful self-confidence . They are also a little puzzled .

"Xianshi Chopping of the World!"

Ji Shixuan is also quite straightforward . Without saying anything, her graceful figure suddenly roars up, and there is a powerful sword that is chopping at Qin Yi .

As said before, the Xianshi Chopping of the World is a quite magical sword technique . It can concentrate all moves into three swords and double their power . It's the best move to kill strong enemies . But if she couldn’t kill the strong enemies within three swords, she will be severely damaged by the powerful sword and lose her fighting power .

Just now, Guang Fei, Fu Yu and Shaozheng Qixiao were wounded by the first sword of Ji Shixuan, which is concentrated by Xianshi Chopping of the World .

One sword defeats three Domephase Men!

Its great power can be seen .

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