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Chapter 32

Proofread by Peter Gong

"It is to be expected that you can easily enter the top 20 . Next, it's not easy for you to compete for the top five . "

In the room, Qin Yi sits on the bed and carefully analyzes his current situation .

The strength of the top five young disciples of Lingyumen is unfathomable, especially that of Qiu Shaoxian .  He seems to be quite hostile to Qin Yi because of Yang Shiqi .

Qin Yi estimates that he cannot beat Qiu Shaoxian at present . Even when he enters an extremely ethereal state, he couldn't win by using Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill . Every time Qin Yi meets Qiu Shaoxian and cannot see through him .

In the ranking competition, if Qiu Shaoxian is deliberately against Qin Yi, Qin has to suffer in silence .   .

"Pu Chang, Tang Hangan, Xuan Ming and Yi Ling are also very powerful . It seems that it is not enough to compete for the top five with my current strength . "

Qin Yi frowns . Although his extremely ethereal state and ace in the hole "Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill" are very amazing and he also has cultivated the internal force of Domephase, his cultivation level is only of the third level of Domepahse .

It's like a small firecracker, whose explosive force is limited though the powder is full .

"If I want to compete for the top five, I must break through the fourth level of Domepahse at least . "

Qin Yi takes a slight breath, sitting cross-legged, and begins to cultivate seriously . At the same time, he starts to cultivate The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King, Qi Recover Spell, Kua Fu’s Steps .

Both The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King and Qi Recover Spell, can slightly improve the defense, but what Qin Yi lacks most now is the defense .

"Kua Fu’s Steps" is even more amazing . After the great achievement, it can fly in the sky, which has never appeared in the Phoenix, for fear that it is only in Xingjun City .

It's a pity that Kua Fu’s Steps is a fragmented version, and which does not contain the latter half of the content, which greatly increases the difficulty of cultivation .

Qin Yi sits quiet on the ground, and simultaneously, according to the methods of the three martial arts cultivation, he urges the mysterious breath power in the body through the major meridians in his body .

It has to be said that Qin Yi's constitution has become a unique body since it was transformed by the mysterious left hand . No one else can practice the three martial arts at the same time .

Nobody knows who the master of the left hand is . With only a left hand, Qin Yi's body has been perfectly transformed . He can hardly imagine how powerful the master of the left hand was in the distant past .

Qin Yi actually met the master of his left hand once . It was the last time that his spirit fell into an remote antiquity .  He saw a huge phantasm was in the middle of the sky, practicing the first moves of Celestial Demon .

With the continuous wandering of Domepahse in Qin Yi's body, the blood in Qin Yi's body is surging up like a huge wave .

Just a few hours later, Qin Yi has no choice but to open his eyes .

"It's really impossible to break through for instant . The gap between Domephase Man and Domephase Scholar is too huge . "

Qin Yi sighs .

Fortunately, in order to make the disciples fully prepared, the final part of martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen is scheduled after ten days .  Qin Yi has a little time to practice in ten days .

He sits in silence for a while .

Qin Yi thinks of "The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon" . After recalling the exercise of the huge phantasm in the air that day, he comes to the courtyard and begins to cultivate .

Before that, he has successfully practiced "The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon" . Now, when he practices it again, he is more skilled .

Qin Yi closes eyes gently and begins to practice The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon according to his memory . Although his movements are slow, they are smooth and beautiful . He seems to enter a mysterious state .

As time goes on, a very mysterious spirit is formed in Qin Yi's body again, flowing slightly, which makes him feel enhanced to a higher level .

"Hoo . . . "

After 30 times of practice, Qin Yi slowly opens her eyes and feels that he has a great comprehension of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon .

"The martial arts are total seven moves . At present, there is only one move . If the seven moves are put together, I'm afraid that I will have the ability to overturn the river and the sea, or even destroy the sky and the earth in the future . "

Qin Yi blinks with anticipation .

He firmly believes that the "The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon" is absolutely a set of unique skills that shocks the world . It is probably more powerful than what is described on the sign card at that time .

But until now, he is full of doubts about the discovery of "The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon" on the first floor of the scripture library at that time .

"Is it because of the left hand?"

Qin Yi frowns and raises his left hand .

He has an intuition that The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon may appear due to his left hand .

"I even vaguely feel that since I got the mysterious left hand, I have not only become a super genius, but also along a planned road . This left hand, like an invisible hand of heaven, is controlling my destiny, leading me to the top of the strong step by step

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Qin Yi seems to be in a certain state . He looks at his left hand and is stunned . He has too many doubts in his heart and mumbles to himself…

"Who is the master of this left hand? Does he still exist in the world? Why does he want me to get his left hand? Don't I become his checker and fall into an everlasting trap? "

"If so, why does he choose me . . . "

Looking at his left hand, Qin Yi is in chaos, and all kinds of thoughts come up at one time .

The left hand is so mysterious and abrupt that he has to make kinds of guesses .

Of course, this is just a guess . With Qin Yi's current strength, there is no answer .

"Qin Yi, Qin Yi!"

Outside, there is a cry .

Uh huh? Who is he?

Qin Yi pulls himself back to reality from absent-mindedness, and quickly steps outside the house to have a look .  A few familiar disciples stand at the door of his house .

One of them is Guang Yonggao who is beaten up by Qin Yi at the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

"What's the matter?"

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Looking at the red face of Guang Yonggao, Qin Yi frowns .

"Qin Yi, although you beat me at the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen, I admire you most among all the disciples .  I think of you as soon as I have something to do . " Guang Yonggao wipes the sweat on his forehead and says breathlessly .

“How could you admire me even though I beat you terribly?”

Qin Yi blinks with some strange feeling .

"What happened?"

Qin Yi asks seriously .

"Several disciples from Mount Wuxian come to us to challenge . Now my brother and Fu Yu are defeated severely!" Guang Yonggao says angrily .

Mount Wuxian is the territory of Xianshizong .

Disciples of Xianshizong? Come to Lingyumen to challenge?

Qin Yi raises his eyebrows and says slowly, "Does it have anything to do with me?"

"One of them is a female disciple, whose accomplishments are terrible . She wants to challenge you . " Guang Yonggao says eagerly .

"Where are they? Take me there . "

Now that someone is going to challenge him directly, it's impossible for him to evade it .

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