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Chapter 2
Chapter 2: An Unexpected Victory

Translator: Wang Bing

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

“Why, why on earth?”

Regardless of the yelling of his parents behind, Qin Yi rushes to the top of the mountain behind Lingyu Sect, screaming at the sky .

The genius with a halo from Qingshui Town becomes a loser in Lingyu Sect, for which he feels wronged .

He usually works several times harder than the average disciples . But in the end, it is he who faces the relentless fate of being sent back home . How can he not feel wronged?

"Oh, God, why are you so unfair to me?"

Qin Yi yells at the sky and fights back the swirling tears in his eyes .

There appears a sudden flash of lightning in the sky, so imposingly scary that it seems like a huge knife cleaving through the air and splitting the sky into pieces .

Frightened by the lightning and thunder, Qin Yi who is not very strong subconsciously gets a shiver . And all his grievances disappear with the lightning .

Not until he recovers himself is the clear sky covered with surging dark clouds, as if a giant monster were coming to the world .

The lightning interweaves into a giant power grid in the sky, which is threatening .

The whole world seems to have fallen into hell in an instant . The vitality is quickly removed, and the endless smell of death is spreading and fills every inch of space here .

“Uh . . . ”

Qin Yi's face turns white with widely opened mouth, because he has no idea when a left hand appears, hanging motionlessly in the air .

It is ten times as big as an adult’s palm, swarthy, revealing an atmosphere of terror .

"What is that damn hand?"

Being very nervous, Qin Yi swallows his saliva and looks warily at the left hand suspended in the air . He knows that if this strong left hand slaps down, the consequences would be unimaginable .

Qin Yi feels bad, stands up cautiously and retreats slowly in a vigilant step . However, something incredible happens at this moment . The left hand in the air seems to come to life, moving slowly as he moves back .

"What on earth is it? It is moving! " Looking at the ghostly left hand, Qin Yi's blood runs cold .


The minute the idea occurs to him, Qin Yi turns around and runs away without any hesitation .

“Puff . . . ”

The left hand brings a gust of wind and slams down upon him from above .

“Oh, no . ”

Qin Yi cries in fear and closes his eyes: this time, I am a dead man .

Surprisingly, Qin Yi feels suddenly surrounded by a touch of warmth the next moment .

Qin Yi opens his eyes with doubts . The sky now is cloudless, the sun is shining on him warmly and it is very comfortable . There is no lightning or big ghost hand in the sky .

"Was it just a dream? I was too tired to fall asleep, so it was just a nightmare?" Bathing in the sunlight, Qin Yi blinks his eyes, extremely confused .

If it was just a nightmare, it was really vivid .

But if it was not a dream, what happened just now? Why did everything disappear in the blink of an eye?

After making an analysis, Qin Yi finally comes to the conclusion: "I am too exhausted today . What happened is nothing but an illusion . "

"The heaven is black and the earth is yellow; the universe is in a state of chaos and ignorance; through all the ages long, only I am overweening . The Ancient Emperor Hengyu practicing in heaven and on earth, he became a saint and was able to control everything in the universe . . . "

At this moment, a very old but loud voice comes in Qin Yi’s mind, like the sound of the bell .

“Who is speaking in my mind?” Qin Yi is shocked, “Is . . . is that an illusion?”

But why the illusion is quite true to life .

“Buzzing . . . ”

Qin Yi’s left hand is trembling . He looks at his hand with vigilance and finds a black air flowing slowly over his hand, and then a dark palm flashes away .

"It’s the left hand in the air . Oh, heaven, it was not an illusion . It’s a reality!”

Qin Yi is extremely shocked .

It’s incredible . The big black hand presenting in the sky just now is actually blending with his left hand, which is an extremely strange phenomenon beyond doubt!

Fortunately, he survived and was not killed by that palm!

"So, the voice echoing in my mind is also true?"

Qin Yi tries to calm himself down and keeps doing analysis, "The voice sounds very powerful, and it must be the master of the hand, who sealed his mind in his left hand before death . Since his left hand has been blended with mine, the powerful voice presents itself in my mind . "

"Now, there is one left hand from the ancient times in my body . . . "

Thinking of this, Qin Yi couldn't help but feel his body seriously . He is shocked and bewildered .

A kind of ancient mysterious power flows slowly in his left hand, spreading to the whole body . It is not very powerful, but it is infinitely metaphysical .

“Crack . . . Crack . . . Crack . . . ”

Wherever the ancient mysterious power passes, the bones, tendons, muscles and acupoints are undergoing dramatic changes, his body being transformed .

Qin Yi is puzzled for a while before he cannot help but scan himself inwardly, only to discover that the ancient mysterious power is transforming his physique into another simple but powerful one, which is more suitable for cultivation than the original one .

Qin Yi finds that great changes have taken place in his spiritual sense after the ancient mysterious power spreads through his body . He feels that the world has become so incomparably clear that he can even see the ripples of the floating dust in the air .

This kind of spiritual sense is definitely not something that can be obtained by ordinary people!

"Have I become . . . a super genius of cultivation now?"

Qin Yi blinks as ecstasy burst into his heart!

After a long period of time, Qin Yi comes back to himself from the ecstasy and exhales a long breath .

He knows that his life has completely changed in the moment when the mysterious hand slams upon him!

Qin Yi hurries down the mountain and goes back home .

"My son, where did you go just now?" Wu Lanxian, his mother, asks anxiously, greeting him in a hurry the moment he returns home .

His father Qin Mu also comes up to him, with a reproachful look, "Yi Er, you have scared your mother . You mustn’t be so wayward next time . "

Looking at the old faces of his parents, Qin Yi feels a twinge of guilt and says, "Dad, Mom, I am sorry for making you worry about me . I just sat on the back hill for a while to calm down . Now I feel good . "

"Take it easy . Yu Er, everything is arranged by the fate, and nothing can be importuned for . Two days later, your father will go back to Qingshui Town to buy back the house we sold to Wang Family . The Wang Family will definitely want more money from us this time . After all it is we who are chopping and changing," Wu Lanxian sighs slightly .

No one would like to sell his own house and then buy it back with a higher price . They have no choice .

"Money is not a problem . We have some savings over these years . Ten days later, you two just feel assured to return to Qingshui Town," Qin Mu said .

“Back to Qingshui Town?”

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Qin Yi shakes his head, with a touch of smile hovering on his lips . “No need!”

No need?

Qin Mu and Wu Lanxian are frozen and look at each other with no words . They faintly feel that Qin Yi is a little bit different, and he seems to be more confident and calmer . . .

The next day, Qin Yi comes to the training ground before dawn to practice the Overlord Boxing as usual .

The Overlord Boxing is domineering enough but lacks techniques .

"Haha, Qin Yi, how dare you! I told you yesterday I would not let you go next time . How dare you do practice on the training ground blatantly again!"

When it is bright, Guang Yonggao appears on the training ground, and he walks toward Qin Yi with a smirk .

Qin Yi’s heart is filled with bitterness because the abhorrent Fat Guang haunts him like a ghost .

Guang Yonggao’s provocative behavior attracts the attention of other disciples who are doing practice on the training ground . They crowd round the two, looking at Qin Yi and gloating over his bad luck .

“The Fat Guang is determined to pick a fight with me,” Qin Yi thinks to himself .

Qin Yi tries hard to calm himself down through a light exhalation, and then he turns around to face Fat Guang’s big pie face .

“Three moves! You just open your eyes widely and watch closely . Haha . I can beat Qin Yi within three moves!”

Guang Yonggao is very confident . He can’t wait to enjoy the cheers after one-day’s waiting . By the time his speech is over, his fat body poses for smashing and culling .

“Oh, Heaven! It is ‘the Seven Kills of the Leopard King’ . ”

As Guang Yonggao makes the first move, the other disciples exclaim . “The Seven Kills of the Leopard King”, a senior-level martial art of Lingyu Sect, several grades higher than Qin Yi's "Overlord Boxing" .

Guang Yonggao’s cultivation level is absolutely higher than Qin Yi’s, and he should use such advanced martial art as “the Seven Kills of the Leopard King” . Qin Yi will undoubtedly be dead meat!

"‘The Seven Kills of the Leopard King’! It is no wonder that Fat Guang has confidence in beating Qin Yi within three moves!"

The disciples all round hold their breath, looking at Qin Yi with sympathy .

“‘The Seven Kills of the Leopard King’ deserves the reputation . . . ”

Qin Yi’s heart is filled with bitterness . He feels that Guang Yonggao with an obese body has become a ferocious leopard, as if he could kill a man with a single blow .

The Enemy is really formidable!

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Qin Yi tries hard to keep calm and tries to use the mysterious power to motivate his left hand secretly .

In a moment, as a trace of ancient mysterious breath is gushing from his left hand, Qin Yi enters the wonderful state, in which the whole body is very ethereal, as if he were able to see through Guang Yonggao’s internal organs and even the fine hair on his skin clearly and meanwhile Guang Yonggao’s move seems to slow down before him .

All the objects in the world are moving at half of their original speed .

In fact, it is not the speed itself that slows down but Qin Yi enters an extremely ethereal state in which his mind is incomparably clear . Under such circumstances, nothing can escape from his spiritual sense .

“Within the three moves . Everyone, open your eyes widely to see whether Qin Yi stands still or lies on the ground after three moves . The first move, the Leopard King’s Jump; the second move, the Leopard King’s Kick; the third move, the Leopard King’s Lock . "

It is safe to say that Guang Yonggao is a master of mobilizing the atmosphere . The disciples around are thrilled by his words and cannot wait to see the contest .

Suddenly, Guang Yong's fat body moves and he attacks Qin Yi violently . Every movement looks like a leopard, robust and ruthless .

So fast and so fierce!

The disciples around them shout together in excitement, "The first move, the Leopard King’s Jump . "

There is a flaw in this move .

Although Guang Yonggao’s movements are extremely fast and menacing, Qin Yi, who has entered the ethereal state, sees through his weakness easily--there is no self-protection before Guang Yonggao’s chest .

There is no time for Qin Yi to think why he can recognize the flaws of such an advanced martial art easily .

“Overlord Boxing!”

As Qin Yi steps forward, he takes a common move of the Overlord Boxing .


Before the obese Guang Yonggao pounces on Qin Yi, the latter thumps the former on the chest, making Guang fly through the air and then fall to the ground .


The disciples around are shocked and wink their eyes to each other .

One move!

Guang Yonggao is put down within only one move!

What happened?

What happened to the three moves of the Leopard King?

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