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Chapter 25

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It's really a trick of god . A couple of playmates in childhood from Qingshui town meet in the ring .

In addition to what happened after they came to the Lingyumen of Phoenix City, their meeting at present is more like a deliberate arrangement of fate .

Facing Qin Yi, the beautiful Rou Qinn looks a little bit unnatural . She has a myriad of thoughts in her heart, and pouts her red lips, but at last she doesn't say anything . ,

Qin Yi is slightly surprised, but quickly returns to normal and says, “Rou Qinn, give in .  You can't beat me . ”

"No . " Hearing this, Rou Qinn shakes her head obstinately, "there must be a fight between you and me!"

Now that everything has changed, it's impossible for them to maintain their friendship as before when they were in Qingshui town . Now seeing Qin Yi so resolute, Rou Qinn is unwilling to to accept the fact that her choice is wrong .

"Well, since you think there must be a fight between us, I will fulfill your wish!"

Qin Yi no longer talks nonsense . This time, he still doesn't motivate his left hand to enter an extremely ethereal state . He wants to fight a hard battle with Rou Qinn to shows his last respect for her . He also wants to see how powerful he is without motivating his left hand .

Rou Qinn is also very straightforward and immediately shouts with her delicate voice, "The First Move of Throwing Heavenly Hands - Thousand Hands Guanyin!" 

Her figure suddenly becomes ethereal, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right .  And her slender hands turn into countless hands just like Thousand Hands Guanyin .

So powerful!

As soon as Rou Qinn launches the first move, the audiences around the ring first make a low voice of amazement, soon the battle between Qin Yi and Rou Qinn makes everyone’s blood boiling . Qin Yi easily defeats the disciples one by one with the basic martial arts Overlord-boxing .  The defeated disciples have been provoked by Qin Yi’s successive victory, and they secretly expect that an excellent disciple will appear on the ring to teach him a lesson and dampen his arrogance . Finally Rou Qinn comes out, and her martial art looks quite good .

Over there, a look of pride comes over Chang Jingxue’s face when he watches the graceful moves of Rou Qinn .  Throwing Heavenly Hands is an advanced martial art that he gives to Rou Qinn, which entails him a lot of scheming to acquire it . Now, it seems that his scheming and effort in getting the martial art are not wasted by Rou Qinn, and she doesn’t let him down .

On the other side, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan sigh bitterly when they see that the two childhood friends from Qingshui town are actually fighting each other .

The golden couple in the past are now fighting against each other . Although it’s a contest, there is a sense of resentment in their hearts .

"Pretty good!"

Qin Yi gives his evaluation to Rou Qinn .

He suddenly fills his body with mysterious breath power and uses the Kuafu’s Steps with the surging of the power . His figure immediately becomes erratic, which is no less than that of Rou Qinn .


With Qin Yi's figure bursting out, Rou Qinn's palm falls into the air and hits it hard on the ring . The huge ring seems to be unable to bear the power of Rou Qinn's slender hand and suddenly shakes .

She is really powerful!

The disciples who watch the battle could not help but take a breath . The power of this palm is really terrible .  It is estimated that the disciples in the middle of the third level of the Domephase may not be able to bear it .

"Throwing Heavenly Hands" is really extraordinary!

Qin Yi feels the ruthlessness of the Rou Qinn, and a feeling of helplessness rises in his heart . He knows that the mutual affection between them in Qingshui town has completely disappeared .   Now, Rou Qinn even has a strange hatred of him .

"The Overlordboxing!"

Qin Yi's face is calm while he launches a punch at Rou Qinn .

This fist seems ordinary, but in fact it's very mysterious .  There is even a slight air flow fluctuating around it, which seems to move the Tao of nature . In a moment, Rou Qinn feels overwhelmed by Qin Yi’s great power .

Feeling the mystery of Qin Yi's fist, Rou Qinn is shocked . Could he have practiced  "Overlord-oxing" to the peak?

She doesn't dare to be careless . Her graceful body is like a waving willow, and her slender palm is cutting towards Qin Yi's neck .

"The Second Move of Throwing Heavenly Hands - excellent hand of Meiqiu!"

The strong wind on the slender hand of the Rou Qinn makes Qin Yi feel that an invisible blade is cutting towards his neck .

Qin Yi doesn't panic . He takes Kua Fu’s Steps and escapes from Rou Qinn’s attack easily . He looks at Rou Qinn indifferently and says," Rou Qinn, give in, You can't beat me!"

"Humph, boy, don't talk nonsense here, let Qinn give in? Beat her down before you talk . "

Chang Jingxue, who watches the battle in the distance, immediately cries out with discontent .

"Yeah, you haven't won yet . What are you talking about, Qin Yi? Oh, I see, you can only use the basic martial arts--- Overlordboxing, right? You can't defeat the advanced martial arts like Throwing Heavenly Hands! "

"Ha ha, Qin Yi, you can't win Rou Qinn and you even let her admit defeat .  Can you be more shameless?"

The disciples who watch the battle are unhappy for a long time that Qin Yi has won dozens of times in a row on the ring with his Overlord-boxing only .  The strong power of Qin Yi’s basic martial art makes them discontented and angry .

On the ring, Qin Yi is not moved by the remarks under the ring . He looks at Rou Qinn calmly .

"Admit defeat? No! It's impossible unless you beat me in the ring . " Rou Qinn's beautiful face is hot, but her eyes are cold .

"The Third Move of Throwing Heavenly Hands - Soul Lock of Yama!"

Rou Qinn’s graceful body suddenly shoots towards Qin Yi like a dragon roaring out of the sea .  Her palms move and leave a mysterious track, cutting hard towards at Qin Yi .

Shaking his head reluctantly, Qin Yi no longer says nonsense and once again fills his body with mysterious breath power .  After feeling the power of Rou Qinn, he fights head-on seriously .

It has to be said that Rou Qinn is a pretty excellent young girl in Qingshui town . The fight between Qin Yi and Rou Qinn is nearly a draw, even Rou Qin uses the the Throwing Heavenly Hands, a powerful advanced martial art taught by Chang Jingxue .  

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Of course, this is only when Qin Yi secretly suppresses his true strength so that the fight between him and Rou Qinn is a draw, for he doesn't enter an extremely ethereal state and his martial art the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill is not used .

If he uses The Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, Rou Qinn would lose in one move!

Even so, the breathing of Rou Qinn gradually becomes rapid, and the delicate tip of her nose has exuded a few glistening beads of sweat .

As time goes on, she finally uses the last move of Throwing Heavenly Hands——

The Thirteenth Move of Throwing Heavenly Hands- The Dancing of Immortals! 

Rou Qinn transforms her figure into two, and the two figures are transformed into four, the four figures transformed into eight……

In a flash, there are innumerable Rou Qinns on the ring, and the true figure mingles with the false ones, who attack Qin Yi together and drown him completely .

"Wow . . . "

All the disciples watching the battle are stunned and open their mouths wide .

"Oh, my heaven, Yi . . . . . . "

In the distance, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan’s face turn pale in an instant, and they stand up abruptly and shouts out .

On the other side, Chang Jingxue smiles and thinks Qin Yi is nothing more than this!

Just the next moment, his smile suddenly freezes .

"The Overlord-boxing . " 

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On the ring, a furious voice is heard .

The innumerable figures of Rou Qinn suddenly disperse .

Qin Yi stands proudly on the ring, holding his fist straight, while Rou Qinn in white robe is flying out of the ring .

Chang Jingxue, who watches the battle under the ring, rushes quickly towards Rou Qinn and catches her before she falls on the ground .

Rou Qinn’s face is pale, and there is a trace of red blood on her mouth .  At this moment, she looks unwillingly at Qin Yi who stands on the ring looks unapproachable like God .

"I told you, you can’t beat me . "

Qin Yi looks down calmly at Rou Qinn, saying lightly .

“Do I really have to look up to him?”

Rou Qinn raises her delicate face and looks up the handsome young boy on the ring . Her heart beats hard .

She looks so gloomy that she leaves without saying any words .

"Boy, I'm waiting for you in the knockout competition!" A trace of cruelty appears on Chang Jingxue’s face .

Qin Yi has won dozens of games in a row, and has already entered the top five of the group .  So he is fully qualified to participate in the knockout competition .

"OK, I am waiting for your challenge at any time . "

Qin Yi says calmly .

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