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Chapter 24

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On the capacious ground, the sweeping Assembly continues .

The first of the three rounds of trials is still of a fiery atmosphere, and the whole scene is noisy .

On the sixth ring, Qin Yi stands there proudly .

According to the rules of the assembly, Qin Yi knocks Lu Tianba off the ring, then he must stay on the ring to accept the next challenge .

“No . 132 vs . No . 114!”

With Guo Wuchen's announcement, a juvenile with a thin figure comes to the ring, and his body exudes a lot weaker momentum than Lu Tianba .

With the example of Lu Tianba, this time, it is a lot quieter on the ground . Qin Yi has used his action to shut down people’s sneers!

On the ring, the juvenile's face shows a hint of fear when he faces the calm look of Qin Yi .

However, the boy eventually grits his teeth and motivates the mysterious breath energy in his body to rush to Qin Yi .

“Shadowless Kick!”


Qin Yi smiles bitterly and still uses the most basic boxing . He knows that people on the ground must be astonished about his continuing use of Overlord-boxing, and maybe they will regard him as a monster .

However, this is the only move he can do now .


The fists and feet collides, and that young man cannot bear Qin Yi's boxing power at all . He groans in his mouth, then he falls directly from the ring .

This battle is so easy with just one punch!

“No . 132 wins!”

Guo Wuchen, the chief referee on the referee's seat, gives his judgment after staring blankly .

The disciples under the ring are all confused and blink unbelievably . Such a competition really gives people a weird feeling .

This is Qin Yi's second victory with Overlord-boxing!

Without wasting time, the third disciple comes to the ring . This is a slightly fat boy with a strong momentum which is a lot stronger than that of the former young boy . He must reach the third level


Qin Yi hits with a punch . He only has this set of boxing skills and he doesn’t have other patterns .

He is so proficient about the Overlord-boxing . With one punch without flaws, he hits the center of the opponent's weakness .


The slightly fat boy groans, for he is beaten down to the ground by Qin Yi, simply and directly .

“Well, use the most basic Overlord-boxing to knock the opponent to the ground with one punch!”

“He is awful, but also adoring!”

The disciples who watch the battle under the ring all open their mouths, and they cannot find any adjective to describe the young man on the ring .

Only the plain "awful but adoring" words can describe their ambivalence towards Qin Yi at this time .

Guo Wuchen freezes for a while, and his mind apparently turns complicated . Then he announces the result with no expression: “No . 132 wins!”

Next, Qin Yi won three battles with ease by using the basic Overlord-boxing almost in one punch!

Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan who watch the battle from a distance have been shocked by Qin Yi's performance and cannot speak at all . They hope that if Qin Yi can reach the top 100, they will be quite satisfied .

However, in Qin Yi's current situation, it should be easy for him to enter the top 50 .

“If he hasn’t cultivated Overlord-boxing to the peak, he can never exert such power . ”

"Yeah, he may be the only one in Lingyumen to cultivate the basic martial art to the peak, the whole Lingyumen has a tough perseverance . ”

Several senior masters of Lingyumen on the referee's floor are talking about Qin Yi . His performance is so special that it attracts everyone’s attention .

“Basic martial arts are just the basis . He can only show off in the first round of trials . It is not so easy to win in the second round .

An old master who wears a yellow robe speaks . He is the father of Chang Jingxue, Chang Fengyang .

Unexpectedly, his words do not encounter any objection .

During the discussion of several masters, Qin Yi won several battles, and even met Guang Yonggao .

In the face of the powerful Qin Yi, Guang Yonggao’s fat face is full of hesitation between fighting and giving up directly .

It is undoubtedly that he will be defeated in the move, but it’s so humiliating to admit defeat .

In the end, Guang Yonggao decides to challenge, and as is expected, Qin Yi punches him off the ring .

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At this time, Qin Yi has won eight battles .

The point is, he uses all the way the Overlordboxing!

The whole ground is extremely quiet, and everyone stands there blankly . Looking at the young man on the ring with proud, every disciple regards him as a monster!

On the spacious ground, the six rings are all in fighting . The disciples’ amazing performances appear from time to time . And there is a wave of cheers .

After the defeat of Guang Yonggao, the splendor of Qin Yi continues, which refreshes the winning streak and brings a shocking and visual impact on the audience .

Of the 6 rings, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the number 6 .

Of course, the third ring is as drastic as the sixth .

The popular disciple Yang Shiqi is arranged on the third ring . She is wearing a white robe today, standing on that ring, fluttering like a fairy, as if she would fly with the wind .

She beats a disciple who has already reached the fourth level with a wave of her her hand, which brings a deathly stillness to the ground, and then a cheering sound suddenly bursts out!

She defeats a disciple who has reached the fourth level in such a way!

Her cultivation has broken through to the medium stage of fourth level at least, and may be even higher!

“You are welcome!”

Yang Shiqi smiles with joy, and she knows that she is the protagonist on the 3rd ring today without suspense .

As for Qin Yi on the sixth ring, this super dark horse is even more fierce .

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“No . 132 wins!”

“No . 235 vs . No . 132!”

“No . 132 wins!”

“ . . . ”

Fighting all the way, Qin Yi is quite relaxed .  Kua Fu’s Steps, The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elephant King and Qi Recover Spell are all cultivated to the small success, and the Overlord-boxing is even more skilled . No one can ever combat with him .

All the disciples who go to the ring are easily defeated by Qin Yi!

Below the sixth ring, people all open their mouths and feel that the battle on the No . 6 ring is just like a dream .

It’s incredible . Qin Yi has won 17 times, and all of his challengers have been beaten by Overlord-boxing!

Later, even disciples under the third ring who want to see Yang Shiqi's competition are all attracted to the Qin Yi’s ring .

Qin Yi's winning streak is still refreshing .

“Oh my God, he has won 28 times!”

Exclaim the disciples under the ring .

Qin Yi's parents, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan, have been completely shocked by Qin Yi's performance, and their hearts are full of shock and joy .

But Chang Jingxue’s countenance is getting even worse, and his is also shocked . Qin Yi is really amazing, but if Qin Yi can enter the knockout, he is still confident of defeating him .

“No . 222 vs . No . 132!”

As soon as the referee's voice falls, a charming figure jumps up lightly . The figure is Rou Qinn, a girl from Qinshui Town .

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