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Chapter 26

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Everyone is amazed by Qin Yi, the black horse, who beats Chang Jingxue’s woman off the ring .

The point is that he uses the most basic martial art, Overlord-boxing, throughout the competition .

However, everyone knows that Qin Yi is in the limelight today .  But in the future he will face a rough time .  

Chang Jingxue is a man who would revenge for the smallest grievance .  Qin Yi shows no respect to his woman . He will not let Qin Yi off easily .

"Number 132 wins!"

The competition continues .  As expected, Qin Yi wins the disciples one by one with the most basic martial art Overlord-boxing .

This scene provokes all the Lingyumen's elders with mixed feelings .

"It's really surprising that the boy only used ‘Overlord-boxing’ to win all the time . Elder Guo, it's said that he chose a collection of ‘The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon’ in the scripture library, which can't be cultivated at all . It's a pity that if he chose other martial arts, he would be even more amazing . " An elder in a yellow robe says to Guo Wuchen .

"Yeah, at that time I advised him to change one, but the boy was quite stubborn and refused to change it . " Guo Wuchen sighs regretfully, and then says, "but this boy is pretty good . He has reached the peak of his basic martial art Overlord-boxing!"

After that, Guo Wuchen looks at the young man in the arena from far . The boy is too mysterious for him

He would never forget the moment that he held Qin Yi’s left hand, seeing an ancient corpse standing there quietly on the young man's left hand . In front of the ancient corpse, he had a feeling of turning into nonentities in a moment without a chance to resist .

What is his origin and why is he so mysterious?

Guo Wuchen frowns . . . . . .

"Hello, junior fellow apprentice Qin . My name is Fu Yu . "

With the appearance of a young man of ordinary figure and plain looking in the arena, there is a lot of uproar under the arena .

Fu Yu, the best outer disciple, is so vigorous that he displays no flaw about him at all .

"Hello, senior fellow apprentice"

Qin Yi smiles at him . Unexpectedly, Fu Yu, who ranks first among the outer disciples, is also arranged on the set 6 .

He feels that Fu Yu is very vigorous at present, much more powerful than the Rou Qinn who has been just defeated .

Since Fu is the best outer disciple, he could not be an ordinary man . However, Qin Yi is not afraid of it . If he enters an extremely ethereal state and uses Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill, Qin Yi believes that he can easily defeat him .

However, these unique skills, he does not want to expose too early because they must be used at the critical moment .

"Senior fellow apprentice Fu, you should defeat this boy!"

Under the arena, there is a cry . Many disciples couldn't bear Qin Yi's winning in a row . Now, Fu Yu, the best in the outer disciple, finally comes to the arena .

The best in the outer disciples battles against the black horse!

Before that, Qin Yi, the black horse, has already made a great success . Now he battles against the No . 1 outer disciple . The scene is so hot that it attracts the audience of the whole practice field .  There are few people under the other five arenas, even under the arena of the female disciple Yang Shiqi .

Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan, Qin Yi's parents, are so excited that they could not speak . They are shocked by their son's performance that they couldn't even dream of it . The boy used to pretend to be weak . Today, he suddenly showed off his brilliance . It's unnecessary for them to worry about being sent back every day to Qingshui town .

Chang Jingxue, on the other side, looks at Qin Yi from afar . He decides to beat him directly in the knockout competition!

The Rou Qinn is in his arms, staring at the young man in the arena, and feeling so strange . A thousand confused thoughts come over her . .

All the elders in the referees’ position are stunned by the enthusiasm of the audience .

"This guy, he's a surprise . He upstages the popular disciple Yang Shiqi . Now, it's pushing the trial to the climax!" Guo Wuchen, dressed in a white robe, has a little relief in his eyes .

"Facing Fu Yu, I'm afraid he's not lucky any more . Fu Yu can't be defeated by Overlord-boxing"

The man who says this is Chang Jingxue's father, Chang Fengyang!

"Not necessarily . " Guo Wuchen says lightly .

Chang Fengyang looks at Guo Wuchen strangely . He feels that elder Guo has some special feelings for Qin Yi .

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"Ha ha, Qin Yi .  If you have the courage, you would use Overlord-boxing in the next fight with Fu Yu!"

"Qin Yi, it's time to get off the arena . You've been standing on it so long . "

There is a lot of noise under the arena .

Qin Yi stands upright in the arena, not distracted by the noise .

"Junior fellow apprentice Qin, pay attention .  I'm coming!"

Fu Yu smiles and he is very straightforward . In a moment, he comes close to Qin Yi like a leopard, and his fists hit Qin Yi's chest hard .

As expected, he proves much stronger than Rou Qinn!

Without entering an extremely ethereal state, Qin Yi could hardly see any flaw in his attack .

He is like a wall of iron, unable for him to break in .

Feeling Fu Yu's strength, Qin Yi could not have any carelessness . He quickly surges up the mysterious breath power in his body, takes Kua Fu’s Steps, and shoots out his body obliquely, which is to avoid Fu Yu's attack .


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Fu Yu sincerely praises while his fists are like shadows following Qin Yi's figure . Around the fists, there is even a little air flow, which shows how powerful the fists are .

However, Qin Yi seems to have eyes behind him, and his body is suddenly shaken . When he turns around, a fist is coming .

"The Overlord-boxing!"

Before his fist arrives, the powerful fist wind has already rushed to Fu Yu's chest . Even if Fu Yu is as stable as Mount Tai, he is still blown five or six steps back .

"My God, he still uses the Overlord-boxing!"

"What's amazing is that Fu Yu is blown back!"

Under the arena, there comes a scream .

That they expected Qin Yi to be overthrown by Fu Yugan does not appear . Instead, Fu Yu is overwhelmed by Qin Yi's fist .

"I was wrong just now . This boy, he didn't just practice ‘Overlord-boxing’ to the top, but to the perfect!"

Guo Wuchen on the referee's bench is so excited that his body is trembling slightly . He has never seen any disciple who is able to complete the basic martial art Overlord-boxing . After breaking through the second level of Domepahse, ordinary disciples usually begin to cultivate higher-level martial arts .

"This boy’s perseverance is a little surprising . . . "

Chang Fengyang, standing beside Guo Wuchen, slightly frowns and falls into meditation .

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