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Chapter 18

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After hearing Qiu Shaoxian's remarks, many disciples on the field all laugh out loud at the young man who perceives a genuine sense of internal force .

“He is just pretending . ” Chang Jingxue smiles lightly because his perception of the internal

force is still quite vague, for which he cannot believe that Qin Yi is able to realize it .

“Yes, he must be pretending!”

The disciples echo Qiu Shaoxian with disdain . No one would believe that a disciple who has just reached the third level can feel the internal force .

Even a Domephase Scholar who is above the fourth level cannot cultivate the internal force in a short duration of time, much less the Domephase Man of the third level . To realize the cultivation of internal force, both perseverance and opportunity and comprehensive ability are needed .

Qin Yi is standing firmly like an old monk, who turns a deaf ear to the ceaseless buzz of the crowd . He is completely immersed in the internal force and he can clearly feel that with the emergence of the internal force, and a qualitative change can be noticed .

Although the change is extremely faint, it is enough to make him ecstatic .

“Well . . . he is good performer!”

The disciples around him become even more disdainful, and they even bear a scornful attitude towards Qin Yi .

Listening to those disdainful voices around, Yang Shiqi frowns slightly, but in her heart, she does believe that Qin Yi can feel the internal force of Domephase .

“Is he just pretending?”

Yang Shiqi's heart is full of doubts . The internal force comes from breath . Qin Yi has just reached the third level, so where does his mysterious breath come from?

(voice of breath)

After a while, Qin Yi exhales lightly . He opens his eyes slowly with full of joy on his face .

However, when he has found that everyone around him looks strangely at him, the young boy opens his mouth astonishingly and asks, “What's going on?”

His appearance makes the disdain of the disciples around him become more and more intense .  What a fraud!

“Qin Yi, are you . . . are you okay?” Yang Shiqi flutters her charming eyes with hesitation .

“What happened?” Qin Yi looks more and more confused, and he nods blankly: “I… I’m okay! Goodbye, I'm going home . ”

“I have just realized a hint of internal force, I must go home to cultivate and consolidate it . ” Thinks Qin Yi .

With the cultivation of the third level, he has touched something that can only be possessed by the fourth level . This is an extremely exciting news!

“Wait a minute!” Here comes a steady voice .

Lecturer Lu has not yet left . At this time, he walks steadily toward Qin Yi and the disciples around him hurriedly make way to express awe .

At the same time, people are more curious about his behavior . Why would he step down from the stage to come here?

When Lecturer Lu walks towards Qin Yi directly and the disciples around look at Qin Yi with schadenfreude . It must be the affectation of this boy, which makes the Lecturer disgusted . Lecturer Lu is coming to teach him a lesson .

Lecturer Lu comes to Qin Yi and looks at him for a while, then suddenly smiles and nods: “Well, you did a good job . ”

What does it mean, isn't he pretending?

Yang Shiqi opens her cherry mouth slightly, looking at Qin Yi inconceivably with an inexplicable joy in her heart .

Many disciples around, including Qiu Shaoxian and Chang Jingxue, however, cannot help twitching their mouths with a bit of jealousy .

This guy actually gets the appreciation of Lecturer Lu, which is really annoying . And people cannot believe that Qin Yi realizes the internal force .

“Lecturer Lu, then what do you think of me?” Qiu Shaoxian’s face is full of ingratiation .

As son of the principal master, Qiu Shaoxian knows Lecturer Lu is the honored guest from Tianxing Mansion, which is an institution that trumps all forces in Phoenix City . It is the dream of all cultivators to be appreciated by the people of Tianxing Mansion, which will promise them a bright future .


Lecturer Lu shifts his sight to Qiu Shaoxian and quickly makes his judgment: “You are just at the Average . ”

The whole training ground is in an uproar . Lingyumen's chief disciple is just ordinary in the eyes of Lecturer Lu, but Qin Yi, who has always been regarded as the bottom disciple, gets a good evaluation!

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Qiu Shaoxian looks grumpy . He grits his teeth, and courageously says, “Lecturer Lu, can you judge it again?”

Just now, he also realized the power of internal force . He is a Domephase Scholar . In addition, he is constantly fed with precious herbs and elixir, which is above the ordinary disciples . It's not difficult for him to cultivate the internal force .

“No, it’s enough . ”

Lecturer Lu smiles slightly with no words . He walks away, leaving Qiu Shao dumbfounded there .


Qin Yi no longer delays, and he turns around and goes home directly to practice his internal force .

Looking at the young man's back, Yang Shiqi smiles slightly with her pretty mouth pursed . Her feel is right at first, this boy is extraordinary . . .

“Sister Shiqi, in fact, I have also realized the internal force, let's go back for practicing . ” Qiu Shaoxian, who has come back to himself and comes to Yang Shiqi's side, says softly .

Yang Shiqi smiles brightly, which is like a spring breeze, but those beautiful eyes are looking sidelong at the back of Qin Yi .

Noticing Yang Shiqi's gaze, Qiu Shao turns slowly to the back of Qin Yi, and clenches his fists secretly .

When he gets home, Qin Yi says nothing and goes straight to his room and closes the door to avoid being disturbed .

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“Now, I have successfully induced a hint of internal force, but this is not enough . It is too weak to pose any threat . . . ”

Qin Yi sits down on his knees and calmly analyzes: “If I want to hurt someone like Lecturer Lu, I must make it strong . ”

Exhaling lightly, Qin Yi closes his eyes, and The Imposing Inner Power of the Tiger and Elephant King and Qi Recover Spell emerge in his mind at the same time .

In these two martial arts, one cultivates momentum and one cultivates breath, both of which are of great help to internal force and are its basis . Qin Yi can draw the internal force at the third level, which is exactly the contribution of these two martial arts .

Qin Yi is peaceful when practicing in accordance with the two martial arts’ training method . For a moment, he feels that his body is full of powerful blood, and his own momentum instantly reaches a full state .

Leaving aside his actual cultivation, this powerful blood and momentum enables him to rank among the top ten among the young disciples of Lingyumen .

However, practicing for a few hours, the internal force in Qin Yi's body still shows no sign of

stronger strength .

“It seems that I have to find a way to improve my blood and breath . ”

Qin Yi frowns and sighs . His own cultivation has just reached the third level . Even if he practices Qi Recovery Spell, the blood and breath in his body is very limited .

In the early morning the next day, Qin Yi finds his silver drafts which he will use to to buy some elixir from Donghuang Pharmacy .

“Well, why are you here?”

As soon as the door is opened, a charming girl appears at the door, and Qin Yi opens his mouth with astonishment .

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