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Chapter 17

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“You did a good job!”

Guang Fei comes to Qin Yi, whose complexion looks indifferent again . He takes a deep look at Qin Yi, and immediately walks away without delay, leaving a flock of disciples startled .

“You let me win . ” Qin Yi nods faintly .

In this battle, he has not yet exerted himself to the full at all . For example, at the beginning, he intentionally suppressed his own strength for he just dodged attacks, and defeated Guang Fei with the last one punch rather than his new learned move of “Seven Moves of Celestial Demon” .

The Assembly is around the corner . At that time, it is the scene where the real masters gather .

Firstly, he does not want to expose his true strength .

And the second reason is that both “Three Moves of Overlord’s King” and the first move in “Seven Moves of Celestial Demon” are martial arts that do not exist in the Lingyumen . Once they are displayed, they will cause quite a stir .

Especially in the “Seven Moves of Celestial Demon”, none of the masters of Lingyumen has come to realize it . If he suddenly uses it, nobody knows that how much trouble he will make .

Now, he just wants to cultivate himself and he doesn't want to provoke any trouble .

“Brother, what's going on, how have you lost to this bloke, don’t you say that you will teach him a lesson?”

Guang Yonggao shouts harshly for Guang Fei is an idol he has been worshiping since childhood, but now his idol is defeated by Qin Yi, which he can hardly accept .

“Stop thinking about it anymore, I cannot defeat him for his move is much better than mine . ”

Guang Fei shakes his head, looking at the weak boy inconceivably .  Recalling the battle with Qin Yi just now, he still feels a little thrilled .

“He . . . actually defeated Guang Fei?”

The charming body of Rou Qinn is slightly stiff, and the look on her face is a bit complicated .

The young man who comes from Qingshui town with her seems to be more handsome and more outstanding . There is a calm and confident spirit in his gestures and expressions .

Chang Jingxue, who is next to Rou Qinn, has a slightly gloomy face . Qin Yi's performance this time is greatly beyond his expectation .

“It's just a little trick . ”

A faint voice suddenly sounds from somewhere, which attracts everyone’s eyes immediately . Then people look together at Qiu Shaoxian's handsome but disdainful face .

Then people feel relieved . As the chief disciple of Lingyumen, Qiu Shaoxian is indeed qualified to assert that Qin Yi's performance is just a piece of cake .

“The chief is right, it's just a little trick . ”

Chang Jingxue smiles lightly: “This guy’s performance this time is really surprising, but don't forget that Guang Fei was defeated by me a year ago . In the martial arts Assembly, I promise that Qin Yi can't make ten moves in front of me . ”

Listening to what he said, Rou Qinn exhales secretly .

Just a little trick?

Qin Yi frowns slightly, “maybe…” Then he does not care about it anymore .

  “Qin Yi, are you okay?”

Yang Shiqi walks to him lightly with a charming smile on her face . The suffocating appearance immediately attracts the eyes of the people present .

It seems that she doesn’t like this feeling of being the focus of attention . The girl's eyebrows slightly frown .

When Qin Yi notices her subtle movements, Qin Yi laughs secretly and jokes, “Why a popular disciple in the clan can't adapt to other people’s sight?”

“Do you think I am willing to be a popular disciple?”

Yang Shiqi shrugs her delicate shoulders innocently, and raises her little face slightly with her

amber eyes looking at Qin Yi, but in her mind she is confused, “he has just reached the third level

but he can easily defeat Guang Fei, what kind of man is he?”

What's confusing is that others cannot find it out . But as a wizard, she is able to find that in the battle Qin Yi has used at least three kinds of moves except for "Overlord-boxing" . In addition, his dodging is not only done by his own flexibility, but also his own breath is obviously functioning more strongly than the early state of the third level .

Didn't he choose just one collectible in the Pavilion last time, and how could there be other martial arts? Does it mean . . . that he has an unusual relationship with Guo Wuchen who guards the Pavilion?

Qin Yi, however, cannot understand Yang Shiqi's exquisite thoughts . Feeling the unkindly sights, he cannot help but smile bitterly: “In this way you really make me a target of public indignation . ”

Qin Yi glances back, finding Qiu Shaoxian's warning gaze .  

Yang Shiqi suddenly makes a innocent face with apology .

An episode finally comes to an end, and the training ground quiets .

“Look, lecturer Lu is here!”

At noon, with a shout, the entire training ground suddenly boils .

Qin Yi looks over, and finds a middle-aged man dressed in a short shirt, who is slowly coming to the central wooden platform . With his every gesture, a steady spirit can be felt .

"This is lecturer Lu?"

Qin Yi secretly motivates his left hand to allow himself to enter the state of etherealness . When he carefully observes the lecturer Lu, he finds that there is a slow air flowing in his body .

Due to the existence of this airflow, every step and even every gaze of Teacher Lu produces  an invisible coercion .

“What a powerful man!”

The disciples in the audience are all shocked in their hearts, breathing a little sharply, looking at the lecturer with awe on their faces . Even the chief disciple Qiu Shaoxian has put away his usual arrogance at this moment, and his eyes are full of worship .

The Domephase Scholar who has cultivated the internal force of Domephase is quite different from the ordinary . It seems that when he raises his hands, he can kill the ordinary cultivators .

“Today, I want to talk to you about some of the mysterious practices and martial arts of Domephase, how to lay the foundation and how to get more with less work . After talking about the Domephase Man, I also want to talk to you about the internal force of Domephase Scholar . ”

Lecturer Lu's eyes slowly sweep across the disciples . His voice is gentle in a medium volume, but it seems to contain some mysterious power, which becomes extremely penetrating . Disciples, who are hundreds of meters away, can hear it clearly .

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“Internal force of Domephase . . . ”

Many of the disciples, including Qiu Shaoxian, Chang Jingxue, and Yang Shiqi, are excited to hear about it .

And so is Qin Yi .

Although he has just broken through to reach the third level, he has already cultivated “The Imposing Inner Power of the Tiger and Elephant King” to a small success . In fact, it is a cultivation of breath that is the basis for practicing the internal force .

Although he has not yet reached the fourth level, on the basis of “The Imposing Inner Power of the Tiger and Elephant King”, maybe a miracle will happen . . .

“As we all know, the cultivation of Domephase is divided into three levels: the stage from the first level to the third level is Domephase Man, the stage from the fourth level to the sixth level is Domephase Scholar, and the stage from the seventh level to the ninth level is Domephase Master . Between each level there is a watershed . Those people with a low talent of understanding will easily encounter choke points on the watershed, but if you have enough perseverance, the choke points are not terrible which are able to break . . . "

Lecturer Lu talks about the basic knowledge of Domephase cultivation on the stage . Most of the disciples of Lingyumen know it .

“Domephase Man is physical cultivation, Domephase Scholar is breathing cultivation, and Domephase Master is spiritual cultivation . Now, I will share with you about physical cultivation . This is very important and fundamental .  The stronger your foundation is, the greater your future will be . . . ”

Qin Yi listens carefully in the audience and notices that he was really lucky before . Fortunately, there are Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of the Tiger and Elephant King . Otherwise, even if he has a magical left hand, he cannot cultivate that fast .

He keeps revising his cultivation methods, and he really benefits from listening all the way .

After half an hour, Lecturer Lu finishes the speech about the practice experience of Domephase Man . Then he changes the topic, and he began to tell the experience of internal force: “A few of you have reached the peak of the third level, and some have even broken through . But unfortunately, you have not cultivated your internal force, which has greatly reduced your strength . ”

Lecturer Lu shakes his head lightly .

The disciples all look at him eagerly .

“About internal force, I have already made it, but it is impossible to explain its principles . The key lies in your own understanding . What I can do is just to tell you some experiences and introduce you to the door . . . ”

Lecturer Lu's voice is unhurried, and as soon as his voice falls, his steady body suddenly exudes a strong breath .

“So powerful!”

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With the release of this breath, the disciples in the front row of the audience suddenly feel a bit short of breath and have a strong sense of invisible depression .

“Can you feel it? That's the energy of internal force . ”

Lecturer Lu's face remains calm . The next moment, he strikes out with a sudden palm, and immediately around the palm a small air swirl is formed .


Before the palm reaches, the small air swirl is shot violently . The disciples in front feel that an irresistible coercion is coming, which is impossible to resist, then they scream and fall to the ground .

“Do you see that? This is the internal force . I just use 10% of my strength . ” Lecturer Lu smiles slightly, his face still looking very leisured .

Only 10% ?

If he hits with all his strength, those disciples are likely to become residues of bone!

All the disciples of Lingyumen take a deep breath and become more awed by Lecturer Lu, and they look even more expectant .

Lecturer Lu is standing in the center of the stage, and all over him a bit of breathless coercion is exuded: “The internal force is mainly generated by one's breath and blood . After the breath and blood have reached a certain level, an invisible force can be formed . This is the internal force . The cultivation of it is focused on one’s personal understanding which cannot be exacted . ” Says Lecturer Lu, “now, try to feel your own internal force . ”

As soon as his voice falls, all the disciples, including Qin Yi, Yang Shiqi, Qiu Shaoxian and Chang Jingxue, quickly close their eyes to perceive it seriously .

After half an hour, the disciples open their eyes again, and many of them have smiles on their faces . Apparently they have had some inspiration .

However, Qin Yi still does not open his eyes for he is immersed in the wonderful feelings of the internal situation .

He is pleasantly surprised, because he finds that the previously practiced Qi Recover Spell and The Imposing Inner Power of the Tiger and Elephant King now really bring him great benefits, and he soon realizes the way to draw forth the internal force .

At this moment, a hint of internal force is forming in his body .

Although it is very weak, being able to form in such a short time is really appalling .

Qin Yi is still standing on the square and his whole body reaches a state of ecstasy . “A bloke, who has just reached the third level, is pretending to feel the internal force!” Watching him at close quarters, Chang Jingxue says disdainfully .

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