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Chapter 19

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A green robe wraps the girl's exquisite body tightly, which makes her curves look graceful . Such a figure brings people a slightly suffocating feeling . Exactly, she is the legendary young girl Yang Shiqi of Lingyumen .

The girl stands gracefully erect in front of Qin Yi with her hands clasped behind her back . She slightly raises her delicate face, and looks at Qin Yi with some playfulness: “Why don't you welcome me? Your parents are genial to me . ”

Not far away, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan both look at Yang Shiqi happily . This girl is better than Rou Qinn, and they have also heard of some rumors about Yang Shiqi .

It is the most welcome thing that such a good girl can get on well with their son .

“Rou Qinn, who came from Qingshui Town with Qin Yi, but when she got to Lingyumen she abandoned Qin Yi and got along with another outstanding disciple Chang Jingxue . Although Qin Yi was still ignorant of romantic love, it was impossible for him to have no mawkishness . ”

Now, it seems that it is really a blessing in disguise .

Seeing the joy on his parents’ face, Qin Yi knows that Yang Shiqi has been on good terns with his parents . He sighs secretly because he doesn’t think that this legendary girl would give up Qiu Shaoxin to get along with him, the bottom disciple who has not been favored .

“Of course, you’re welcome . ” Qin Yi smiles slightly . “I just need to buy some elixirs now . ”

“Really? I just come here to invite you to buy some elixirs . It is coincidental . ” Yang Shiqi's glazed eyes beam with joy .

This girl must be benefited much from the arrival of Lecturer Lu . It is not impossible for her to buy some elixirs to assist her cultivation .

“Oh, this is good, my son, you should go with Shiqi . ” Wu Xianlan, on the side, says happily, and her eyes are full of encouragement .

Qin Yi smiles reluctantly and has no alternative but to go out of the house with Yang Shiqi and heads straight for marketplace .

“Sister Yang, let's go, what are you trying to do with me?”

Qin Yi's temperament is very straightforward . As soon as he leaves the house, he stops walking and looks at Yang Shiqi in doubt .

Yang Shiqi's red lips are slightly opened with a passing look of surprise, and then showing a smile again: “You are really clever to find it out . ”

Qin Yi secretly hesitates, “this girl is quite frank!”

Yang Shiqi stops smiling and says, “Yes, I do have an attempt, but I will not harm you, and it is good for both you and me . But now I can’t tell you my attempt, and you will know afterwards . Let's go . ”

After speaking, the girl turns around slightly, and the green skirt floats slowly which is like a cheerful butterfly .

Looking at the light figure of the young girl, Qin Yi is extremely confused . What is her attempt on him? Does she notice her left hand?

“No, it is impossible!” Thinks Qin Yi .

Qin Yi shakes his head and thinks for a long time, but he is unable to think for a reason . Thus he simply ignores it, “she is just a young girl, and she cannot make waves . ”

What's more, Yang Shiqi has also said that her appearance is beneficial to him .

Donghuang Pharmacy’s business is always so prosperous . Qin Yi and Yang Shiqi enter the door and walk straight along with the flow of people .

“Breath Condensing Elixir and Blood Cohering Elixir, four each please . ” Qin Yi says with a smile when he comes to the counter .

“Breath Condensing Elixir, 200 liang per pill (10 kilograms silver) . Blood Cohering Elixir, 250 liang per pill(12 . 5 kilograms sliver) . ” The shopkeeper says blankly, “1800 liang in total . ”

Qin Yi says nothing, passing the bank notes .

Yang Shiqi looks at Qin Yi with a little surprise . As a legendary girl, of course, she clearly knows the role of Breath Condensing Elixir and Blood Cohering Elixir . One is used for the cultivation of breath and the other is used for the cultivation of blood .

To put it plainly, they are used to cultivate the internal force .

Although Qin Yi's performance yesterday is doubtful, he hasn’t yet reached the third level of Domephase? The internal force is something that Domephase Scholar can own .

“I think you need these two elixirs now, so I will give you these two elixirs separately . ” Qin Yi raises a warm smile on his handsome face, then passes the elixirs to Yang Shiqi respectively .

“It is…”Yang Shiqi freezes a little .

Then immediately, a faint sweetness is breeding in her heart . She of course needs these two elixirs now, because in fact, she has already drawn the internal force . And yesterday the Lecturer ’s instructions also gave her a qualitative leap, and she needs elixir to consolidate it now .

“This boy is so considerate . ” Thinks Shang Shiqi .

Yang Shiqi’s heart flips and she smiles sweetly, “Thank you, then . ”

“Shiqi, what a coincidence, you are here, too . ” A faint voice suddenly sounds from the side .

Qin Yi's dark brows frown slightly . Yang Shiqi is also stunned, and the slender hand which is going to pick up the elixirs is hovering there .

The speaker is Qiu Shaoxian, the chief disciple of Lingyumen . Next to him, there is a young disciple wearing a blue robe, who is muscular and tall and whose momentum is even stronger than that of Qiu Shaoxian .

This person is the inner disciple Pu Chang who only ranks after Ling Shaoxian .

“Hello, brother Qiu and brother Pu . ” Yang Shiqi quickly settles back into her concentration and nods with a smile .

“Hello, senior fellow apprentices . ” Qin Yi does not want to lose the minimum courtesy among the disciples .

Pu Chang nods his head in response .

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Qiu Shaoxian does not look at Qin Yi at all, but he smiles at Yang Shiqi: “Shiqi, your appearance seems to show that the Lecturer Lu's guidance yesterday has benefited you a lot . It’s praiseworthy for you to have such a breakthrough . ”

“Thanks, but you are exaggerating . ” Yang Shiqi smiles with respect and kindness she usually shows toward Qiu Shaoxian .

“You are very humble, Shiqi .  You are unlike some people who can only pretend in front of Lecturer Lu to gain the favor . But unfortunately, Lecturer Lu has returned to Xingjun City early this morning without mentioning those hypocrites . ”

Qiu Shaoxian says lightly with a sense of irony and harshness . Pu Chang, who is beside him, also smiles gloatingly .

Qin Yi shrugs his shoulders with negligence . However, Yang Shiqi frowns her erect nose, and glances at them unhappily .

“Shiqi, I also make some breakthroughs in the internal force . Originally, I wanted to ask you to come to Donghuang Pharmacy this morning to buy elixir, but I don’t know that you have come here first, I then have to make an appointment with Pu Chang to come here . ”

Qiu Shaoxian doesn’t notice the discomfort in Yang Shiqi’s eyes, and continues, “although I don’t make an appointment with you, I know that you must need the elixirs improving the strength of internal force . I have bought two kinds of them for you . “

Then, he takes out four pills of elixir from his arms, two gold and two blue .

Heaven Breath Elixir and Mighty Blood Elixir!

Looking at the elixirs in Qiu Shaoxian's palm, Qin Yi takes a deep breath .

Any elixir has a grade of quality . Generally, elixir is divided into grade 1 to grade 5 . The higher the level is, the better the quality is .

Qin Yi’s Breath Condensing Elixir and Blood Cohering Elixir are both in grade 1, while Qiu Shaoxian's are in grade 3!

As for grade 4 and 5, they are precious and rare, people in places like Phoenix City cannot see .

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One of these four elixirs at least be worth 3000 liang (150 kilograms silver) . Qiu Shaoxian is worthy to be the chief disciple of Lingyumen . “He is really ostentatious . ” Qin Yi thinks secretly .


Yang Shiqi is also stunned by the four high-quality elixirs in front of her . She is stupefied there for a while, for these four elixirs are quite tempting to her .

“Every elixir requires only four thousand liang (200 kilograms silver), and it is not expensive . Shiqi, you don't need to be overcautious to me . " Qiu Shaoxian says with a smile of confidence .

Compared with his four elixirs, Qin Yi's four elixisr can only be regarded as garbage .

“Since Brother Qiu has sent such precious elixirs to Sister Yang, then my four elixirs are unnecessary . ” Qin Yi smiles and puts the four elixirs back to his pocket .

Suddenly, a small white hand flashes out, grabbing four elixirs from Qin Yi's hand .

Qin Yi, Qiu Shaoxian, and Pu Chang are all astounded .

After seizing Qin Yi's four elixir, Yang Shiqi realizes that her actions seem a little too aggressive, and her cheeks cannot help but be slightly red .

“Brother Qiu, my foundation is weak . At present, my internal force is not strong and the high-quality elixir is unbearable for me . I think Qin Yi’s will be more suitable for me . ” Yang Shiqi says somewhat shyly with her eyes drooping .

However, it is obvious that as a popular disciple, Shang Shiqi’s foundation cannot be weak . And she of course can afford the efficacy of Heaven Breath Elixir and Mighty Blood Elixir .

Looking at Yang Shiqi who holds Qin Yi's four elixirs in her hands as if they are some treasure, Qiu Shaoxian's mouth twitches fiercely and Qin Yi is also surprised .


Qiu Shaoxian is indeed the chief disciple, for he soon returns to normal . He gives Qin Yi a faint look and says meaningfully: “The Assembly of Lingyumen is forthcoming . By then, the performance of you, Qin Yi, should not disappointing . ”

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