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Chapter 14

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

After leaving the East Emperor Pharmacy, Qin Yi returns home directly without delay .  Entering his own room and bolting the door, he counts the silver drafts first .  It comes out that he has spent a total of more than fifteen thousand Liang of silver this time and has thirty-five thousand Liang of silver left .

"I need to keep all left for future use . "

Qin Yi understands that on the way of cultivation, precious medicinal materials and elixir are what one needs most, the more the better .

After carefully collecting the silver drafts, Qin Yi sits cross-legged on the ground and begins to practice . He practices the Qi Recover Spell first and finds that his physique has been promoted to the peak unconsciously during the past few days’ actual combat in the Mountain of Magical Wind . He is about to make a breakthrough .

"It seems that the cultivation effect achieved in actual combat is extremely obvious . " Qin Yi makes such a judgment . Next, he takes out a five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum and looks at it with anticipation: "Let’s see if the effect of such an old ganoderma is as remarkable as it was said . "

He eats the five-hundred-year-old ganoderma Lucidum without hesitation .

After a while, Qin Yi feels that a majestic wave of heat is born in his body . The fierce wave of heat pushes itself by shoving as if it were bursting out of Qin Yi's body, which makes him miserable and sweaty .

“The effect of the five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum is really extraordinary . ” Qin Yi suffers a physical pain, but he feels pleasant in his heart .

He doesn’t dare to be careless . He moves his left hand hurriedly, and a trace of ancient mystery breath rushes out from his left hand to suppress and moderate the huge heat wave of the medicine . Soon, the fierce heat wave softens and Qin Yi's whole body becomes very comfortable .

“It’s done!” QinY breaks into a smile of satisfaction .

Normally, not everyone's physique can withstand the strong impact of the medicine . Only the people who break through the peak of the second level of the Domephase can reluctantly bear the efficacy of five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum . Otherwise, one is very likely to die of broken muscles and veins .

 However, with the mysterious left hand, Qin Yi does not seem to have any scruples in this regard .   It has been proved by what happened just now that no matter how strong the efficacy of the medicine is, the mysterious breath emitted from the left hand can suppress and reconcile it .

At this time, Qin Yi's body is like a devil who madly absorbs the reconciled efficacy of the ganoderma lucidum . An hour later, the medicine has been absorbed completely by Qin Yi . The mysterious breath in Qin Yi's body swells endlessly, which seems to explode, but this feeling only lasts for a little while, which is followed by a crackling sound of Qin Yi’s bones .

“The middle stage of the second level of Domephase!”

Qin Yi rejoices when he hears the crackling of his bones . He feels that a strong force fills his limbs and bones and his psychic perception ability has been further improved .

The effect of the five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum is really extraordinary! Qin Yi is immersed in the excitement of the breakthrough of cultivation for a long time before his incandescent eyes calm down .

“With my current strength, I should be able to fight against disciples in the middle of the third level of Domephase, but in the face of the disciples at the peak of the third level, I stand no  chance to win them . ” Qin Yi makes a comprehensive analysis on his ability in all aspects .

There is no doubt that his current strength is still not enough to win at the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

"In The East Emperor Pharmacy, I heard Chang Jingxue said that he was trying to cultivate the internal force of Domephase, which means that he had broken through the fourth level of Domephase and became a true Domephase Scholar . "

Qin Yi frowns slightly, and he knows very well that Chang Jingxue would never let himself go at the forthcoming martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

In fact, Chang Jingxue is not the only concern . Qin Yi also hears that Guangyong Gao has an older brother, Guangfei, who is also an outstanding disciple in Lingyumen .

He has repeatedly defeated Guang Yonggao with one punch, and he firmly believes that Guang Yonggao would definitely ask Guang Fei to take revenge for him .

So, for Qin Yi, the only way to choose is to become stronger and stronger!

Qin Yi is very calm . He takes out the second five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum and eats it, and then he eats the three Bone Refining elixir he bought .

It is conceivable how strong the effect of a five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum and three Bone Refining elixir can be . Even the disciples at the peak of the third level of Domephase may not be able to bear it .

However, Qin Yi is different, and he has a magic left hand . No matter how powerful the medicine is, his left hand can suppress and reconcile it, making the efficacy of the medicine soft .

After Qin Yi takes the five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum and bone-refining elixir, they begin to take effect, and the heat thus produced flows in his body like a stream of magma .  

"Ah . . . " Qin Yi couldn't help screaming, beads of sweat burst from his forehead and there is even white gas coming out of his head .

At this time, Qin Yi's body writhes constantly, which looks very horrible and scary . That feeling is more painful than purgatory . He has no choice but to suffer this pain if he doesn’t want to be beaten bitterly at the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen .

Qin Yi gasps with bean-size beads of sweat streaming all over his body . Qin Yi’s physique is much stronger than that of average disciples, but at that moment he feels the torture goes beyond his reach .  

Without hesitation, Qin Yi motivates his left hand in a hurry and a trace of ancient mystery breath rushes out from his left hand .   


With this ancient breath bursting out, Qin Yi exhales lightly and raises his hand to wipe the sweat .

It was really horrible just now .  “I may die of exploded muscles and veins only if I slow down a little bit . ” If he were an average person, he would have been killed by that power!

“It is better to avoid doing such dangerous things in the future . ”

While the ancient mysterious breath in his body constantly suppressing and reconciling the ferocious power of the medicine, Qin Yi feels that he survives in a disaster .

At the same time, Qin Yi is more and more curious about his left hand . So far, he has found that it has many functions: transforming bones and physiques, allowing himself to enter the ethereal state, stealing martial arts classic, breaking the seal on the book of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon, suppressing and reconciling the power of the medicine . . .

Is this a God-like left hand?

In the distant past, who is the owner of this left hand? He was so powerful! Could he be the  legendary Grand Master?

Above the Domephase, there is the Tao of Grand Master .

For Qin Yi, the Tao of Grand Master is only a legend, for he has never seen a true Grand Master . There has never been a Grand Master even in the entire Phoenix city!

There is no doubt that it is impossible for Qin Yi to know the origin of his left hand . The distance between him and his left hand in term of martial art cultivation is still a far cry!

Qin Yi puts aside his doubts about the left hand and concentrates on cultivation .

His body, again like the devil, madly absorbs the softened power of the medicine . Although Qin Yi’s body is extremely hungry for the auxiliary power to help him in martial art cultivation, the power of a five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum and three Bone Refining Elixirs is really so huge that it takes Qin Yi four hours to absorb all medicines .

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“Crack,crack,crack . . . ” The crackling sound of bones is heard again in Qin Yi's body .

Then, a strong breath bursts out of his body, which makes his black hair blow free in the air .

I have made it!

I have broken through the peak of the second level of Domephase .

I have broken through two levels of Domephase in succession in one day . It is estimated that no one can do it except I in the whole world, let alone the whole Lingyumen . Maybe only the legendary ancient great emperors in their youth could have the ability to make such a big leap forward in a short time .  

After all, whoever proves to be an ancient great emperor must possess supreme qualifications and roots of wisdom beyond description . No word can describe his amazing natural endowments!

Although Xin Yi ‘s cultivation has broken through the peak of the second level of Domephase, Qin Yi is not the same as before when he will be ecstatic for a while after he achieves a breakthrough .

He still sits motionless on the ground, as quietly as a dry well without waves . He seems to have no sense of his breakthrough .

Then, he has completely entered the ethereal state created by his left hand . He has forgotten time and even himself .

He feels like a dust, drifting into a space of endless silence, which is undoubtedly a world that belongs to the ancient times surrounded by an extremely ancient breath .

“The heaven was dark blue and the earth was yellow; the universe was formed in a state of chaos and ignorance; through all the ages long, only I was overweening . The Ancient Emperor Hengyu practicing in heaven and on earth, he became a saint and was able to control everything in the universe . . . ”

Suddenly, an ancient voice like large bell sounds .

“Is it that voice again?”

Qi Yi is too familiar with this voice, and he looks for the voice in a hurry . He sees a huge black shadow floating in the midst of the sky, flickering from left to right like a ghost . Qin Yi is shocked by what he saw .  

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“Who are you?” Qin Yi shouts at the shadow .

There is no doubt that the huge shadow is the master of the left hand . It is incredible that he actually exists in this ancient world!

The giant shadow in the air seems only to be an unconscious mirror image, flickering from left to right like an inscrutable ghost .

“What is it doing?”

Qin Yi is extremely confused by the shadow’s motion and looks far into the distance, only to find that the movement of the shadow is quite familiar .

The next moment, he feels as if there were huge waves surging up in his heart: "The first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon!"

It is true that the shadow in the air is practicing the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon!

Qin Yi is ecstatic . He could not understand how to practice the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon written in the book before, but now the shadow is giving him a demonstration of how to practice it .

Who says that The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon is just a unusable collection? Look, this is it!

Without hesitation, Qin Yi hurries to follow the huge shadow’s movement in the air to practice the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon . He is looking forward to seeing the  shocked face of all the disciples in the whole Lingyuwen, when he uses the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon .

The first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon is extremely esoteric and complicated, but Qin Yi can barely keep up with the movement of the shadow after entering the ethereal state .


The entire ancient world explodes the moment Qin Yi finishes practicing the first move of The Seven Moves of Celestial Demon  .

Qin Yi returns to reality . He still sits on the ground, and his eyes open blankly .

Suddenly, he feels that the mysterious breath flowing in his body has reached an unprecedented state, his limbs and bones full of mighty power .

“I . . . break through the third level of Domephase?!”

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