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Chapter 13

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

In Phoenix City, flowers bloom, and its streets are crowded with dense traffic and pedestrians . There are various shops standing on both sides of the street .  The city is bustling and prosperous .

The people in Jiu Zhou Mainland tend to fight against injustice and resist oppression, so that the culture of martial art practice is extremely strong in the folk . Therefore, the business of most of these shops, big and small, is related to martial arts . Weapons and equipment, elixir, medicine, etc . are all sold in these shops . As long as you have enough money, you can even buy martial arts classics .

After a few hours, the skinny Qin Yi appears in a shop that does fierce birds and beasts material business .

"Wing Tiger, one thousand and six hundred Liang silver . "

"The giant eagle, eight hundred and fifty Liang silver . "

"Blood leopard, nine hundred Liang silver . "

Expressionless, the shopkeeper counts the fierce birds and beasts brought by Qin Yi one by one . When Qin Yi takes out the silver snake skin, his face finally changes slightly . The silver plate snake is a very famous fierce beast in the Mountain of Magical Wind . People whose practice is below the third level of Domephase dare not to provoke it .   

"This . . . you hunted it?" The shopkeeper takes out the whole silver plate snake and looks at Qin Yi with an incredible expression . Judging from the appearance, this skinny boy in front of him apparently is incapable of hunting a silver plate snake .

"Of course . " Qin Yi nods .

The shopkeeper exhales softly and says, "Good job, kid . The whole silver plate snake is worth a total of two thousand and three hundred Liang silver . "

“It was worth a little more than I have expected . ” and Qin Yi is quite satisfied with the price . Then he takes out the panacea of the spirit beast and says: "So, how much is this worth?"

“The panacea of the spirit beast . It is the panacea of a giant golden ape?”

Looking at the red panacea of the spirit beast on the palm of Qin Yi, the shopkeeper suddenly opens his eyes . From his experience, he can certainly recognize that it is a panacea at first glance and he ensures that it is a panacea of golden ape!

The giant golden ape is a low-level spirit beast . People whose practice is below the fifth level of Domephase dare not to challenge it .  

When the shopkeeper saw the silver plate snake, he was already shocked by the extraordinary ability of the young man in front of him . Now he almost feels that the young man is the incarnation of a devil .

"The panacea of a giant golden ape .  Is it true?" The shopkeeper swallows hard and says .

Seeing the shock and doubt of the shopkeeper, Qin Yi smiles lightly and says: "It was I and several other outstanding disciples of Xianshizong who finally managed to kill a giant gold ape . The process was thrilling and one of them was almost dead . "

Hearing Qin Yi's explanation, the shopkeeper's shock and doubt are slightly relieved . That's right; otherwise it is absolutely impossible for the juvenile to hunt a golden ape on his own .

"Three thousand Liang silver!" The shopkeeper says with great pleasure . The panacea of spirit beast is the messenger drug for many high-quality elixir .  “This deal for me will be a good harvest . ”

"Deal!" Qin Yi doesn’t think much before he nods .

The hunting trip to the Mountain of Magical Wind is really fruitful .  Qin Yi earned more than forty thousand Liang silver, definitely a big sum of money even for some disciples from rich family .

"The silver is enough for me to buy the elixir to help him make a breakthrough . " Qin Yi thinks happily .

Qin Yi doesn’t stay longer in the shop .  He walks out of the shop and walks towards a medicine shop on the other street .

The medical material shop has always been the best business among all industries in Phoenix City . Those disciples with good economic conditions usually go to the medical material shop to buy medicine and elixir to help them in martial art cultivation .

It is heard that the so-called children with the greatest natural talent are not born to be extraordinary talents . Some of them are nurtured with high-quality elixir and bathed with water that absorbs the essence of heaven and earth to build up a good body for martial art practice after they are born .  After the age of five or six, those kids will have wonderful bones and physique that allow them to make achievements in martial art practice at a tremendous pace .

“The East Emperor Pharmacy is the largest medicinal material market in Phoenix city . It operates a wide range of medicinal materials for hundreds of years and even thousands of years . It also sells various types of elixir . It is heard that the power behind The East Emperor Pharmacy is huge and mysterious, even the five famous forces in Phoenix city dare not challenge them . ”

Upon arriving at the entrance of The East Emperor Pharmacy, a cold familiar voice comes into Qin Yi's ears . Qin Yi stares blankly for a few seconds and turns around slowly but only to see that not far from him, sure enough, a boy and a girl are walking towards the pharmacy . The boy is tall and straight and sends out an air of arrogance all over . The girl looks beautiful and delicate, snuggling up to the boy happily . Qin Yi smiles bitterly at the familiar boy and girl .

"Qin Yi . . . " Rou Qin blinks her beautiful eyes and looks at Qin Yi with surprise .

Without stopping, Qin Yi nods slightly at the boy and the girl as a response and walks directly into the East Emperor Pharmacy .

Speaking of it, Qin Yi thinks to himself that he should thank Rou Qin for her inadvertent reminding him to hunt in the Mountain of Magical Wind . If not, he will never think of it .

"Huh, a poor boy like him wants to buy elixir in The East Emperor Pharmacy? Any medicinal material or a single elixir here is worth his several years’ allowance at Lingyumen . " Chang Jingxue looks at Qin Yi’s back and says disdainfully .

Rou Qin only sighs slightly and says nothing . She certainly knows about Qin Yi's family situation . He could never have hundreds or thousands of silver to buy medicinal materials and elixir . But for Chang Jingxue, the story is different . He comes from a very wealthy family and he is a key training object in Lingyumen . His allowance is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary disciples .

Qin Yi ignores the sharp words of Chang Jingxue behind him . He enters The East Emperor Pharmacy and buys some medicinal materials right for his own use .

Qin Yi is now a mysterious manat, the important stage of physical training . It is necessary to buy some medicinal materials for physical fitness . Among various medicinal materials for physical fitness, the most effective is the ganoderma lucidum .

“A one-hundred-years ganoderma lucidum costs two hundred Liang silvers, two-hundred-years ganoderma lucidumcosts four hundred Liang silvers, three-hundred-years ganoderma lucidumis one thousand Liang silvers, five-hundred-years ganoderma lucidum is two thousand Liang silvers . ”

Qin Yi's eyes slowly glances at the ganoderma lucidum in front of him . The older the ganoderma lucidum, the more significant the effect is . Of course, only few can afford the price .

“Xue, if I can use a five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum, I may be able to break through the middle of the third level of Domephase within six months .  As you know, my qualifications are not bad . ” Rou Qin’s coquettish voice comes into Qin Yi’s ears .

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“No, I'm trying to cultivate the internal force of Domephase recently . I need a lot of precious medicinal materials . I can only buy you a two-hundred-years ganoderma lucidum at most . " Chang Jingxue shakes his head lightly .

Although he comes from a wealthy family, he cannot spend money like water . He is really trying to cultivate tthe internal force of Domephase . He couldn't succeed by his own ability, so he needs a lot of precious medicines to assist him . As long as he succeeds in the cultivation of the internal force of Domephase, he is sure to enter the top three in the martial arts Assembly .

At this moment, an indifferent voice sounds, "Shopkeeper, please give me three five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum . "

Although Qin Yi speaks in a low voice, all the people in the pharmacy look at him, full of surprise . Three five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum will cost a total of six thousand Liang silver .

He has money to burn!

It's him!

  Rou Qin looks for the sound and her heart twitches when she sees the familiar skinny figure .

“Three Five-hundred-year of ganoderma lucidum . What s bluff it is . ?”

Chang Jingxue gives a scornful sneer, for he doesn’t believe that a poor disciple from a small place like Qingshui Town could afford three five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum . Even some  disciples from wealthy family may not be willing to buy three five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum in one time .

"A Five-hundred-year ganoderma lucidum is worth two thousand Liang silver, and three cost a total of six thousand Laing silver . " The shopkeeper tells the price .

Qin Yi nods to thank the shopkeeper and then takes out the whole six thousand Liang silver bill and hands them to the shopkeeper under the gaze of all people in the pharmacy .

Chang Jingxue's mocking laugh is frozen at the sight of the scene and his mouth twitches suddenly .

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“How . . . how is that possible?” Rou Qin says with glassy eyes and with her rosy sexy mouth slightly open .

“Shopkeeper, I also want three Breath Condensing Elixir and three Bone Refining Elixir . ”

Next, Qin Yi bought these two kinds of elixir . Breath Condensing Elixir is actually a kind of elixir that has a certain auxiliary effect on the cultivation of the internal force of Domephase used by Mysterious Man . Just now Qin Yi hears that Chang Jingxue is already trying to cultivate the internal force of Domephase .  Successful or not, he also wants to have a try, anyway, now he is rich and can afford the elixir . The Bone Refining Elixir is a kind of elixir that has auxiliary effect on breakthrough of cultivation used by a Mysterious Man .

It is calculated that Qin Yi actually spends a total of fifteen thousand Liang silver on elixir, which is more generous than those of the so-called wealthy children .

Carrying the medicinal materials and elixir he bought, Qin Yi stays no longer in the shop and walks out of the pharmacy . He doesn’t look at Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue as he passes them .

“He is leaving me for good . I stew myself in my own juice . ” Looking at Qin Yi's departure, Rou Qin smiles bitterly to herself .

Qin Yi seems to remember something suddenly . He stops, turns around and slowly walks towards Rou Qin and Chang Jingxue .

Rou Qin raises her eyebrows, her heart beating hard .

“Boy, what do you want?” Chang Jingxue yells at Qin Yi and stares at Qin Yi coldly .

“When we were in Qingshui Town, you often accompanied me to practice martial art . I give you this 500-year-old ganoderma Lucidum for that . ”

Qi Qinyi takes out a 500-year-old ganoderma lucidum and puts it in Rou Qin’s hand . He doesn’t say anything more, he turns around and leaves without taking a look at Chang Jingxue from the beginning to the end .

Holding the five-hundred-year-old ganoderma lucidum, looking at Qin Yi's departure, Rou Qin’s heart twitches violently .

Chang Jingxue's chest rises and falls for a while, and he says with a frightening frozen gaze: “Boy, I have nothing against you .  Now it is you who provoke me first .  I don't mind disabling you directly!”

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