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Chapter 15

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Sitting cross-legged in the room, Qin Yi feels the mysterious breath power in his body, which really makes him both excited and bewildered . This time, he has made astounding advances, for he has reached the third level of Domephase!

How cool!

“Ever since I got that mysterious left hand”, Qin Yi soliloquizes, “my power has rocketed and I have become a super genius!”

Qin Yi manages to suppress his excitement and begins to assess his strength calmly: “as for the disciples who are at the peak of the third level of Domephase, now I can defeat them easily . But it is still difficult to combat with disciples who have reached the fourth level . ”

There is a huge chasm between the fourth level and the third level, for a cultivator on the third level is Mysterious Man while on the fourth level is Mysterious Master .

There is also a fundamental difference in combat effectiveness . If a Mysterious Master cultivates his internal force of Domephase, even ten disciples at the peak of the third level  cannot defeat him .

However, Qin Yi has his “left hand”, with which he can use the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill at the critical moment . Therefore, even if he can’t defeat the disciples who are of the fourth level, he believes that he won’t be too embarrassed .

“Finally, I am qualified to compete with other disciples in the martial arts Assembly of Lingyumen . It’s easy to be be ranked as the top twenty, and it is unlikely for Chang Jingxue to beat me in one move . ”

Qin Yi utters a sigh of relief .

“The first move of The Seven Moves Celestial Demon . . . ”

Thinking of the huge virtual shadow which appeared in his bizarre state when he was sitting in meditation, Qin Yi can't help standing up, remembering and practicing the moves slowly .

However, his practice is not smooth and his practice is even interrupted without a few drills .

“Once again!”

Qin Yi has a tough personality and he begins to practice again .

When he repeats the drill for the thirtieth time, he finally practices the martial arts smoothly . His whole body becomes mysterious, as if he were separated by a space-time and as his hands move, a natural law seems to occur .

A very mysterious breath flows through Qin Yi’s body, which makes him feel sublimated .

“I made it!”

Qin Yi breathes out and feels ecstatic .  The Seven Moves Celestial Demon is regarded as a precious collection by all the Lingyumen people and he just makes it .

Of course, it’s just the introduction of the first move of The Seven Moves Celestial Demon, but Qin Yi is quite satisfied .

Qin Yi opens the door and goes outside .

“My son, you come out at last”, Qin Mu says . Seeing Qin Yi coming out of the room, both Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan are relieved .

“Mother, have I been in the room for a long time?” Qin Yi frowns and looks at his mother in doubt .

Wu Xianlan smiles kindly: “it’s not a long time, just two days . It’s just that we heard that there is going on a lecture in Lingyumen these two days on how to practice the internal force of Domephase . We don’t know if you need it, but you have been practicing in your own room all the time, we dare not disturb you .  We are just anxious but unable to do anything . ”

“A lecturer will explain the internal force of Domephase?”

“The internal force of Domephase is the thing that only could be cultivated by a Mysterious Master who has reached the fourth level”, Qin Yi thinks, “so many of the young disciples of Lingyumen should have broken through the fourth level and developed into Domephase Scholars . ”

The reason that Lingyumen launches such an activity just before the Assembly is undoubtedly to make the Assembly more exciting, full of suspense and variables .

A disciple who has cultivated a strong internal force at the early stage of the fourth level is very likely to defeat a disciple in the middle fourth stage, or even a disciple at the peak of the fourth level . In this way, the Assembly will be more unpredictable .

It’s just that the internal force is not so easy to cultivate .

“Yes, my son, it’s right on the practicing ground . It is not yet on, but you have to hurry up . ” Qin Mu says .


Qin Yi is very pleased . Although he has just broken through the third level and cannot cultivate the internal force, it’s still helpful to listen to the lecture . He can keep it and cultivate it after he reaches the fourth level .

In addition, at his current speed, Qin Yi feels that it would not take a long time to reach the fourth level .

“Mother and father, thank you so much for telling me the good news . ”

Qin Yi smiles and takes out a silver draft of 10 thousand taels (equal to 500 thousand grams) from his arms and gives it to Wu Xianlan: “Mom, it is what I honor you and father . ”

“Wow,but . . . where do you get so much money, my son?”

Looking at the silver draft, Qin Mu and Wu Xianlan are totally shocked . They come from a small town named Qingshui and they have never had such a big sum of money . Even the title deed they sold when they left Qingshui Town was just worth eight thousand taels (equal to 400 thousand grams) .

“Please do not ask so much . The money comes from a legitimate way, I promise . ” Qin Yi smiles warmly . He cannot wait to get to the practicing ground .

Looking at the 15-year-old Qin Yi’s weak back, Qin Mu and Wu XianLan seem to watch their son becoming a true man .

On the large drill ground, many disciples have gathered to make the site quite noisy .  In the center of the ground, a wooden platform has been built, which is obviously prepared for the lecturer who is going to address on the internal force .

“Just in time . ” Looking at the empty wooden platform, Qin Yi lets out a sigh of relief . The lecturer has not arrived yet .

There are hundreds of disciples gathering on the ground . Qin Yi has been in Lingyumen for just several months, and he is busy practicing every day . Thus Qin Yi has not even met most of them .

There is no doubt that most of the top-notch disciples have come here, and they will always be the focus of attention . And most of them look proud and accept the adoration of the public calmly .

Qin Yi glances slowly across the faces of those top-notch disciples, but he does not pay much attention to them . Suddenly, his eyes focus on Yang Shiqi, a popular disciple in green robe, talking and laughing with a group of disciples .

It seems that there is some telepathy between them that Yang Shiqi is also looking over at the same moment .  When she sees Qin Yi standing alone in the crowd, she looks hilarious and runs towards him .

“Qin Yi, you’ve been cultivating at home on your own for a couple of days .  You are finally out today . ”

When she comes to Qin Yi’s side, Yang Shiqi chuckles, but suddenly her face is smothering . She is surprised and smacks her lips: “Have you reached the third level? You are extraordinary . ”

Before Qin Yi begins to speak, he notices that he is becoming the focus of attention because of her presence .

“You are making me a public enemy . ” Qin Yi sighs .

Looking at the bitterness on Qin Yi’s face and the unfriendly eyes around him, Yang Shiqi makes a face and sticks out her tongue innocently .

“Only the third level . Why do you say it’s extraordinary? Nothing comparable with you . ” Says faintly a disciple in a violet gown who comes to them slowly .

That disciple is about 20 years old . He has a good look with a perfect temperament . He just stands there but no one can find a single flaw in him .  Even if he does nothing, he gives one a feeling of being like a sharp sword .

He does not look at Qin Yi from the beginning to the end, only staring at Yang Shiqi with ardent eyes .

“My senior fellow apprentice Qiu, I cannot agree with you totally . I broke through the third level half a year ago . Last time when I saw Qin Yi, he was only at the starting stage of the second level . That is to say, in the past ten days, he has already broken through to the third level . This amazing talent is so adorable that I feel being lagged far behind . ”

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Yang Shiqi’s soft voice is accompanied by a shallow smile, which makes people feel like bathing in the spring breeze .

“This . . . ”

The disciple in a violet gown is flustered by what Yang Shiqi has said, but he calms down quickly: “It’s not surprising that the path of cultivation is sometimes like a dream and sometimes it erupts and soars . My junior fellow apprentice Qin, do you think so?”

At last, the disciple in a violet gown turns around, looking at Qin Yi with contempt and even a hint of warning .

“Senior fellow apprentice Qiu?”

Is it Qiu Shaoxian, the adopted son of the legendary leader of Lingyumen? Qiu Shaoxian is not only the chief disciple of Lingyumen, but also one of the top five young talents in Phoenix City .

Qin Yi frowns slightly . He figures out that this Senior fellow apprentice Qiu must be Qiu Shaoxian, the chief disciple of Lingyumen .

“Absolutely”, Qin Yi does not want a meaningless fight, so he just responds with a nod of assent .

Chang Jingxue witnesses the scene at a short distance . His mouth slightly lifts with a light taunt: “Qinn, you see, what I have said to you before is just verified . Qiu Shaoxian takes a fancy to Yang Shiqi, but now she is cottoning up to Qin Yi . How could Qiu Shaoxian takes easy with him?”

Rou Qinn nods numbly and looks at the figure of Yang Shiqi and Qin Yi from afar . Her heart feels hurt, which is just beaten by an invisible whip .

“Here comes Guang Fei!”

There is a sudden noise on the ground . Many people look towards a certain direction and find a strong young man with a short shirt coming here . His face looks quite cold and indifferent .

“Guang Fei?”

Looking at the young man in the short shirt who is approaching, Qin Yi feels that the name sounds a little bit familiar . It seems that among the young disciples of Lingyumen, it is also a big name .

Thinking for a while, Qin Yi remembers that this man is the brother of Guang Yonggao!

As expected, behind Guangfei, is the corpulent Guang Yonggao .

With his brother present, Guang Yong is full of pompousness with his akimbo hands and a shaking leg . He looks at Qin Yi with arrogance: “You bloke, we meet again, this is my elder brother Guang Fei . Aren’t you arrogant? Do you dare to combat with him? "

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(The sound of the crowd)

In a flash, all the disciples on ground gather around to make a big circle for Qin Yi .

Qiu Shaoxian looks at the magnificent Guang Fei, and his handsome face takes on a little joy . He does not care to argue with a disciple from other martial schools like Qin Yi, but it does not mean that he is not willing to see Qin Yi being abused .

Chang Jingxue, who is also gloating over Qin Yi from the side, takes on a bantering smile on his face . It seems that things are developing much better than he has imagined .

“Guang Fei, don’t you think it’s an ignominy for you to do something like this?” Yang Shiqi’s eyebrows slightly frown, and she protects Qin Qi directly behind her and shouts softly at Guangfei .

Qiu just keeps himself out of the affair, but when he finds Yang Shiqi protecting Qin Yi, his mouth slightly twitches . “Damn it!” he murmurs .

“Thank you for coming out for me, but there are some affairs that I have to face myself . ”

Qin Yi smiles slightly, pushing Yang Shiqi away slowly and squinting at Guang Fei: “Are you avenging for your brother?”

“That's not accurate . As long as you admit your mistake and apologize to my brother, I won't embarrass you . ” Guang Fei looks at Qin Yi calmly, his voice being very apathetic .


Qin Yi is stunned . For several times, it’s Guang Yonggao who stirs up the trouble . Now, he wants him to apologize to him?

With a sigh, Qin Yi shakes his head: “That’s impossible . ”

“So a fight is the answer . ” Guang Fei’s look is still very calm, giving people the feeling of being superior all the time, which cannot be speculated .

Yang Shiqi, on the other side, smiles bitterly . Although Qin Yi has reached the third level in a short time, she doesn’t think that he can combat with Guang Fei . Just after the breakthrough, the mysterious breath power in his body is still very unstable . It would take time to consolidate it before he exerts his corresponding power .

However, Guang Fei is different . His temperament is very cold and calm, which makes people unable to speculate his real strength . He only gives people a very dangerous feeling .

“Hha, boy, you are courageous!”

Guang Yonggao rubs his hands excitedly . His big face is full of expectation . “Qin Yi finally falls down today . ” He thinks so . With his brother’s strength, Qin Yi will be defeated bitterly .

In fact, many disciples of Lingyumen, including Qiu Shaoxian and Chang Jingxue, are looking forward to the battle .

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