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Chapter 12

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

“The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash!”

While the other three disciples of Xianshizong block the golden ape with bows and arrows, the girl in green robe shouts loudly, “The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash!” . She quickly bounces up and slashes the golden ape again with the hegemony swordsmanship .

In the howling of the wind, the blood-colored sword draws a blood light in the sky and severely chops the chest of the golden ape, who flies out twenty meters away by the slash of the sword .

"Shoot the arrows, immediately!"

The other three immortal disciples quickly set up the dark feather arrows and then launch another round of wild shooting at the golden ape . The golden ape is battered to a flesh-and-blood blur by the screaming-out feather arrows, but the arrows only leave some superficial wounds on the golden ape, which are not fatal at all .

"Howling ~"

 The golden ape is irritated by their crazy attack . Roaring with its arm raised, it pulls out all the dark feather arrows in his body . At the same time, two huge sword wounds on his chest are dripping with blood, which looks very shocking .

   The bloody scene is created by the girl in green robe!

Obviously, being defeated continuously, the golden ape becomes completely wild and furious, and it slams the ground with his arms, which even violently shocks the earth .  The golden ape’s huge body, like a moving golden mountain, jumps up and pounces toward the girl in green robe .

The other three disciples of Xianshizong who stand not very far are stunned by the golden ape’s attack and even almost forget to rescue the girl in green robe at that moment .

Yet, the girl in green robe is by no means a mediocrity . Looking at the golden ape that pounces at her, she quickly regains herself after a moment of dumbness . Her exquisite body whistles out like a dragon flying out from sea, which enables her to narrowly escape from the attack of the golden ape .


The golden ape's double palms slap on the ground and crack the ground . It’s unimaginable how huge this power is . If they had slapped on the girl in green robe, she must have been killed by those pair of big palms .

The young girl is shocked by that formidable power and her face turns pale . She jumps up into the sky and slashes back at the golden ape with her sword, and she shouts loudly, “The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash!”

The flickering sword pierces into the tough body of the golden ape for two inches deep, and the internal organs of the golden ape are almost visible .

"Puff  . . . "

The girl in green robe spits a mouthful of blood-----Being injured, she kneels down on one knee . Her face is pale .

Only with three moves, she reaches the limit of her capacity . Afterwards, the breath of the powerful swords comes back to hurt her, bringing about her internal injuries .

"The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash is a set of domineering advanced martial arts of Xianshizong .

There are originally more than three moves in the whole set of swordsmanship, but the user can condense the whole swordsmanship into three moves of lethal force . But the brilliance of this set of swordsmanship equals to its fatal shortage . The three moves of the swordsmanship can double one’s combat power, but if the enemy is not killed by these three swords, the user is in peril .

Unfortunately, the girl in green robe fails to kill the powerful golden ape with the three moves . Despair appears on the green-robed girl's beautiful face .

She has exhausted and almost collapsed .  She would be the person to be killed .

"Howl ~"

The golden ape roars continually and as furiously as thunder after being severely wounded . It quickly turns around its golden-mountain-like body, struggling to jump on the girl in green robe . The gold ape’s action rolls up a gust of wind that blasts the branches around it .

"Sister Ji! Run away!" Exclaim the three disciples of Xianshizong who stand not far away . The dark feather arrows are unable to kill the golden ape, the time being not enough for them to rush over to rescue her . They have no idea how to rescue Sister Ji .

Even if they have enough time, they are no match for the golden ape, and they can only be reduced to the golden ape’s delicious meal .

Looking at the fierce golden ape jumping on her, the girl in green robe is extremely desperate, and she could no longer launch an effective attack . It is even a problem for her to protect herself .

Run away?

When a giant golden ape is thoroughly outraged, no one can escape at all!

The contrast between the huge giant ape and the delicate girl is too obvious . There is no doubt that the giant ape can kill the young girl with one slash only!

The scene of the green-robed girl’s mouth bleeding is shocking . She suddenly accepts the fact that she will be killed by that ape . After giving a slight smile, she closes her eyes slowly . . .

The next moment, she suddenly opens her eyes and then opens her mouth in surprise by what she sees: "Ah . . . " .

Out rushes a frail young man, who stands between the girl in green robe and the giant golden ape in the blinking of an eye .  

"Don’t just stand here and be stupid .  Shoot the arrows at the ape’s eyes . "

This young man who rushes out to save the girl is Qin Yi . The purpose he saves the girl is not to show that he is overflowing with love, but to hunt that giant golden ape . Because it is impossible for him to hunt down this giant ape by his own strength .

That's it .  Qin Yi wants to hunt this spirit beast by uniting the strength of five people, killing the beast while it is weak . Therefore, Qin Yi unreservedly uses his ultimate killing trick as the first move .

"The first move of Overlord’s Kill!"

Qin Yi punches the golden ape heavily, and the seemingly ordinary punch seems to have the power to deter the heaven!

This simple punch reflects the principle of nature . As the fist blasts towards the golden ape, a huge air vortex is formed around the fist .


Qi Yi's fists hit the golden ape, and the huge vortex of air flow explodes and diffuses around .

The giant ape's huge body flies five feet away, then falls to the ground with a bang .

"So powerful!"

Seeing that the golden ape is punched by Qin Yi and flies straight out, the girl in green robe and the other three disciples of Xianshizong are shocked to open their mouths wide .

And immediately the girl and the other three boys all feel relieved again because the presence of this boy could save their lives .

Although the golden ape is a low-level spirit beast, its power is formidable . Even if Qin Yi uses his ultimate martial art, it is very hard to kill it . The ape jumps up from the ground and pounces on Qin Yi .

The contrast between the huge giant ape and the skinny boy is so obvious . However, the boy gets the absolute upper hand in the battle with the ape .

"The second move of Overlord’s Kill!"

Qin Yi never eludes the ape, standing there like a javelin . In face of the fierce golden ape, he hits the golden ape with his second move of the Overlord’s kill without hesitation .

The punch still looks ordinary, but it still seems to contain the principle of nature . The air vortex that forms around the second punch is obviously larger than the first one .


The giant body of the giant ape flies out again, smashing several trees as thick as the rim of a bowl .

The young girl in green robe and the three teenagers blink hard and are curious about what kind of martial art this teenager is using . The martial art should be so powerful .

At this moment, they feel the Qin Yi’s skinny figure is as gigantic as a mountain, which is too high to reach .

Qin Yi doesn’t stop, stamping heavily on the ground and rushing out, making a third punch on the golden ape lying on the ground .

“The third move of Overlord’s Kill!”

“Bang!” The giant ape flies out again, crushing all the trees along the way with a blast .

After the use of all three moves of the Overlord’s Kill, Qin Yi feels that his strength is rapidly running out from his body and his body feels like an empty bottle .

If the giant ape punches him randomly at this time, he would fly out and fall directly to the ground, ending up as a pile of muddy flesh .

But this is not going to happen since the golden ape has been severely wounded . Qin Yi beats it up with three killing moves . It can only scream on the ground and would not be able to stand on its own feet again in a short period of time .

"Kill it!" The disciples of Xainshizong shout angrily in unison the moment they recover themselves from Qin Yi’s god-like presence and rescue . They take out their swords and rush out to kill the heavily injured golden ape on the ground .

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Qin Yi turns a deaf ear and blind eye to the bloody scene of their killing the golden ape . He stands there quietly and motionlessly, looking at his fists .

At this time, his body is empty, but at the bottom of his heart, he is ecstatic!

Staying at Lingyumen, Qin Yi has not had the opportunity to use the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .  He is afraid that he will be discovered that he has taken some forbidden martial art practice books from the Pavilion as soon as he uses this self-created martial art .

He has also been estimating how powerful the three moves of Overlord’s Kill boxing are .

Today, he finally has a chance to use it when he comes to hunt in the Mountain of Magical Wind . He finally knows the power of the Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill .

He beats a giant ape to the ground with only three punches! How can he not be ecstatic with such a mighty power?

“Thank you for saving my life . ”

The soft voice brings Qin Yi back to reality . Before the sound of her voice dies away, the girl in green robe, who looks very elegant and beautiful but a little bit pale after the battle with the ape, already stands in front of him .

The green-robed girl’s three moves of the swordsmanship and Qin Yi’s domineering Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill beat the giant ape until it is half dead and loses the attack ability . The other three boys of Xianshizong easily kill the ape .

“With pleasure . ” Qin Yi says in a low voice .

The green robe girl smiles slightly: "We are the disciples of Xianshizong . My name is Ji Shixuan, and they are my junior fellow apprentices . We are in the closest place to Lingyumen, you must be the disciple of Lingyumen, right?"

Qin Yi nods while looking at the dead golden ape . After pausing a while, he says, "Although this golden ape is a low-level spirit beast, it is terribly powerful . It's a fluke to kill it today . "

Without Ji Shixuan's previous heavy blow to the golden ape, Qin YI’s Three Moves of Overlord’s Kill would definitely not be able to defeat it . Similarly, without his rescue, the disciples of Xianshizong would surely die here today .

"Yes . "

Ji Jixuan nods with emotion, and she is still frightened when she recalls the battle with the golden ape .

"Then the next step is how to allocate this golden ape . " Qin Yi says slowly, "I only want the panacea of the golden ape, and the rest belong to you . "

All the valuable things on this golden ape, like golden fur, the skin, the bones, the teeth and the panacea, should be worth about fifty thousand Liang silver .

The panacea is the most valuable of all, and it is worth thirty thousand Liang silver!

"Hey, Boy! You only hit three punches in the battle with the ape and you want the panacea? You’re daydreaming!" A fat disciple of the three disciples of Xainshizong calls out immediately .   The other two disciples echo what the fat disciple says, "Yeah, the allocation is obviously unreasonable . "

“Then how do you think it is reasonable to allocate this golden ape?” Qin Yi frowns, glancing at the three disciples of Xianshizong .

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"We take the panacea and the leave the rest to you . " The obese disciple says, "Without Ji’s previous heavy blows, you wouldn't have killed it . "


Before Qin Yi speaks, Ji Shixuan yells at the three boys angrily: "Hadn’t the disciple of Lingyumen rescued me, I would have been killed by that ape . If I died, would you guys be alive? No way! Therefore, it is reasonable for him to get the panacea . "

"Sister Ji?"

The three disciples of Xianshizong are surprised by Ji Shixuan and look at her incredibly . They have never expected that their sister generously gives the panacea to the disciple of Lingyumen and even helps the disciple of Lingyumen to teach them a lesson!

Qin Yi is also stunned by Ji Shixuan’s words, thinking that she is really a person of understanding .

"Why are you still standing there? Go and divide the golden monkey's body!"

Ji Shixuan raises her eyebrows lightly and shouts in a low voice to the three disciples of Xianshziong . Although the three disciples are very unwilling and mutter a few words, they have to do their work .

An hour later, the golden ape has been divided into pieces . As is discussed before, Qin Yi only takes the panacea, Ji Shixuan and the other three disciples take the golden fur, the skin, the bones, and the teeth, etc .

Looking at the red panacea worth of thirty thousand Liang silver in his hand, Qin Yi is pleased .

If Qin Yi uses thirty thousand Liang silver to buy practicing medicine, it would be more than enough for him to break through the middle of the second level of Domephase .

"Your boxing is so superb . I have never seen such a smart boxing . Can you tell me your name? I want to remember your name . "

Ji Xuan's eyes shine with pleasure and admiration, and she looks at Qin Yi without blinking . Naturally, she is both grateful and admires the boy standing in front of her .

"Qin Yi . " Qin Yi says lightly, then he stays no longer and he packs up and goes home .

"Qin Yi . . . " Looking at the back of Qin Yi who is departing, Ji Shixuan's slender willow-like eyebrows frown slightly, “Lingyumen has such a disciple . It is rumored that the adopted son of Lingyumen’s headmaster, Qiu Shaoxian, is far worse than him . ”

"Qiu Shaoxian? He is the first inner disciple of Lingyumen!"

The fat disciple feels blank and then a strong sense of worship appears on his face: "He is not only the first inner disciple of Lingyumen, but also one of the five talented youths in the Phoenix City . He broke through the fourth level of Domephase as early as two years ago, now I am afraid that he is at least at the peak of the forth level of Domephase . How can this guy be compared with Qiu Sahoxian? "

The five talented youth are the rising stars of Phoenix city . They are superior to millions of young disciples in martial art practicing .  And one of them is a true Mysterious Man who leaves the peers far behind .

“Yes, Sister Ji, I also think that Qiu Shaoxian is much powerful than this boy . With this guy's current strength, I am afraid that he cannot make three moves in front of Qiu Shaoxian . ” Another disciple of Xianshizong said .

“Qiu Shaoxian’s practice and martial art are based on a great number of medicines and elixir provided by Cang Songyi, the headmaster of Lingyumen . Even so, he is still far behind Qin Yi in practice and strength . ” Ji Shixuan snorts at the male disciples’ words .

Hearing what she said, the three disciples of Xainshozong look at Ji Shixuan with a wired expression . They don’t understand why Ji Shixuan promotes Qin Yi by degrading Qiu Shao . Even if Qin Yi saves her life, does it deserve that?

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