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Chapter 11

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Qin Yi chops quickly and accurately at the snake’s belly with his steel hunting knife by one cut .

However, Qin Yi is stunned because he fails to cut down the snake by such a solid and accurate cut . How solid the snake’s body is! Compared with the snake, he is completely superior in speed, but he is still insufficient in strength . If Silver Plate Snake makes full use of its speed advantage, Qin Yi would not survive from its venom .

Qin Yi finally understands why the old guardian of the weapon room persuaded him not to go to the Mountain of Magical Wind, such anextremely dangerous place .  Judging by the current encounter, Qin Yi realizes that if a practitioner whose cultivation is below the middle of the third level of Domephase goes to the Mountain alone, he would be killed by the beasts here .

Fortunately, the spiritual perception power in Qin Yi’s left-hand helped him a lot in the face of this silver plate snake, otherwise he would be really miserable .

Qin Yi chops the belly of the silver plate snake, but fails to kill it, which infuriates the snake .  With a whistling sound in its mouth, the silver plate snake quickly launches attack towards Qin Yi’s throat .   

The speed of the silver plate snake is never a problem to Qin Yin when he is in anethereal state . He easily avoids the silver snake's big mouth by tilting his head and then he hacks the snake’s belly again .

Qin Yi and the snake fight fiercely, which looks a bit weird . No matter how fast the silver plate snake is, Qin Yi could easily escape from its attack and hacks the snake’s belly with his knife .  There is no suspense that in this human and snake battle, Qin Yi will finally win .  

After a moment, the large body of the silver plate snake thrashes about with wild pain . It breaks the big trees around with an amazing destructive power . The destruction is the snake’s struggle before death . After a while, the silver plate snake's movement slows down and gradually becomes motionless .

"Aha, I'm a rich man . "

It can be conservatively estimated that such a silver snake is likely to bring a total income of two thousand Liang silver to Qin Yi .

"This two thousand plus the earlier seven hundred is equal to two thousand and seventy . But the elixir is very expensive and these are barely enough to buy a hundred-year-old lucid ganoderma . A lucid ganoderma is not enough for me to make a breakthrough . "

Qin Yi frowns . "I need more money!"

Next, Qin Yi's weak figure constantly shuttles through in The Mountain of Magical Wind . He gains in every battle with the beasts .

"Wing tiger, worth one thousand and five hundred Liang silver . "

"The giant eagle is worth eight hundred Liang silver . "

Qi Qinyi keeps killing . He feels fond of the hunting . Not only has he gained money, but he  sharpened his fighting skills as well .

He continues to use the two martial arts, Kua Fu’s Steps and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King, to continuously ponder and practice various fighting techniques .

Three days later, Qin Yi improves Kua Fu’s Steps and The Imposing Inner Power of The Tiger and Elepant King into the completeness level, which makes hunting much easier .

In the past three days, Qin Yi has hunted a lot of beasts that are worth of six or seven thousand Liang silver .

"If I use all these silver to buy medicine, I should be able to develop into the middle of the second level of Domephase . "

Qin Yi feels very fulfilled and satisfied with the current gains . He smiles and is about to go home .

"Howling . "

At this moment, however, a roar of booming sound comes from the jungle ahead .

The roaring shakes the surrounding trees and numbs Qin Yi's eardrums, his blood being fluttering .

"This is . . . the spirit beast?"

Being shocked, Qin Yi rushes to the top of a big tree and looks around .

He sees a huge ancient ape three miles away .  It looks more than twenty meters tall, covered with golden hair .

A powerful violent breath bursts out from that golden ape . In face of that giant body, four teenagers who are good in cultivation can only run away in a hurry .

"Damn, this low-level spirit beast is unbelievably powerful . We can't catch it .  We must be safe!"

A girl in a green robe, around the age of seventeen or eight, yells at other teenagers . She suddenly takes out a blood-colored sword, while the red sword interweaves with green robes, a big tree as thick as a bucket has been cut down and falls down towards the golden ape .

"The girl could cut down such a big tree by only one move of her sward . How powerful she is . Her strength is not weaker than Chang Jingxue . "

Qin Yi is astounded .

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Qi Qinyi has never seen this powerful girl and the other three teenagers . Qin Yi reckons that they should be the disciples of the other four forces in Phoenix City .

There are five well-known martial schools in Phoenix City, namely: Lingyumen, Xianshizong, Qianqiu Pavilion, Yuanxingzong,andXuanyang Mansion .

In Phoenix City, the five schools are equal in force and keep a delicate balance in their relationship .  However, they are not actually harmonious . Lingyumen and Xianshizong are close while Yuanxingzong and Xuanyang Mansion are intimate . Qianqiu Pavilion instead has no contact with any others .

Bang-boom . . .

The big tree cut by the girl in green robe smashes the golden ape . The golden ape falls down on the ground, with stars flying before its eyes .  It takes a small moment for it to collect itself .


The golden ape slaps his arms and smashes the bucket -thick tree into debris .

“So powerful!"

Qin Yi, standing in a distance, is shocked by the power of the spirit beast .

Which school does these teenagers come from? How dare they bother such a terrible spiritual beast?

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Roaring fiercely, the giant golden ape smashes the big tree with its two palms and chases wildly the girl in green robe along the road . The big and thick trees in his way are crushed into pieces in an instant, which looks very terrifying .

"Go and save senior apprentice Ji Quickly!"

Others are shocked and hurry back to rescue the girl in green robe .

"Don't come here, you are no match for this beast . Distant attack! Shoot it with a bow and arrow!" The girl in the green robe shouts at them in a hurry . She looks back, only to see that the golden ape is about to catch up her .  Instantly she turns around, raising the bloody sword with both hands and slashes down: “The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash!”

With a sharp whistling, a huge sword light breaks through the sky and severely slashes the golden ape . The golden ape flies out twenty meters under the shock of the sword light .

"The Immortal Epoch-Making Slash? What a powerful swordsmanship it is!"

Qin Yi feels shocked by this swordsmanship, which is powerful enough to wound a practitioner at the peak of the third level of Domephase!

These teenagers should be the disciples from Xianshizong!

Qin Yi quickly makes such a judgment in his heart, basing on the name of the swordsmanship .

"Fire the arrows!"

The other three disciples from Xianshizong seize the opportunity to raise bows and arrows . The black feather arrows go straight towards the golden ape one by one, but none of them are able to pierce the thick skin and flesh of the golden ape .  Anyway, the arrows are temporarily stopping the ape  .

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