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Chapter 30

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It has to be said that the cook ladies are really good at spreading rumors, and the news reached Mu Shi’s ears early the next morning.

“What? A ghost shaved her head!” Mu Shi almost overturned the medicine bowl in Shuangrui’s hand. “Who did you say was shaved by a ghost?”

Mother Cui said hurriedly: “The servant girl also heard from the daughter-in-law who delivered the meal this morning. Now everyone in our house knows. The second lady went to Pinlan Park yesterday and she was bald when she came back. Everyone said she was shaved by a ghost!”

“Pin Lan Park?” When Mu Shi heard the name, an inexplicable panic flashed across her eyes, “It’s perfectly fine, what was she doing there?”

Mama Cui replied: “This servant girl doesn’t know. I heard that the Second Sister hid in the room and refused to come out as soon as she went back yesterday.

Yes, a young girl in the prime of her youth turned into a bald-headed nun in a blink of an eye. Who would want to go out? Isn’t this so embarrassing?

Mu Shi irritably said: “These girls really don’t stop! One is more worrying than the other!”

Just using a thousand taels of silver to appease the female devil Yu Linglong, Yu Qianfang was in trouble again. Of course, Mu Shi didn’t feel sorry for Yu Qianfang’s loss of hair. She just felt that something happened with Yu Qianfang during this eventful autumn. She was even more annoyed.

Yu Linglong’s temperament changed drastically, and Yu Qianfang suffered being shaved by a ghost. Mu Shi became more and more convinced that something was wrong in the Yu family’s mansion.

“I asked you to find a goddess, did you find one yet?”

Mama Qian said: “The servant has already hired the sorceress Bai, but sorceress Bai said that she has been very busy recently and won’t be able to come for a few days.”

Mu Shi’s brows furrowed, but she didn’t want to wait any longer than a day. In just a few days, so many messes had happened. If she waited a few more days, maybe something big will happen.

“Did you not say that General Yu’s household wanted to invite her?”

Mama Qian smiled and said: “I did, but… but Miss Bai said, there are so many high-ranking officials and nobles she works for, and she can only see them one by one in order since she doesn’t want to offend any of them!

Mu Shi snorted, “What offense? Does she want more money? Go ahead, as long as we can get rid of the evil spirits in our house, I will give her one hundred taels of silver!”

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One hundred taels of silver is not a small amount. They won’t shirk any measure for sorceress Bai.

Seeing Mu Shi’s anger, Mama Qian could only agree to it.

While discussing it, they suddenly heard a series of voices coming from outside: “Good news ma’am, good news ma’am!”

Mu Shi rubbed her forehead, raised her eyes, and looked out. She really couldn’t think of what other happy events she could handle at this time of internal and external troubles.

She saw a few maids walk in quickly following the second daughter-in-law. Everyone was beaming. The daughter-in-law bowed and said with a smile: “Madam, we just heard the news, the master is coming back!”

“What?” Mu Shi’s eyes widened suddenly, and she sat up quickly, forgetting the pain in her body, “Isn’t he not supposed to return until the end of the year? Why is he coming back half a year earlier?”

The daughter-in-law smiled: “When the servant heard that the master was coming back, she was so happy that she had forgotten everything, so she wanted to hurry up to announce the good news to his wife. The servant is still waiting at the second door. Should the servant ask him to come in?”

Mu Shi waved her hand quickly: “Go, go!”

The daughter-in-law ran out in a hurry, everyone in the room smiled and said, “Congratulations, madam, congratulations! Master returned home in triumph, he must have been promoted again!”

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Mu Shi couldn’t hide her pride, and her face with bruises and wounds glowed: “It’s good for the master to come back, and it’s a great blessing to come back safely!”

When General Yu left three years ago, the Yu Mansion was supported by Mu Shi all by herself. It really was not easy. Now that the pillar of the family is back, Mu Shi was naturally overjoyed.

During the conversation, the wife from the second door had brought in the young man, who was also a servant of the Yu Mansion. Three years ago, General Yu took him as a personal servant. This time General Yu wanted to come back and sent him to report the news.

The little servant, covered in dust, entered the room and knelt on the ground, “Little Wang Yong is paying respects to the lady.”

When Mu Shi saw that the little servant was the same one as before, she was very relieved, and asked hurriedly: “Where is the master now? How did you withdraw the troops half a year earlier? How is the master’s body?”

Faced with Mu Shi’s continual cannonballs of questions, Wang Yong smiled and replied: “Madam, don’t worry, the master is in good health. This time master has put down the Northern Xinjiang rebellion, so the emperor permitted him to return earlier. The master has already brought troops there to Shaomen Pass. He can get to the capital in three or four days.”

Only then did Mu Shi feel a little relieved, and a smile appeared on her face. She heard Wang Yong say again: “There is another thing to tell Madam. The house servant sent by Madam to deliver the letter to the master happened to meet the master’s army at Shaomen Pass. He gave the letter to master, and he heard Sixth Sister was poisoned, and immediately ordered me to send back the antidote he had brought from northern Xinjiang.”

When Mu Shi heard that, her eyes lit up. Yu Qianjiao’s injury hadn’t healed. This had always been a major concern for her. Now that she heard that General Yu brought back the antidote from northern Xinjiang, she immediately said with anxiety: “Hurry up.”

Wang Yong took out a red sandalwood box and said: “The master is afraid of delaying Sixth Sister’s injury, so I rushed back quickly. This is a unique medicine for poison from northern Xinjiang, especially for snake venom and insect bites.”

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Mu Shi was overjoyed: “Great! Go down and receive a reward. Someone come here, give him a good title!”

Then he handed the medicine to Mama Cui: “Hurry up and send it to Qianjiao, the sooner the better!”

After giving orders, Mu Shi saw Wang Yong still kneeling on the ground, and couldn’t help being a little surprised: “Why don’t you go to receive the reward?”

Wang Yong lowered his head, looking hesitant to say something: “…Master has a message, let me bring it to his wife.”

Mu Shi was immersed in the joy of Yu Qianjiao’s salvation and did not notice Wang Yong’s hesitation. She took the tea served by Shuangtao and said, “What else is there, let’s talk about it.”

Wang Yong looked awkwardly at the maidservants in the room. Seeing that Mu Shi had no intention of evading the issue, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and say: “Master said, please clean up a neat and tidy courtyard.”

Mu’s raised his eyebrows suspiciously: “What? Is the master bringing guests? Where are the guests from?”

Wang Yong lowered his head, not daring to look at Mu Shi’s face: “It’s not a guest, it’s… the concubine brought back by the master from northern Xinjiang…”

Suddenly, the teacup in Mu Shi’s hand fell to the ground, cracking. Mu Shi was staring at Wang Yong, full of disbelief: “What are you talking about? What concubine!?”

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