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Chapter 29

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As soon as Yu Qianfang heard Ling Jiao’s name, she was thunderstruck, and she couldn’t even move.

No, Ling Jiao was only sent by her to take a look. Even if she was caught, Yu Qianliu should be the one who confessed. How could she confess to her?

Yu Qianfang’s face was pale, but she still squeezed out a smile: “What does Fourth Sister mean? Why don’t I understand?”

Yu Linglong sat on the Grand Master’s chair, her delicate and picturesque eyebrows full of strong hostility: “You don’t understand!? Did you come here today just to see the excitement!?”

Yu Qianfang sent Ling Jiao to see what Yu Linglong looked like living in the haunted courtyard. She knew that Yu Qianfang will definitely not miss her good show of teaching Yu Qianliu, so she stood aside and let Ling Jiao persuade Yu Qianliu to pay her respects to the ill Mu Shi. Yu Qianliu’s simple mind naturally thought that this was a good idea to please her aunt, and she immediately dressed up with great fanfare to greet Mu Shi. Then Ling Jiao followed Yu Linglong’s instructions and went to Yu Qianfang to imply that Yu Linglong was going to clean up Yu Qianliu. Yu Qianfang believed that Ling Jiao was on her side, and was convinced that her previous strategy of planting and framing was successful, and was so pleased that she wanted to see how Yu Linglong would clean up Yu Qianliu. She fell into the trap of Yu Linglong’s design.

In this world, most people who are wise will die on their own cleverness.

Yu Linglong had hit the nail on the head, and Yu Qianfang’s face turned pale, and her composure was gone: “Fourth Sister, I…”

Yu Linglong looked down at the panicking Yu Qianfang: “Don’t you think you should explain it to me?”

Yu Qianfang was trembling uncontrollably. She had seen Yu Linglong’s methods, and was frightened: “Fourth Sister, I really didn’t mean it! I…I just passed by coincidentally!”

Yu Linglong couldn’t help but sneer. Just now she said she was coming to visit her. How quickly she had changed her story to unintentionally passing by. Is Yu Qianfang frightened? Despite her insidiousness, she is still just a teenage girl!

These little tricks that she thought were calculated are really ridiculously stupid!

“At this hour, I don’t know what you are strolling around here for?” Yu Linglong slowly got up, and her slender figure appeared threatening, “Don’t you know that this place is always haunted?”

With her voice biting heavily on the word haunted, Yu Qianfang naturally heard the overtones, and subconsciously grasped Chunyan beside her with both hands, so that she could stand firmly in front of Yu Linglong.

“I…I am…right, I heard that it’s not peaceful here, so…that’s why I wanted to come and see Fourth Sister…”

“Look, did the ghost scare me to death? Did it?” Yu Linglong’s beautiful face smiled coldly, “I will tell you one thing.”

Her uniquely bright face slowly bent down, Yu Linglong’s pink lips slowly approached Yu Qianfang’s ears, exhaling.

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“Here, it really is haunted!”

These decisive words resounded in Yu Qianfang’s ears, like thunder and lightning, and instantly shook her last fantasy to ashes!

Yu Qianfang looked up at Yu Linglong in disbelief, what did she say?

Yu Linglong dared to catch her here. Most people would see through her thoughts and would naturally guess that this haunted thing was planned by her alone, but now, what does Yu Linglong mean when she says there are ghosts!?

Soon, she knew what Yu Linglong was going to do.

Because the next moment, Yu Linglong grabbed her carefully combed bun and dragged her to the ground fiercely!

“Help!” Yu Qianfang couldn’t bear the torture of fear anymore, so she shouted heartbreakingly.

At that moment, she remembered Yu Qianliu’s fate. Yu Qianliu just cursed Yu Linglong and was filled with muddy water. Now she pretended to scare Yu Linglong, how would Yu Linglong punish her??

Yu Qianfang reached out to grab at Chunyan in despair. In this courtyard, she could only rely on this intimate maid. But Chunyan was being held back by Ma Changgeng and others, and she couldn’t even take care of herself. How could she take care of her mistress!?

Yu Qianfang’s hands were grasping at the air in vain, but she couldn’t touch anything. The three thousand black hairs which she had always been proud of were being dragged by Yu Linglong. She couldn’t getaway, and the pain in her head made her scream, “Come on, save me—“

“Scream, scream louder.” Yu Linglong’s voice was cold, “Don’t forget, this is the haunted Pinlan Park, I’ll see who dares to come and save you!”

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Yu Qianfang’s tears of despair came out surging. Yes, she designed it by herself. Now the haunting of Pinlan Park was already known to everyone, so who would dare come here? Not to mention coming in to rescue her!

Yu Qianfang, who had always been self-confident and intelligent, finally saw a taste of being in a cocoon.

Effortlessly dragging Yu Qianfang to the sunniest place in the middle of the yard, Yu Linglong pulled her hair casually and raised the scissors in her right hand.

“You, what are you doing—“ A few words burst out between Yu Qianfang’s trembling teeth, “You can spare me—“

Yu Linglong played with the scissors in her hand, and the tricks were endless and dazzling, but frightening.

Yu Qianfang was scared to tears: “Fourth Sister, we are both born from concubines, please let me go—“

“Born from concubines?” Yu Linglong narrowed her eyes, seeming to think Yu Qianfang’s words were very interesting, “You mean, do you think I am like you?”

Yu Qianfang trembled: “No…I didn’t mean that…”

Yu Linglong snorted: “Do you think I’m the same as you!?”

Close to her? It’s ridiculous, what is Yu Qianfang, how is she worthy of comparison to her!?

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The next moment, a crisp sound of the intersection of iron blades suddenly sounded. In Yu Qianfang’s ears, it was simply a sound from hell.

“You have to come to this haunted place, don’t blame me for giving you a present!”

There was a sound of chilling iron near her neck, and Yu Qianfang’s body hair stood up. She was so frightened that she didn’t dare to move. Was Yu Linglong going to kill her!?

In the next moment, she knew she was wrong.

There were bursts of relentless clicks above his head, but there was no pain at all. Yu Qianfang watched as her hair was cut off by Yu Linglong, floating in the bright sunshine.

Yu Linglong actually shaved her hair!

The body, hair, and skin come from your parents. The ancients’ cherished hair to the point of life, especially for women, whose hair was rarely seen because they didn’t dare go out and see people. At this moment, Yu Qianfang’s thick black hair had been cut off!

Yu Qianfang only felt heartache. She didn’t even cry, she just instantly passed out.

In a daze, she heard Yu Linglong’s cold voice: “Come here, go out and tell everyone that our Second Sister came to Pinlan Park and was accidentally entangled by ghosts, and even her hair was shaved off!”

Not only did she have to cut her hair, but it was also impossible to hide it!

She wanted to see if Yu Qianfang had no hair, could she get married?

If you want to play dirty, you should see who is dirtier than whom!

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