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Chapter 31

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General Yu was in northern Xinjiang for three years, wasn’t he at war? Why did he bring back some concubine?

Seeing Mu Shi lose control, Wang Yong was startled, and his head fell lower: “Madam, calm down, I just came back to report…”

Seeing that Wang Yong didn’t dare to say anymore, Mu Shi returned to her senses and immediately scanned the room sternly. The servants who were also stunned by the news returned to their senses and hurriedly and discreetly retreated.

Shuang Rui quietly stepped forward and swept away Mu Shi’s overturned tea bowl, and replaced it with a new cup of tea. Mu Shi took a sip of hot tea, composed herself, and calmed her voice.

“Wang Yong, you really have worked hard to deliver medicine to Sixth Sister. Now that the master is coming back soon, you don’t have to suffer outside anymore, and you will work in the house in the future.”

This is good news. Wang Yong is a lifelong servant, and his family members are all working in the Yu household. Having Mu Shi let him do household management is naturally much more comfortable than eating and sleeping on the front lines with General Yu.

Wang Yong listened but did not dare to show his happiness too early. There is no free lunch in this world, and all good things come with a price.

Sure enough, after sending away the servants, Mu Shi asked straightforwardly: “Please tell me, how did the master bring back a concubine?”

Wang Yong hesitated. On one side was General Yu, who had been with him for many years. On the other side was the wife of the house, Mu Shi. He couldn’t afford to offend any of them. If General Yu came back and knew that he was telling on him to Mu Shi, will they still get along in the future?

Seeing Wang Yong didn’t dare to say anything, Mu Shi said again: “What are you afraid of? I just heard that the master brought someone back. I want to know more about the situation. I need to know the temperament of the new concubine, so I can arrange a place for her to live.”

Hearing Mu Shi’s words, Wang Yong replied in full detail: “The new concubine’s maiden name is Mei. She was originally the daughter of a good family. Later, she was captured by the rebels in the war. After being rescued, concubine Mei’s relatives were all killed by the rebels, and there was nowhere to go, so the master took her in. Later…later, I’m not sure what happened.”

It turned out that it was a hero who saved a beauty. It really is a cliché!

Mu Shi’s silver tooth bit secretly, but still had to put on a smile: “How long has she been with the master?”

Wang Yong replied: “It’s been about two years. The master has been living in northern Xinjiang, and he is under the care of concubine Mei.”

It was more than two years, but General Yu’s letters never mentioned this!

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Mu Shi’s face changed drastically with anger, but she repressed it and said, “I see. You may leave.”

Wang Yong retired. Mama Cui walked in quietly. Seeing Mu Shi was angry, she soothed her: “Madam, don’t get angry. It’s not easy for the master to be out all year round. Maybe there are some difficulties.”

Mu Shi put the teacup in her hand heavily, and said angrily: “What difficulties can he have? Hmph, he just picks up a woman from the rebel soldiers and calls it a concubine. I haven’t even seen the woman. Who dares to call her concubine!? She’s just a faceless girl!”

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became: “I worked so hard to take care of the housework for him, but he is keeping a concubine outside! The sons all want to get married soon, and he still disrespects the elderly!”

She remembered that Yu Linglong was the product of General Yu’s romance at the beginning. Mu Shi was simply furious. There was still a mess at home, and General Yu brought back a new one from outside. Isn’t that messy enough?

Mama Cui rolled her eyes and said, “Didn’t Wang Yong just say that this concubine Mei was rescued from the chaos? Madam, think about how chaotic the northern border is. We don’t know who this woman is. In case there is something wrong—”

Once Mu Shi was reminded, she suddenly came to her senses: “You’re right. We don’t know what this woman’s background is. We cannot accept such a woman in our house!”

This reason was sufficient, but how should she explain it to General Yu?

Mu Shi thought for a while and said, “Go to the back garden facing the street and give her any courtyard.”

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Mama Cui was startled: “Madam, that’s where the servants of the house live…”

Mu Shi snorted coldly: “Go! Master is coming back, I’ll explain it myself.”

In Pinlan Park, Yu Linglong sat on a chair, sipping the snow fungus and snow pear that had just been stewed by the chef, listening to Ma Changgeng vividly tell her the news she heard from outside.

“…It is said that the master will be back in a few days, and will bring back a new concubine! I heard that the lady was so angry that even the medicine bowl was smashed! The people in the upper and lower yards were all talking about this. I don’t know where the lady will place this new concubine!”

Yu Linglong put down the cup of stew: “Any other news?”

General Yu was about to return home. This is big news for everyone in the Yu Mansion. Yu Linglong did not feel surprised at all. She has never met General Yu, let alone hold any affection towards him. According to her original memories, General Yu has almost never seen the mother and daughter since the romantic night with Yilan. He only ordered his servants to give them some silver taels for living expenses every once in a while, and otherwise simply ignored them.

Such an irresponsible man could not attract Yu Linglong’s interest in the slightest. And according to how he abused Yilan and gave her up, him bringing back a concubine from Northern Xinjiang was no surprise at all.

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In short, whether General Jade returned, and who he brought back, had nothing to do with Yu Linglong.

Ma Changgeng said again: “Madam heard that the second lady had her head shaved by a ghost, and said she would invite a sorceress to do the ritual. It is estimated that in a few days, our house will have excitement.”

Yu Linglong finally raised her eyebrows slightly with interest: “Oh? What kind of sorceress?”

Of course, Yu Qianfang’s hair was not shaved by a ghost, she cut it by herself. But, does Mu Shi want to do something with it?

Ma Changgeng smiled and said: “I heard that she was a sorceress surnamed Bai. Recently, many official ladies in the capital trust her. The lady probably heard that there was something wrong with the Second Sister, so she also wanted sorceress Bai to come to our house to look at the feng shui.”

Yu Linglong thought and said nothing. When did Mu Shi care about Yu Qianfang who was her child? If Mu Shi was so good to the concubine, then Yu Linglong would not die under the scorpion’s stinger.

Is it because Mu Shi wants to show General Yu her love? No, Mu Shi is now utterly distressed because of the new concubine Mei. How can she be in the mood to consider General Yu’s feelings, not to mention that General Yu would not necessarily attach much importance to the concubine. Otherwise, how could it be possible that Yu Linglong and her daughter went outside for so long and haven’t yet been picked up and brought back to the house?


This is probably not because of Yu Qianfang’s business. Yu Linglong thought of Yu Qianfang’s plan to give Pinlan Park a haunted reputation, and she couldn’t help feeling suspicious.

“Go outside to find out what happened to the concubine Lan who lived here before.”

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