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Chapter 34: 34

Chu Liuyue chased the person that bumped into her the entire way, and she quickly left the bustling city .

The running man finally stopped when they entered an alley .

Chu Liuyue folded her arms . “Return me my things . ”

The man turned around and looked at her ferociously as he waved the pouch he stole from Chu Liuyue . “If you want it, come and get it yourself . ”

Chu Liuyue looked at the thin pouch and sighed gently . “Are you so sure that I have money with me?”

The man’s expression froze and suddenly thought of something . He hurriedly ripped open the pouch and found out that there was nothing inside except for a white handkerchief . Frustration flashed across his face, but it quickly disappeared as he smiled at Chu Liuyue cunningly .

“Do you really think that I’m targeting your money?” As he said that, he took out a dagger from his waist .

His murderous intentions were obvious . However, Chu Liuyue was not anxious at all . Instead, her face broke out into a meaningful smile .

The man was taken aback and immediately reacted after that .  That pouch did not even have money in it . Even though it was stolen, Chu Liuyue shouldn’t have cared about it, but she still followed me . That means… she came here on purpose!

“You must be delusional to think that you can steal something from me with your middling skills . But since you wanted me here, I’ll accede to your request . ” Chu Liuyue’s words made the man’s face contort .

“You must be tired of living!” As the man hollered, the dagger in his hands rapidly went towards Chu Liuyue .

Stage-four warrior! The moment he struck, Chu Liuyue swiftly inferred his capabilities . She squinted her eyes .  It seems like the missing Song Lian’s trio made the person backing them fear me . This time, they directly sent a stage-four warrior to kill me .

Chu Liuyue stood with her legs apart and rapidly moved back half a step . Her right leg bent slightly as she went on her tip-toes and suddenly exerted her strength .

Her seemingly gentle and thin body was actually filled with shocking tenacity and explosive power as she unleashed it within a moment .

She actually chose to go against a stage-four warrior head-on .

Chu Liuyue kicked the man’s wrist with one foot .

The man’s hands turned quickly, and he immediately used the dagger to stab Chu Liuyue’s foot .


A crisp sound was made .

That man only felt a strong impact from Chu Liuyue’s feet, making his entire body turn numb .

His dagger directly slipped out of his hands and left shocking traces .

What’s going on? The man was stunned; he immediately looked up to see cold, sharp, and vague glimmers coming from the bottom of Chu Liuyue’s shoes .

That was… a cast iron blade!

Before he could carefully think about why Chu Liuyue had such a weapon on her, he suddenly felt excruciating pain .

Chuo! Chuo!

The sharp weapon cut across his wrist and sliced off a piece of his flesh in no time .

“Ah!” He yelled out in pain and quickly moved backward . He looked down to see his entire arm already bloody .

Chu Liuyue landed on the ground and shook her head with some sort of dissatisfaction upon seeing the scenario . “It’s still not sharp enough…”

She long knew that danger loomed all around her, so she was very careful about her words and actions . As her strength had not recovered yet, she used other aspects to increase her combat skills .

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She specifically asked Chu Ning for the blades hidden in her shoes .

If her attack was successful, the man’s entire wrist would’ve been cut off directly .

It was a pity that the cast iron blade was not of good quality, so she could only make do with it .

Seeing her calm expression, the injured man was frustrated and furious . He was a stage-four warrior no matter what, yet he was defeated by an invalid . His superiors had instructed him to find a way to catch Chu Liuyue; he could not fail at his task no matter what .

Thinking of this, his eyes flashed as he sneered . “So the rumored weak and useless Big Chu Missy is actually this harsh… It’s a pity that you’re still nothing in terms of real capabilities, no matter what kind of tricks you have up your sleeves . ”

He bellowed and threw his dagger aside . He then crossed his arms and started circulating his internal force .

A green wind blade rapidly formed around his body . An enormous, forceful suppression exuded from his body .

This suppression made the already narrow alley seem even smaller .

“Breeze Chop!” The man’s voice boomed, and the green wind blade chopped down towards Chu Liuyue at the speed of lightning .


A clear, white crack appeared on the bluestone as the wind blade headed straight for Chu Liuyue .

Chu Liuyue flew up, and the howling winds deafened her ears .

The strong suppression she felt made her head whir; her moves were much slower than before .

The fourth stage was the watershed for warriors . Even though warriors of the first three stages could absorb Heaven and Earth Force, it was just to strengthen their bodies and energy .

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Only stage-four warriors and stronger could circulate the accumulated force within their bodies and execute an explosive attack .

A stage-three warrior could not even be compared to a stage-four warrior in terms of attack strength or attack speed .

This Breeze Chop instantly forced Chu Liuyue into a corner .

Chu Liuyue even felt her glabella hurting slightly .

Her eyes stared at the green wind blade closely; her muscles tightened as she held her breath and waited .

Her strong eyesight and rich fighting experience were the only reasons why she could win against Song Lian and the rest with her identity as an invalid . With these two things, one could make up for the difference between an average person and a stage-three warrior . However, stage-four warriors were different .

The other party could imbue his force into an attack . Thus, it was very difficult for her to win . Even though her Yuan meridian had already recovered, she had not gathered much force . She could not even compete with the other party in this aspect .

She could only look for the man’s shortcomings .


The green wind blade flew up quickly .

Chu Liuyue’s waist bent backward, and her body was almost parallel to the floor .


The next moment, she used one hand to push against the ground with her strength to flip around, barely avoiding the attack .


The green wind blade struck the ground behind her and caused a crack to appear .

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“You really know how to dodge!” The man was very surprised to see this, and the murderous intent in his eyes grew . “No wonder Song Lian and the rest fell in your hands . ”

Something flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes secretively .  As expected! I haven’t even found them, but the other party has sent themselves to my door .

Her gaze quickly swept past the man . “It seems like your master is Song Lian’s true backer . ”

The man was stunned for a while . He then started laughing loudly as if he heard a joke . “You’re pretty smart! What a pity, the smarter you are, the more you have to die!”

Chu Liuyue wanted to find out more, but she suddenly felt a cold impact at the back of her head .

She flew forward without thinking .


A deep trench appeared at the place where she was standing initially .

The remains of the strong attack caused blood to rise through her chest .

She immediately raised her head to look and saw the man who yelled ‘catch the thief’ blocking the alley’s entrance .

The key was that he was also a stage-four warrior .

“Die!” The duo’s eyes met, and they rushed to attack Chu Liuyue at the same time .

The cold and harsh murderous aura immediately buried her .

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