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Chapter 33: 33

The next day, the Crown Prince banquet incident rapidly spread throughout the Imperial City . Everyone partook in heated discussions .

Too many things had happened that night, but the person who attracted the most attention was Chu Xianmin . She actually had an affair with the Crown Prince much earlier .

At first, they thought that she was a pure, innocent, and talented young girl, but they did not expect her to be so immoral in secret . Even though Mainland Xuan Wu focused on one’s capabilities, they were still quite conservative about such things .

Chu Xianmin was currently still a maiden and had not even reached marriageable age, but her reputation was completely ruined after this incident was exposed .

Everyone already expected Rong Jin to break off the marriage agreement with Chu Liuyue, so in comparison, the crowd was still more interested in Chu Xianmin’s affairs . Of course, everyone was also shocked about Chu Liuyue wanting to enter Tian Lu Academy . However, nobody cared about it after the momentary shock .

How could an invalid with a lacking Yuan meridian get into Tian Lu Academy?

The crowd only thought she was delusional; some even felt that she was strongly affected when her marriage agreement was broken off, making her brain become abnormal .

Most people were still thinking about the Crown Prince, Rong Jin .

The Crown Princess spot was still empty, and the most worthy competitor, Chu Xianmin, was humiliated when the incident was exposed, so she would definitely not be able to have the proper status . Hence, quite a few girls from distinguished families started to get their hopes high .

Chu Liuyue woke up early in the morning and practiced in the yard as per usual . She only stopped when she exhausted her energy .

By this time, the sky was only slightly bright .

“Yue’er . ” Chu Ning’s voice sounded from behind .

Chu Liuyue turned around and saw Chu Ning standing in the yard and looking at her dotingly . She had already felt Chu Ning’s presence previously, so she was not shocked .

Chu Ning was long used to her crazily practicing every day, but he did not stop her . He knew that this was something she wanted to do, so he chose to support her silently .

“Father, aren’t you going to the store today?” asked Chu Liuyue strangely . Her gaze quickly sized Chu Ning up; she realized that he felt different from the past .

He had changed into a navy robe with a white belt around his waist . His hair was tied up nicely, and he had just shaved his beard, leaving some light stubble on his chin . Chu Ning had clearly meticulously dressed up today, looking much younger than before .

The most important thing was that he no longer had a defeated gaze like before . Instead, it was bright and clear . His entire person looked energized as if he had turned over a new leaf .

Chu Liuyue actually had already guessed this would happen .

“I have something important to do today . ” Chu Ning’s eyes seemed calm, but one could still see them sparkling emotionally .

Chu Liuyue nodded . It seemed like Chu Ning had finally picked himself up .

“In the future, I will definitely not let Yue’er suffer grievances like previously . It’s time to calculate some debts properly,” said Chu Ning determinedly .

In the past, his body was unwell, so he could not protect Yue’er . Now that he had successfully overcome his injuries, he could not sit around anymore .

He lowered his voice and said solemnly, “Yue’er, you said that one of the people Chu Xianmin sent to kill you was called Song Lian?”

“Yes . Father, do you know him?” Chu Liuyue’s interest was piqued .

Chu Ning squinted his eyes . “I didn’t know him at first, but I found out some things after asking around lately . That Song Lian was quite a famous thug . He’s usually very arrogant and pompous, causing trouble everywhere he went . He’s messed up quite a number of people in the Imperial City . He slacked around all day and had nothing serious to do, so he frequented all the major gambling dens . However, such a person has quite the background . Although he caused some serious trouble before and even offended some aristocratic children, nothing happened to him in the end . ”

Chu Liuyue nodded in understanding . “It seems like the person behind him is not Chu Xianmin, but someone else . ”

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Chu Xianmin does not have such abilities . There must be someone else behind the scenes . It’s no wonder that a mere stage-three warrior could be so arrogant . He clearly had someone backing him .

“Father, can you find out who his backer is?”

Chu Ning paused for a while and shook his head in regret . “Not yet . He seemed to be very cautious about this and hid it very well . I need more time to look into it . ”

Chu Liuyue nodded .  Two may keep counsel putting one away . Now that he has disappeared for a month, the person behind him will not take his lying . He will be exposed sooner or later .

After thinking for a while, she asked, “Father, do you know which gambling den he likes to frequent?”

Chu Ning asked weirdly, “Feng Yun Gambling Den, but why are you asking about this? Yue’er, you can’t take the risk yourself…”

“Don’t worry, Father . I’m just asking casually . I won’t do anything about it . ”

Chu Ning then calmed down, and said after some thinking, “Oh, right . Prince Li has helped us quite a few times, but we haven’t thanked him properly yet…”

Chu Liuyue was speechless upon seeing the grateful look her father had toward Rong Xiu . If this carried on, she did not know what else her father would do .

She hurriedly said, “Father, you’re right . I plan to look for him and thank him personally today . ”

The best solution was to return him his belongings and see less of him in the future .

Chu Ning knitted his brows . “Today? But we don’t have any presentable gifts…”

“Prince Li is so kind, why would he care about this? Don’t you think so, Father?” Chu Liuyue smiled and squinted her eyes . “We might not have gifts, but we have sincere hearts . Prince Li will definitely not care about this . What do you think?”

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Chu Ning then relaxed . “That’s true . Okay, then . ”

Chu Liuyue blinked solemnly . “I’ll head over right now!”

Chu Liuyue left the Chu family estate smoothly . Although her marriage agreement with the Crown Prince was broken off, the entire Chu family now knew that Chu Liuyue was not one to mess with after all these incidents, so they were much more polite toward her .

Nobody even asked her what she was going out for and just let her leave .

Chu Liuyue walked towards Prince Li Mansion happily .

She did not hide her identity today . Quite a few people recognized her innocent and pretty face on the way . They all pointed and talked about her in secret, but they did not dare to bully her like in the past .

Chu Liuyue did not care and pretended not to notice it .

After walking for a quarter of an hour, she reached the crowded streets; the number of people around her started to increase .

She walked on, and there was a sudden noise coming from the front . A figure then rushed towards her rapidly .

Just as she was about to move away, she suddenly noticed something and squinted her eyes slightly as she paused .

The other party bumped right into her .

“Catch that thief!” hollered someone from the back .

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Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look, and the person that bumped into her disappeared into thin air .

Her lips curved up unnoticeably, and she immediately followed him .

The sun was setting .

The last bit of sunshine poured in through the windows and shone on a person’s tall figure .

Rong Xiu read the book in his hands silently and gentlemanly, but his eyes were slightly cold for some reason .

Yan Qing said, “Prince, I’ve received 23 letters today, including the ones from Crown Prince Mansion . I have already rejected all of them . ”

Rong Xiu replied with an “Mm . ”

The atmosphere became even stiffer .

The sky gradually darkened .

Rong Xiu flipped a page and asked nonchalantly, “No one came to visit us today?”

Yan Qing obviously knew who he was asking about . He could not help but feel bitter in his heart as he lowered his head . “No one, Prince . ”


The book was slammed on the table .


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