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Chapter 35: 35

Chu Liuyue’s hands quietly moved towards her sleeves . She definitely was not a match for two stage-four warriors attacking her together . However, this did not mean that she did not have other ways of defeating them .

At this point, a white figure suddenly dashed in from the side .


A strong power instantly erupted alongside the oppressive roar .

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Before the two men’s attacks could reach Chu Liuyue, they suddenly died off . The remnants of the strong waves even impacted the two men instead .

Sou! Sou!

The duo could not even dodge in time and felt an enormous force blowing them away before they could even see who it was . They landed on the floor harshly and spat blood out as their chests shivered .

Their originally arrogant auras immediately mellowed down .

“Who’s there?” The duo hurriedly lifted their heads in anger and fear . However, they were taken aback by what they saw .

The one that suddenly attacked them was a white lion with a strong build . Its body was covered in snow-white fur, and its blue eyes gleamed with an icy-cold brilliance as its entire body exuded an oppressive aura .

Previously, it had just casually waved its claws and easily defeated two stage-four warriors’ attacks .

“Seventh-grade Heavenly Lion!” The duo could not help but gasp in surprise when they realized who had attacked them; anxiety filled their faces .

Why would a high-level fiend that only seemed to exist in rumors appear here? There were only a few seventh-grade fiends in the entire Country Yao Chen, and Heavenly Lions were even rarer and never before seen . However, one actually appeared in the Imperial City .

Chu Liuyue was also shocked . “Xue Xue? Why are you here?” How did it appear so timely? Was it following me the whole time? However, I did not notice it at all before… It seems like I have to increase my cultivation training .

The duo’s eyes twitched upon hearing Chu Liuyue’s words . This familiar tone… meant that Chu Liuyue knew this seventh-grade Heavenly Lion earlier on .

It clearly came to help her! The duo was pretty strong when they worked together, so they would still be able to fight if it were others helping her . However, the one that stood in front of them was a true seventh-grade Heavenly Lion .

It only had to raise its paws to claim their lives easily .

What was with Chu Liuyue? How did she have such a strong backing behind her?

Xue Xue, who was originally filled with murderous intent, reduced its aggressive aura and lowered its head to rub against Chu Liuyue’s waist after hearing her words . It let out deep purrs as if it was whining .


Chu Liuyue patted its soft fur and secretly heaved a sigh of relief in her heart .  These two people will not be a problem with Xue Xue around . Just that… its appearance is too much of a coincidence .

“He sent you here?” asked Chu Liuyue as her eyes turned .

Xue Xue immediately shook its head, but it nodded in conflict after remembering something . Even though it really wanted to claim all the credit, if its master found out about its independent claim, it would suffer a beating again…


Xue Xue had a strong urge to live .


Chu Liuyue chuckled . She could sort of guess Xue Xue’s thoughts by looking at her hesitant expression .

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It seemed like both the master and the servant had a part to play in this .

What exactly is that Rong Xiu thinking? This question flashed across Chu Liuyue’s brain very quickly, but she did not show it on her face as she looked at the duo instead . She had to settle this urgent problem first .

The duo’s eyes met with each other; they both saw the anxiety in each other’s eyes .

Chu Liuyue was no longer someone they could defeat with the seventh-grade Heavenly Lion helping her .

“Run!” Without hesitation, the duo stood up and fled in opposite directions .

Chu Liuyue’s lips curved up slightly .

Xue Xue bellowed and suddenly disappeared .

The next moment, it appeared in front of one of the men . It swiftly raised its claws and harshly slammed them against the man’s chest .


The man’s clothes were instantly ripped apart, and blood spurted out in all directions .


The gigantic force caused the man to land strongly on the floor; there was a long streak of blood, which only stopped when he hit against the wall .

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The other man also had a similar ending . He did not even run out of the alley before Xue Xue directly attacked him and smashed him beside the previous man .

A seventh-grade Heavenly Lion was indeed very powerful . These two stage-four warriors did not even have the chance to struggle or escape and had lost miserably in Xue Xue’s hands .

The tables were turned in no time .

Chu Liuyue walked to the duo and looked at them from high ground . “Say it . Who is your master?”

The duo was on the verge of dying but still refused to say a word .

Chu Liuyue crossed her arms and smiled lightly . “You refuse to say? Then let me guess… is your master the Crown Prince?”

The two men were shocked and looked at her subconsciously, but they immediately noticed something the next moment and nervously shifted their gazes . However, this reaction was already sufficient .

“Song Lian’s real backer is Song Yuan, right?”

“W-what are you talking about? I don’t understand you!” The two people were not dumb and persisted with their denials .

Chu Liuyue did not care at all . Actually, this incident was quite easy to guess . After all, only a few people hated her and wanted her to die in the wild .

There were even fewer people who could send stage-four warriors to go against her .

In Rong Jin’s eyes, killing her ten times was not even enough to vent his anger from the new and old hatred .

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It was a pity that this person was not very smart .

In the beginning, he sent out Song Lian . He didn’t learn to be smarter after Song Lian died . Instead, he hastily sent two other people to kill her .

“It’s fine if you don’t admit it . ” Chu Liuyue did not even care about the duo; she turned to face Xue Xue . “Xue Xue, can I trouble you to do something for me? Drag these two people away . ”

Xue Xue looked at her in confusion .

Why did she not want to end the people that wanted to kill her directly?

Chu Liuyue suddenly turned around and picked up the pouch one of the men had previously thrown on the floor . She lifted her eyebrows . “Let’s go!”

The silence in the room was almost suffocating .

Yan Qing lowered his head and felt that the cold atmosphere around his master could literally freeze a person .

Master never really liked to show his emotions or feelings on the outside, but he actually behaved in this manner just because that person did not come on time…

“Master, Big Chu Missy is here!” Yu Mo’s voice suddenly sounded from the outside at this point .

Almost instantly, Yan Qing felt that his master’s exuding aura had changed strangely . He quickly raised his head and saw that his master was already looking at the door . Looking out from the half-open door, he could vaguely see the blurred, thin figure hiding behind Yu Mo in the dark sky outside .

“Master, I’ll invite Big Chu Missy in right away,” said Yan Qing happily as if a huge burden was lifted off his shoulders .

Rong Xiu’s eyes sparkled like a starry night, but his eyebrows knitted slightly in the next moment . As he tidied his clothes and picked up the book again, he said lightly, “It’s late at night, and I’m not feeling too well . I won’t be seeing anyone today . ”


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