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Chapter 96: Swallowing Star Wolf

Chu Mu immediately retreated a bit, chanted the incantation for Wind Ride, and used it on himself.

The Ice Air Fairy quickly appeared in front of Chu Mu. The claws of Yang Jingli’s Rare Blood Beast heavily smashed into the Ice Air Fairy’s body.

The Ice Air Fairy was forced back a few steps by the force of impact, but only a very shallow bruise was left on its body. It wasn’t able to deal any actual wounds to the Ice Air Fairy.

Seeing that the Ice Air Fairy didn’t suffer any damage, Yang Jingli’s expression became rather strange.

Yang Jingli felt very surprised that Chu Mu had a high class warrior rank Ice Air Fairy. However, it was even stranger that the second phase ninth phase Ice Air Fairy could resist the attack of his third phase fourth stage Rare Blood Beast.

“Full third stage defensive skin!” Yang Jingli’s vision wasn’t bad and he instantly determined the defensive degree of the Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Armor and Ice Skin. The expression on his face turned even more strange.

As a high class warrior rank soul pet, the Ice Air Fairy at the second phase ninth stage had a full third stage defense.  That could only signify that the Ice Air Fairy’s ability to control ice was much better than that of normal Ice Air Fairies’.

Yang Jingli remembered that when Chu Mu was supposedly “killed”, he didn’t have any soul pets. Now, he appeared on Prison Island with an Ice Air Fairy that had an outstanding ice type talent. In his heart, there was an ineffable feeling of jealousy, as he felt that, Chu Mu, such a horrible soul pet trainer, wasn’t suitable for this sort of soul pet.

“Even if your Ice Air Fairy’s defensive strength is strong, you can only summon one soul pet. How can you fight me?!” Yang Jingli inherently held animosity towards Chu Mu. He intentionally scanned his gaze over to Shang Shi and, after seeing that Shang Shi could still persevere, he decided to use this opportunity to kill Chu Mu. This would thus prevent future misfortunes!


Suddenly, from high above, an extremely sharp shout rang out!

In the next instant, a soul pet with knife blade wings suddenly swooped down. It performed a terrifying Wind Slash directly targeted towards Chu Mu’s head!!

Yet, how could Chu Mu neglect this soul pet of Yang Jingli. He instantly started an incantation.

Wind Dragon Bind!

A rotating stream of air promptly appeared under Chu Mu’s feet before quickly ascending into the air and expanding. It formed a beautiful dragon wind that protected Chu Mu inside!

The Wind Slash descended and when the descending soul pet approached Chu Mu, it felt the power of his Wind Dragon Bind and was tossed away.

“Blade Wing Demon, fourth phase third stage…”

Chu Mu stared at the soul pet that had been tossed away and immediately identified it.

Blade Wing Demon: Beast Kingdom - Wing Type (Bug Type) - Wing Blade Demon Species - High Class Servant Rank

The Blade Wind Demon had two wings like knife blades. Its body was similar to that of a malevolent scorpion; moreover, it had a chain-like scorpion tail!

A fourth phase third stage high class servant rank soul pet was not weak. Even after it had been flung aside by Chu Mu’s Wind Dragon Bind, it quickly stabilized itself in the air. After adjusting its stance, it instantly flew at Chu Mu.

At the same time, the rare blood beast on the ground launched an attack towards the Ice Air Fairy. This time, the Rare Blood Beast’s claws directly flew at the Ice Air Fairy.


The Ice Air Fairy began chanting in fairy language. Suddenly, an incorporeal cold stream of air revolved around its body as it chanted. It quickly formed multiple blades of Ice Blade Roar.

The Ice Air Fairy attacked the Blade Wing Demon and when the Ice Blade Roar shot into the air, the Blade Wing Demon instantly produced a flustered sharp shout. It then changed its direction of flight.


The Blood Rending Claws shockingly streaked across the Ice Air Fairy’s body, causing it to retreat. On its body a relatively evident wound immediately surfaced.


The wounded Ice Air Fairy seemed to be angry. It kneaded its two hands and suddenly two Ice Swords appeared. Instantly it rushed toward the Rare Blood Beast!

The Rare Blood Beast’s speed wasn’t slow and it promptly jumped to the side, dodging. Simultaneously, it unleashed Blood Devour towards the Ice Air Fairy’s back!

Blood Devour spurted onto the Ice Fairy’s body and a blood colored corrosion wound instantly appeared on the Ice Armor on its body. A painful cry immediately rang forth from the Ice Air Fairy.

“Rapid Freeze!”

Chu Mu knew that the Ice Air Fairy’s battle experience was insufficient, and thereupon used a soul technique to support the Ice Air Fairy.

The streams of ice quickly extended and rapidly condensed around the Rare Blood Beast’s two legs, freezing its forelegs. Suffering from Rapid Freeze’s effect, the Rare Blood Beast’s speed instantly slowed!

However, the moment Chu Mu performed Rapid Freeze, Yang Jingli’s soul technique - Blood Poison abruptly appeared in front of Chu Mu and splattered over his arm.

The Blood Poison’s effect quickly spread across Chu Mu’s skin and completely corroded it before slowing down its dispersion.

Faced with the corrosion from the soul technique Blood Poison, Chu Mu was indifferent. He proceeded to instruct the Ice Air Fairy to take advantage of the Rare Blood Beast’s frozen forelegs to use a high rank technique!

Frozen Rain!

The Ice Air Fairy didn’t disappoint Chu Mu, and in a short period of time, finished the incantation for the high rank technique Frozen Rain!

Just as the Wind Blade Demon in the air broke free from Ice Blade Roar and had flown to the top of Chu Mu’s head, a gust of cold air quickly condensed. An intangible, frosty aura pervaded the air and condensed into piece after piece of sharp ice shards!


The Ice Air Fairy let out a sharp shout, and the ice shards within the frosty aura that had pervaded the air descended in an extremely concentrated area!

Although it was only an early stage Frozen Rain, it was able to already hit 20 meters of area (a 20 meter hitbox). The Blade Wing Demon’s intention to attack disappeared once more, and it had no choice but to flap its wings and flee to a safer area.

As for the Rare Blood Beast on the ground, with its frozen forelegs, it was incapable of dodging. The Frozen Rain violently smashed downwards and continuously struck the Rare Blood Beast’s body.

The flesh on the Rare Blood Beast’s body instantly began to lacerate and its body was covered by ice fragments. It continued to let out incessantly painful howls.

Yang Jingli grew aware that his Rare Blood Beast was incapable of resisting the onslaught of Frozen Rain. Immediately, he chanted an incantation to recall it back into his soul pet space.

After Yang Jingli recalled his Rare Blood Beast, he instantly summoned his other soul pet.

“Do you really believe that an Ice Air Fairy is enough to contend against me?! Even if you were able to summon another soul pet, in my eyes, you are still a deficient piece of trash!” Yang Jingli sneered as his incantation finished!

A dark blue halo quickly appeared in front of Yang Jingli. As the lustre gradually dispersed, a wolf creature with fur completely spotted by stars astonishingly appeared!

Yang Jingli looked at his third phase third stage Swallowing Star Wolf and a satisfactory smile rose on his face: “Hmph, in front of my Swallowing Star Wolf, an Ice Air Fairy is nothing but a piece of garbage!”

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