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Chapter 95: The Escaped Multi Colored Devil Tiger

“Isn’t that the Chu Clan kid? How did he appear here?” above the valley, a middle aged man’s voice suddenly sounded out.

Chu Mu raised his head and saw a middle aged man higher up, who was riding a Rare Blood Beast.

The Rare Blood Beast was nearly four meters tall. It was covered in a hide of crimson hair that looked as if it were drenched in blood, and when it released its aura, a pungent, coppery scent pervaded the area.


The Rare Blood Beast let out a furious roar, and actually jumped down from ten meters above. Its four hooves firmly planted into the valley below, instantly causing a wave of chaotic turbulence to whirl forward recklessly, hitting Chu Mu.

Seeing Shang Shi appear, Yang Jingli immediately sneered. Shang Shi was a soul pet trainer, and he had a fifth phase seventh stage Rare Blood Beast. With his help, even if Chu Mu was even better than they expected, he was dead for sure.

“Where’s your little brother?” Shang Shi glanced at Yang Jingli and asked.

“He caused my brother to die!” Yang Jingli pointed at Chu Mu and said.

Shang Shi quickly furrowed his brow and looked at Chu Mu, but said very coldly, “Heh, if youd hid like a coward, maybe we would’ve actually thought you were dead already!”

Chu Mu recognized Shang Shi. Although Shang Shi didn’t have the surname of Yang, he was the loyal and zealous dog of the Yang Clan. Relying on his Spirit Teacher power, he was a hateable person in Gang Luo city, yet he couldn’t easily be punished for it.

“Since that person didn’t help us get rid of you, let me personally end your lowly life!” Shang Shi’s glare became frigid as he jumped off the massive Rare Blood Beast.

The Rare Blood Beast’s gaze quickly fell on Chu Mu. Bellowing angrily towards Chu Mu, it abruptly stretched out its sturdy frame and lept straight towards Chu Mu!

The bellowing of a fifth phase seventh stage Rare Blood Beast was terrifying. Facing such a fearful beast, any normal person would have frozen from fear, unable to even chant an incantation.

But Chu Mu didn’t back off. Under the assault of such a strong soul pet, he could still unbelievably remain calm. This calm attitude may have come from the experience of facing death in the past.

Watching the Rare Blood Beast pounce, Chu Mu still stood motionless. Just as it was about to eat Chu Mu whole, a bizarre and ominous glint suddenly bursted out from Chu Mu’s body!


The fabric of space in front of Chu Mu was suddenly torn apart, as a roar even more intimidating than the Rare Blood Beast tore through the air. Following it was an even scarier smell of blood that spread throughout the entire valley!!!


Sounds of roaring kept on echoing throughout the valley, causing even some rocks to loosen and fall!

The running of the Rare Blood Beast stopped abruptly. This intimidating angry roar made it feel as if its heart stopped and caused it to stand stock still, afraid to move even a little bit.

As the space in front of Chu Mu was torn open, the bizarre and ominous glint connected with his ring. As the light faded from the ring, a formidable and imposing beast appeared suddenly in front of Chu Mu!

Multi Colored Devil Tiger!!!

The appearance of the Fifth Phase Fourth Stage Devil Tiger instantly subdued Yang Jingli and Shang Shi, as well as the fifth phase seventh stage Rare Blood Beast.

High class commander rank and middle class warrior rank. There was both a rank and class difference between the two. Even a fourth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger could easily kill a fifth phase seventh stage Rare Blood Beast, let alone the fact that the Devil Tiger at hand was already fifth phase fourth stage!!

Seeing the Multi Colored Devil Tiger appear, Shang Shi and Yang Jing’s expressions immediately changed!

Normally, high class commander rank soul pets like this Multi Colored Devil Tiger wasn’t something they could anger once it passed the fifth phase. If not for finding it coincidentally stuck in a cave, they would never dare to brashly act against the Tiger.

Yet, now the tiger had escaped. With its scary aura sweeping through the entire valley, how could they still keep their calm?!


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s front paws lifted high into the air and came crashing down at the ground. Instantly a large wave of energy exploded. The Rare Blood Beast that was completely shocked by the Tiger didn’t have time to react at all before it was sent flying by the power of this stomp.

The nearly four meter long Rare Blood Beast flew away in a single hit, causing Shang Shi’s expression to become even worse. He immediately started to cast an incantation to summon other soul pets.

Shang Shi’s summoning speed was very quick. As the Fifth Phase Seventh Stage Rare Blood Beast flew outwards, two soul pets had already appeared.

Fifth phase seventh stage - Bloodthirsty Beast!! Nearly five meters long, it was covered in blood colored fur and had an aura comparable to the fifth phase seventh stage Rare Blood Beast!

Fourth phase third stage - Dire Wolf!! Three feet long and covered in blue fur, its mouth full of fangs were totally exposed!

The Dire Wolf was more than double the strength of the Dire Wolf that Cao Yi summoned in the past, but even such a soul pet showed signs of fear when facing the Multi Colored Devil Tiger!

The Tiger stood in front of Chu Mu, arrogantly facing Shang Shi’s three soul pets, showing no signs of fear. In fact, it was showing disdain and recklessness, constantly roaring angrily and causing the entire valley to shake!

When Yang Jingli saw the Tiger appear, he had already been scared to the point of retreating hastily. He knew Shang Shi’s power well. The three soul pets he had summoned were already his strongest, yet those three were still no match for the Multi Colored Devil Tiger!

Taking advantage of the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s face off with Shang Shi’s soul pets, Yang Jingli very decisively backed off and decided to run away.

Chu Mu’s gaze stayed on Yang Jingli. Seeing him trying to run away, he immediately went to chase him.

Shang Shi only had three soul pets that were passable, yet they weren’t an issue to the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. Chu Mu, who was cooperating with the Tiger, believed that it could get rid of Shang Shi, so Chu Mu had to get rid of Yang Jingli himself!

“Ning, Ice Wall!”

Chu Mu quickly commanded his Ice Air Fairy!


The Ice Air Fairy half floated in the air. Around its body, a layer of frost quickly formed. With a point of its icy fingers, two ice walls grew from the ground and appeared in front of Yang Jingli.

Yang Jingli’s motions stopped abruptly. He turned around angrily to look at Chu Mu, and directly ordered his Rare Blood Beast, “Kill him!”

Yang Jingli’s Rare Blood Beast was already at the third phase fourth phase, and though its body size was far from Shang Shi’s Rare Blood Beast, it still had a terrifying blood and killing scent. When it pounced towards Chu Mu, its putrid blood stench overwhelmed Chu Mu, making him feel dizziness.

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